Viva Las Vegas!

Trip Start Aug 12, 2011
Trip End Sep 08, 2011

Flag of United States  , Nevada
Friday, August 26, 2011

We finally left our awesome hostel Tradewinds in LA at 11 and we hit the road for our 4/5 hour drive to VEGAS BABY! People that know me, will understand my reasons for why I was so anxious about how much I was going to be able to enjoy Vegas, but thankfully a 23 year old Aussie from Tumut, New South Wales saved me!

Shell drove all the way to Vegas (as she was the only one insured) and it was a smooth drive, and fairly easy. The scenery quickly changed from the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles to the dry deserts on our way to Vegas. We were hit with the incredible scenery as soon as we hit the free-way. A single, long, never-ending road in the middle of the desert and/or mountainous areas with breath-taking sights completely surrounding us- amazing! Halfway through our road trip it was time for lunch and we passed an incredible, old fashioned diner which was beautifully painted in bright colours which could be seen from a mile away, given the dry surroundings, and we just had to go to. 

None of us realised that opening the car door would have such an effect. We were immediately hit by the hottest temperature that I have ever experienced. Unbelievable, the heat just hit us instantly!! Absolutely crazy, it was boiling. I can't describe it, or compare it to any other temperature I've ever experienced! It was so hot that by the time we were sat at our table, Waddo actually felt ill with heatstroke. Unreal! 

The diner was so unbelievably cool, a traditional American Diner and I ordered a pretty standard burger, which was typically American- grease. The diner had sculptures of pop icons from the 50's, jukeboxes and little games for us on every table. So cute, and nicely decorated with antiques, and awesome posters. After braving the unimaginable heat, we were back on the road again and had a great time listening and singing to some tuneeeees sticking our hands out of the window "surfing" the breeze- so cool.

We arrived in Las Vegas around 5pm and it was incredible. Astonishing! Everyone should definitely go to Las Vegas and just experience how incredible the strip is and the spectacular hotels. The hotels and shops along the strip were simply breathtaking, and like nothing I've seen before! We arrived at our hotel, The Luxor, which is shaped like a pyramid and it was incredible! Beyond Incredible! Outside the hotel there were statues of sphinxes and palm trees- so beautiful. We stepped foot into the pyramid and were completely and utterly blown away, it was huge! Absolutely mental, so impressive- a massive casino, shops, bars and more all under one Pyramid. Outstanding, we were completely speechless. How lucky we were to be there! Outrageous.
We checked in and jumped onto the most comfortable beds of the entire trip, probably the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on to be fair! We then went downstairs to explore our hotel, wow, it was incredible! We quickly bought a bottle of Jaegermeister, Champagne and some beers and started getting ready for our first night in Vegas! 

Now I have to be careful about what I write from now on, because, as everyone knows... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! (Also, you never know who's going to read this, police included...LOL)

We decided to kick start our time at Vegas by checking out the nightclub in The Luxor called LAX. It was massive, and situated in our hotel, crazy! Vegas just keeps getting better and better. So surreal! Couldn't believe that I was actually here, enjoying a drink in Vegas.

 (Skipping out a big chunk of my diary, for reasons mentioned above...) I had nothing to worry about at all, entrance into LAX was incredible, so majestic if that's the right word to describe a club. Probably one of the classiest nightclubs I've been to, in fact, apart from maybe one in Mayfair, London, it definitely was the most impressive. Steph and I went in 10 minutes before Waddo and Shell, for reasons I cannot disclose, and so we got some drinks and then hit the dance floor. Immediately a Spanish man in a smart suit found his way over to me and proceeded to chat me up. Anyone who knows me, will know my "small" love for all things Spanish, and so I was hooked as soon as I heard his accent, pretty much at the word "Hola."He was obviously very rich, or was pretending to be, but I didn't care a) he was Spanish and b) he was buying me drinks. I had the nicest blue cocktail, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called :( 

I really wish I could write about what happened next, but I really can't divulge that information, lets just say security were involved and if things had gone against me, I could've been deported. Luckily I worked my drunken charm, and was able to return to the club, solo. "Find your friends and next time don't drink as much" Brilliant. Moving on swiftly as I ignore an entire double sided page of my diary...

By the early hours of the morning, I could be found gambling away a hefty amount at the Blackjack table (after being cocky about my success on the cruise...) I then rejoined the pack in our room around 6/7am where I was questioned like no other haha. Absolutely hilarious. Hey, it's Vegas Baby!

Woke up extremely late in the day- 3pm, after getting in around the time we would normally wake up- but hey, it's Vegas Baby! We hit the strip and went into all the shops and all the souvenir shops. The temperature was again, unbelievably hot, even unbearable at times. I didn't feel too great all day, understandably, I felt pretty sick to be honest. Stupid girl. We came back to the hotel around 6 and took a much needed dip in the Oasis pool which was exactly that, like an Oasis- beautiful! Swimming until the sun went down, and then we hit the "free buffet." I say free, turns out, after checking out it was definitely not free- brilliant. 

 We came back to the room to get ready for our second night out with a bottle of Tequila and Vodka to go with our Long Yard sticks of frozen alcohol slush- standard procedure in Vegas! Waddo and I finished the entire bottle of Tequila to ourselves... now, I don't usually drink Tequila and so it had pretty harsh effects on me... I was standing in front of the mirror checking myself out, obviously, and then suddenly without warning, I didn't have any time to make it to the bathroom in time, I chundered into a plastic bag, with a hole in it, classy. Onwards and upwards... or not, as it was in my case.

We eventually left our hotel at midnight, and everyone was suitably smashed. On walking past the MGM Grand with the boxing advert, I decided I was definitely a boxer and so had my guard up and punched a pillar. The next day, I questioned everyone as to why my hand was so beaten up, that is why. Stupid girl. We went to New York! New York! Hotel, which was just as impressive as The Luxor, and we went into an Irish Pub with Kristen and Andy (Waddo's pals from Camp) and there was a live band which was right up our street, they were amazing! We were standing front row singing our heart out! Steph and I were then at the bar and we were bought shots of Sambuca by some British men. Sambuca is not my favourite, and I could not keep it down, especially after my Tequila antics that started the night. Straight to the toilet. This time, in good timing. Dreadful. I will leave it at that, and not repeat what I wrote in my diary. We had nice conversations with the ladies in the toilets though- Hilarious! I then went back to singing our hearts out with Shellbo when Steph stupidly insisted on buying me another shot of Sambuca and I knew it was going to end badly. Like a fool, I took it anyway, but this time as soon as my lips touched the liquid, boom, I was hugging the toilet. Shameful.

From there we hit the Casino and I lost AGAIN! Even though I had Shellbo by my side saying "Kim, stop it now" "No Kim, No" as I reached for another $100 bill. ..Hey, its Vegas Baby! (How many times can I excuse my behaviour with "Hey, its Vegas Baby!" hmm?!) By this time it was just after 3am, and so we went to Coyote Ugly but it was shut?! WHAT?! Crazy! No idea why, bit disappointed, but we had such an amazing night! We made our way back along the strip and the lights of all the shops and hotels were incredible! On the walk back Shell found $80 and so treated us to a MaccyD's breakfast in our hotel when we arrived back around 5am. Waddo was gone! Such an amazing night again, SO much drunken fun! My bank balance is the only one that disagrees, an unbelievable amount lost considering that I'm supposed to be acting like a poor student. I was far too cocky from my success on the Bahamas cruise, little did I realise that I was far too drunk to a) see the numbers of the cards and b) make any sort of "smart" decision. I just found it fun to continuously whip out $100 bills, slam the table with my fingers whilst saying "hit me" "hit me" without any knowledge of what numbers I had been dealt. That was my let down. Big let down. 

We woke up late again and hit the mighty long strip,  its so overwhelming and it looks like everything is really close to you due to the sheer size of the hotels- how deceiving. What looks like a 10 minute walk to Caesar's Palace on the other side of the strip takes at least an hour! We made it back in time for the free buffet, but Waddo felt so rough from the night before that she literally couldn't stomach anything! Hilarious, poor girl, the food was so good as well, which was killing her even more haha! Hilarious!

Then it was time for the same routine of getting ready to hit the strip again, and we walked to the famous fountains at the Bellagio which was incredible! The Hangover was filmed in Caesar's Palace, and so we had to make a trip there, and it was surreal. The entrance was truly incredible, and it felt like we were in the film! This night was a bit more mellow than our last two nights luckily and I was forced not to gamble any money away this night, for my own good! We then went to Jimmy Buffets, a favourite of Shell's and I ever since Orlando, and we had a quiet one with a couple of drinks and food in front of the live band which was amazing! By the end of our night, it took us a good hour + to get back to the hotel. Great night again!

After a mellow night we were able to wake up early and completely destroy the breakfast buffet :) Which is what I do best! We then went to the car park and drove up the strip to the huge mall on the outskirts of the strip! I splurged my money again spending over $250- ouch- I bought 4 jumpers and a vest from Forever 21, a top and bag from Superdry. Arrived back at the hotel around 3pm and enjoyed the lunch buffet again- delicious! It was then time to book our hotel for tomorrow in San Francisco, as per usual we had left it to the last minute and so we ended up with the cheapest hotel we could find! We just chilled in the hotel, by the pool and on the slots as we had to be up at the disgustingly early time of 5am and able to drive a good 9/10 hours to San Francisco!

Las Vegas is truly memorizing, and everyone should definitely visit to just take in the incredible shops and hotels towering above you in the indescribable heat! 
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