Trip Start Oct 01, 2012
Trip End Sep 15, 2013

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Flag of Mexico  , Yucatan Peninsula,
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What an incredible mini Southampton girls reunion! First I shall write a little bit about the things of significance from last week...

I DID IT! I made the leap and got my haircut in Mexico... turns out it was one of the best haircuts I have ever had! Recently, I've been enjoying the length of my hair, so I asked her (through the use of Maryanna, as this was too much of a delicate situation to risk the language barrier) to get rid of my split ends but to keep as much as the length as possible. Success! Woah.

  Rosie's 21st! I think the main thing to say to sum up the night, was that she got sufficiently drunk enough to punch a cat. Yup, she punched spider cat. Brilliant. Beer pong quickly turned into Tequila pong which was the driving force behind all the hilarious stories which continue to be revealed. I have one particular story in mind which was shared during the Southampton reunion which is just too good to be true, but that also means it is too good to share on my very public blog. That story will be retold and retold for generations to come... "Remember on Rosie's 21st when..."

SOUTHAMPTON REUNION. Thursday night Molly and Laura, two girls who have graduated from Southampton Uni and are now living in Mexico, as the Mexicans call Mexico City, D.F, and are doing the same kind of thing as Rosie and I. We stayed up pretty late without realising, catching up on all the stories from our crazy new lives in Mexico, and it was so great to see them again even though we had only met in D.F. for 4 days... ahaha. What an amazing weekend we had in store for them, and we couldn't wait to explore new places with them as well as showing them around our favourite places in Cancun.

Friday we woke up earlyish in order to jump on board the boat to Isla Mujeres at 10am. Isla Mujeres is an Island a 15 minute boat ride away from Cancn which everyone has always recommended with excitement. This was Rosie and I's first time visiting too, and so we all shared the buzz and booked a Golf Cart to drive around the Island with in order to visit the best attractions. After disembarking the boat we walked through the streets which had a real Caribbean feel to them, and were greeted with the standard market stall men shouting the same jokes over and over again trying to get us in their shop, such as "hello, hello, something for your boyfriend? your ex boyfriend?" However, there was one absolute charmer who just said "You English bitches." Nice.

The golf cart was so much fun to drive and we all had a turn, which was hilarious especially with Laura who had never driven anything before... I have no idea how she managed it, but she was able to ram the cart up the really steep curb whilst trying to turn around the opposite direction. Amazing. During the drive around the Island we stopped off at some photo points, including the Mirador of the bay which was incredible. The view was so beautiful and we could see Cancun and the Hotel Zone with a new flag of Mexico flying so big that it was still visible from Isla Mujeres. We also had the pleasure of witnessing a woman getting stuck on the zip wire and just hanging there waiting to be rescued- a nice addition to this beautiful view.

Our favourite part of the drive had to be our visit to the Tortugranja (Turtle Farm) where we were able to hold the turtles and a little baby turtle. SO CUTE! Laura was in love! The turtle was much heavier than I had expected and a beautiful colour. We then explored the farm and saw lots of different turtles, including white turtles, which was crazy! The turtle farm was situated right next to the sea with a shark enclosure too! Upon entering the little building in the middle we saw lots of baby turtles, like the ones we released back into the sea a couple of weeks ago, so adorable! We were then treated to a crazy Mexican man holding all these crazy sea creatures... I can't remember the names of them, but he held this terrifying, spiky looking creature against my cheek without any hesitation. Sure, that's fine... Hilarious, still unsure whether he worked there or not, but it was funny. He just kept putting his hand into the tub and bringing out the most crazy creatures to torture us with!

We continued driving around the island and stopping off at points of interest, such as the Punta Sur, South Point which is a cliff overlooking the sea and is where the rising sun first touches Mexican soil. This is the highest  elevation in the Yucatan and home to an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Moon Goddess. That was pretty cool! We then enjoyed tasty chicken quesadillas for lunch on the North beach, where we decided to go and find a snorkelling trip to take us to their famous reefs.

What a decision that was, the best experience I have had in the sea, in terms of the fish that we could see. We were surrounded by the most beautiful colours and different fish species, it was incredible. We had a guide that took us around the reefs, pointing at all the fish and showing us the best places such as a statue on the sea bed.

Now I have to explain about this American family. It was pretty cloudy when we got on the small boat with 3 other tourists, from America. Oh my. I love America, and I have lots of family and friends in America, but the tourists I have seen have been horrific, yet hilarious at the same time. Then again, so were the 3 English people I saw in Cancun, disgusting! These 3 women, were just outstanding, and you couldn't have written it... The grandmother was a brilliant American/German still with a very strong German accent, the mother was one of those mums who wanted to be "a cool mum" like that of Regina George, and the daughter had newly turned 18 and was, stereotypically, a spoilt brat. The mum and grandma greeted us warmly and asked where we were from and what we were doing etc, then the mum says to her daughter, who at this point still hadn't said a word, "Did you hear that honey, they're from England!!!" and with the enthusiasm which can only be compared to someone who has worked at a Walmart checkout all their life, she simply said, "Yeh, I heard..." Hello to you too, you lovely teenager... this was going to be a great trip. The entire boat ride was spent laughing at this family, and the grandma summed it up nicely in her German accent "all I'm hearing is bitching and moaning." She was right, this trip to Cancun was for the daughter's 18th birthday present, and all she kept saying was how she couldn't wait to get outta here after all the shit she has had to put up with... Mental. Other "shit americans say" include the mum shouting "Well this is gonna suck" as we arrived at our destination. Another was when a different boat was feeding seagulls whilst we were in the water, she said "If that seagull shits on me... I swear to God, I'm gonna kick your ass!!!" Oh wow, they did not do the Americans justice... (continue reading for more shit americans say.)

Friday night of course meant a trip to Sweet. The club for locals in the Hotel Zone on a Friday night, which I had never realised before, until one of the promoters from the other clubs questioned us ahah. Oh Sweet, the free bar destroyed me again. 4 English chicks in a club heaving full of Mexicans and tequila was always going to provide a great night... this included el perreo intenso, a reggaeton danceoff between Molly and I and our respectful partners... me making a fool of myself after falling in love with the cocktail maker Juan, and much more. After shamefully being escorted out by Juan after Sweet had closed for the night, we all headed to Oxxo before going to the beach. Here there was a massive, MASSIVE fight through the street, it was mental! I just remember being outside with Miguel telling me to stay back, but it was so exciting! An army of waiters with red shirts soon had red foreheads to match, and were chasing these men with chairs. Punches, kicks and the chairs were thrown and it was crazy! After, we all headed to the beach to watch sunrise. Molly and Miguel treating us to their beautiful renditions of songs I can't remember... Molly fighting with Javier, which continued until we arrived home at 7am "well you're just a shitty little Columbian aren't you?" ... Rosie proving her strength giving Javier a piggy back... the sun rising behind the grey clouds... and all of us being terrified at the little black birds running across the sea. Hilarious night which ended up in Molly leaving early from the beach to be found pissing in our garden then resting in the hammock. We arrived back to find our two English friends throwing bottles at the wrong window of Ivan's house... and then Molly and Laura professing their love towards Tote and Miguel "personas de confianza." Oh what a night.

Saturday Sam arrived to a house which apparently smelt of alcohol upon entrance and 4 girls looking worse for wear. We spent the day chilling at the beach, before I headed off to another basketball match which was cancelled! Grrr, these Mexican teams are determined to not let me play :( One day I will get my 3rd match, 3rd time lucky I hope. After chilling on the court as usual with the others I met up with the English girls at Sirloin Stockade Buffet, to treat the girls from DF to food from all over the world, which they had dearly missed. Then, we spent the evening chilling in the garden seating area with some friends from Bahia Azul, due to the fact that we had to get up early around 6am to go to Xel-ha.

This is what we had been waiting for ever since we arrived in Cancun. Xel-ha. I can confirm that this is the most beautiful place that I have EVER visited. We were totally blown away when we saw the natural lagoon/sea/river. The day was perfect, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky, and I could've almost cried it was so beautiful. The colour of the water was, again, outstanding and we could see all of the fishes swimming so clearly. With our credentials, and Quintana Roo status, we got a 50% discount, and so it was only 25 POUNDS for a day full of free drinks, free bar, and the big one, free buffet in so many different restaurants. Perfect. This place was just amazing, and I definitely want to take my family here for our 21st Birthday. I really can't describe how amazing this place was, I wish I could take all of my friends here so they could experience it, it is just so beautiful. We also enjoyed snorkelling, zip wiring, cliff diving, dolphin and manatee watching. Everybody has to go here, it tops every other attraction I have ever been to, honestly it was incredible! Another shit americans say... right before we were about to jump off the cliff, an American nicely said "it's gonna go straiiiiight up the pooper" Nice. Stay classy America. Seriously, I wish I could write more about Xel-ha to try and convey just how beautiful it is, but there are just no words... everyone needs to go and have the best day of their lives!

To finish off this perfect weekend and perfect 24 hours (for Laura, even more so) we of course had to take them to COCO BONGOS. Even before anything had started, such as the shows, the fire extinguishers, the confetti, the balloons, Laura and Molly were up on the bar in the middle of the dancefloor screaming "THIS IS FUCKING BRILLIANT" and I just kept saying, "wait, wait, this night hasn't even started yet" Oh Coco Bongos, is the most incredible night out! Again, something everybody has to do here... like they say it is like "New Years, Mardi Gras, ST Patrick's day all rolled into one" "puts Vegas nightlife to shame" Such an incredible night with an incredible dance show every couple of songs. The music was great, the drinks were great, the dance shows were great... it was just an amazing night. So glad Laura and Molly could experience it with us, it was incredible! We stayed right until the very end and enjoyed a delicious slice of Pizza just outside... they played James Blunt- You're Beautiful and we just all couldn't help ourselves... we were screaming the lyrics. Then it was a great idea to translate the lyrics into Spanish "ERES GUAPA" bloody hilarious!!!! "OTRO OPTURNIDAD! OTRO OPTURNIDAD!" They then played it a second time as the first time just wasn't enough. AMAZING.

This weekend was just simply incredible, so good to see the girls again, and we all had the most amazing time!

Until Christmas girls x
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Alan on

Brilliant and funny Blog Kimbo - Well done

best friend in the world on

found it! brilliant blog but what made me laugh the most is how you're sitting in the golf buggy hahahahahahahaha LOVE IT...MISS YOUR FACE

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