"Beverly Hills, That's where I want to be"

Trip Start Aug 12, 2011
Trip End Sep 08, 2011

Flag of United States  , California
Monday, August 22, 2011

Landed in LA around 9:30pm (3 hours time difference) and we arrived at our amazing hostel. It was quality! So much free stuff- ridiculous! Free muffins, champagne, popcorn, cookies- wow! The nicest layout too, with a pool in the middle between the rooms, and the electronic games, tables and chairs. One of the best places we stayed, for sure! We met Alicia, Shell's friend from Aus, who'll now be travelling with us, and from only spending one night with her at the time of writing, she is fucking hilarious! So it should be fun :)

We sat at the bar at the hostel all night getting to know Alicia or Watto (pronounced Waddo by the Aussies, and so us) drinking Rum & Coke and our free champagne, awesome!

Early start to the day and we had delicious free blueberry muffins for breakfast and then we took the 212 bus to Hollywood! The people on the bus were so friendly and thought we were hilarious, so we had a lot of jokes with them which his funny, they also helped us and advised us where to get off etc. We arrived near the Kodak Theatre and the Walk of Fame which was pretty cool! Especially when you see familiar names! 

Wow, what a boiling hot day, typical of LA! Pretty much as soon as we arrived on Hollywood Boulevard we signed up to a $25 tour around Beverly Hills, the celebrity houses and the Hollywood sign which lasts 2 hours. A little open air van pulled up at the side of the road and it was like a little minibus without a roof, which was pretty cool. We saw all the celebrity houses and took pictures, but I'd be surprised if I could actually remember which house belonged to who, they included the Beckhams, Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Anniston, Beyonce, George Clooney etc. We also drove through Bel Air and saw the Fresh Prince of Bel Air house which was amazing! Also saw some venues where one of my favourite TV series- 90210- is filmed, which was also pretty cool! We drove through Rodeo Drive, which is where the famous scene from Pretty Woman was filmed, and we past many attractions during our little tour bus ride. 

Arrived back on Hollywood Boulevard and we went into some of the cool souvenir shops and I bought a cool Hollywood photo frame (which I then left in my NYC hotel...) and a LA Lakers Kobe Bryant jersey- yeaaaah! Jodie got her tragus pierced too!

We ate lunch in a nice little place and I had the sweet/spicy peppers and sausage pizza- yum. After a nice day of touring around Hollywood and exploring Hollywood Boulevard we took the bus around 7/8pm but we took the short line instead, not knowing the difference, and so we were forced to get off at the last stop and wait an absolute lifetime. So Shell ran across the road from the bus stop to look at RadioShack, and just our luck the bus then pulls in, so we were screaming for her so loud- across a dual carraige way pretty much- Hi-larious! So lucky one of the shop workers heard her and told her and then she legged it, else we would've been waiting another hour! As the bus pulled in, the scariest men got off and just stared at us face on, it was so scary. His face was so pale and his hood was up and he purposely made us jump with his hands and then did this weird growl, so freaky! When we got on, the people on the bus were saying how creeped out they were by him- eurgh scary!

We met Alison on this bus journey, excuse my bluntness, a big, fat, black lady with the heart of gold. She was amazing! She sat next to Jodie and completely squashed her, it was the funniest thing, and then she whipped out a Nutrigrain bar, which was hilarious! She then joined in singing with us which was amazing, and we did "Alison in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and she came out with the Spice Girls- amazing woman! Sad to leave her! We chilled by the pool laughing and joking about all night which was nice.

The next day we hit up Manhattan Beach and it was really foggy at first, but then it suddenly cleared up and was absolutely boiling :) We borrowed a football from the family sat next to us and so we all played a game of football and then rugby for the Aussies. Good fun, but a little bit tiring in the sand haha! Shell and I got in a little tussle in the sand and somehow her foot/toes scraped my lower leg and I was left bleeding haha hilarious. Then we all just relaxed and sunbathed for a while before braving the waves. 

Shell, Jodie and I left Steph and Waddo sat on the beach watching us as we were having such a good time in the sea, just swimming about and diving into the waves as you do... then we just decided it was time to come back in because our hands were turning into prunes. As we waded our way back to shore, we saw that Steph and Waddo were on their feet, and there were lifeguards lining the shore every 5 metres. We thought nothing of it, and were confused when Steph and Waddo were asking us questions like "Oh my god, did you see it, are you ok? Woah I can't believe it" etc etc, we were so confused. Turns out the entire beach were on guard after seeing a shark, fins and everything, a couple of metres away from us! They thought we had seen and that was why we were coming back to shore, we definitely hadn't else I would've been panicking beyond belief! Crazy, we turned around and just stared at where the shark was, and where, moments ago, we were swimming obliviously! I then realised that my leg had been, and still was, bleeding from the footie earlier! Mental!

Apparently the Shark was swimming directly behind us, about 5 metres away from us! Absolutely CRAZY! The lifeguards were on patrol, and each of them held a fin in their hand to represent the shark, and they held it up every time the shark swam through their area... mental.

We then retreated to our circle of towels, and relaxed in the sunshine. Then this cute little 1/2 year old came over to Shell and I and couldn't really speak at all, and so we just played with her and dug a hole with her- so funny and she was so cute!

We then went for a much needed drink on the beach and this was the first time after the incident in Miami (where I completely winded Steph after elbowing her after pigeons flew into me) that they saw my phobia of pigeons and seagulls. Oh my god, we were surrounded and I was frozen. Waddo found it hilarious, as this was the first time she'd seen me like this. Embarrassing! We then went on the hunt for a bus back to our amazing hostel! We were then joined by an absolute tramp at the bus stop who then proceeded to show us all of the crap that he had "found" and kept in his life that he carried on his back. Ridiculous things, I can't even begin to describe them all, candle stick holders, photo frame with the Canadian flag etc... All throughout we were showing absolutely no interest whatsoever and we were now all standing up outside the bus shelter, instead of on the seats. Then he asked us for some money and/or drugs and so we just ignored him and said no, and then he called us fat bastards/arseholes... charming! LOL! 

Finally we decided to take a taxi back as it had been an hour and we weren't even sure whether it was the right bus stop, and this tramp was getting increasingly weirder! At 9 it was then time for us to say our final farewells to Jodie Boss :( Really emotional, I was so sad and it was surreal that she was actually leaving us! We jumped in the free shuttle with her and the straight as a roundabout driver, Melody, to the airport. What a hilarious journey. If Melody hadn't of been our driver, I would have definitely been in tears. She was just so funny! Tears were definitely present as we said goodbye and left her at the airport :'( Goodbye Jodie Boss! How will we survive without our Boss? God knows!

We then stayed up until the early hours, just past 3, of the morning drinking and playing drinking games. Ring of fire/give/take, the lot. We were joined by Melody are hilarious shuttle driver and Frank an attractive fire-fighter from Phoenix. We had such a laugh and I ended up having a go on Melody's skateboard, and at first I was better than I had expected and then it just came from underneath me and I fell flat on my arse. Wow. I then thought it'd be a great idea to listen to them all and jump into the pool which was right next to us. Haha, amazing night, and the pool was so warm! 

The next day I did what I always do after late nights drinking, I woke up and showered ridiculously early- 8am, and then chilled by the pool on my netbook waiting until 10am for the others to get up- LOL. We then all chilled by the pool as we planned and booked our next move. Decided to take the risk and go to Las Vegas. We booked our room at The Luxor! AHHH YEAH, LUXOR YEAH! Incredible!

We had decided beforehand that we wanted to road trip it to Vegas and so we went into town and found the Thrifty, we then rented a car there and then- a big FO 4X4- AMAZING!! It worked out cheaper buying it on the day, and we were told we would be able to drive straight from Las Vegas to San Francisco, and leave it at the Thrifty at the airport, instead of what we had planned to do, return to LA. So exciting!!!

From Thrifty, with our newly rented x4 we drove to Santa Monica which was hilarious with Waddo giving directions and Shell at the wheel, my life was now in the hands of two of the funniest people, Aussies, I have ever met! Santa Monica was beautiful- this was more like the Los Angeles I had imagined, not the Urban Sprawl it, in my opinion, in fact was. The streets were clean, green and beautifully decorated. The Shopping street was lined with street artists which were incredible, especially this one break dancer and a country singer. I finally bought some Basketball shoes, which I'd been hunting for in pretty much ever Foot Locker in all the places I'd been so far! Yes!

We finished the night of eating and drinking and a really American sports bar and I had the biggest meal ever, a delicious Chicken Parmesan- tasty!

Overall, I had a great time in Los Angeles, apart from the obvious man made beauty of Beverly Hills and the beach (which was nothing to shout about, but at the end of the day a beach is still beautiful,) I thought that LA was far too urbanised for my liking, and instead of being able to be pleased by areas of natural beauty and/or impressive sky liners you had to make your own fun. Don't get me wrong, we definitely had a lot of fun, but mostly because our Hostel- Tradewinds Adventure was incredible and the people I was with were hilarious!
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