All Fun and Games Until You Split Your Head Open

Trip Start Jun 03, 2009
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Greece  ,
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ios is legendary for being a party island. And party we did. Let us set the scene:


For mature audiences only

Cast of Characters
Togi- Drunk French "Electrician"
Julian- Drunk French Electrician with bracelet making skills
Frenchie- Drunk French Electrician with a floppy hat
One Liner- Had great lines like "Gettin' There" and "Just another day in paradise" and the classic "I'll be back" while flicking down shades.
Paddy McGillecuty and Bridget O'Sullivan: Drunk Irish Couple
Sean- Portly Aussie fellow
Niko and Kosta- Our Greek-American Friends who grew up 10 minutes from Kelly and Brittany
Matt: 19 year old in a little tent
Micheal: Kiwi ios-er for life
Justin: Door Whore at Astra (tries to get people to come into the bar)
Seb: Bartender at Astra
60 North Carolina High schoolers on their senior class trip

Big Tent: Sleep 2 or 3 in wooden sweatboxes for 6 Euros a night
Little Tent: Bring your own tent to set up 5 Euros a night
Sleeping Bag Area: ?????????
Bungalows: For the classy folks
Pool: Where we spent most of our days

Scene 1
We arrived after what was supposed to be a 1.5 hour ferry, but because of the choppy water it took 5 hours. For those who can't afford to eat on the ferry, it was a pretty miserable trip. We were picked up at the station by a crazy australian man who immediately got on the phone and started screaming and swearing at the driver in front of us for no apparent reason. He told us that there was a road up to the town and a road down to the campsite. The last bus left the campsite at 11 pm. After that you could take a taxi ride or take the 20 minute stumble down the cliff to the campsite.

The campsite was fairly large with lots of different sleeping arrangements as previously explained. Our "big tents" slept 2-3, but by 9 am they were unbearably hot.  The first night we went out in the town, and learned that nothing starts on Ios until 3 am. We were unprepared to stay out that late, so we decided to rest up for the next night.

Scene 2
We woke up at 9 am, drenched in sweat, and smelled a strong scent of black licorice wafting in from the neighboring tent. This is when we met our three french friends Togi, Julian and Frenchie (name unknown). They were already wasted, probably still from the night before, and drinking Ouzo mixed with water.They generously offered to share, but graciously declined. We went to lay in hammocks by the pool. Only to find the french had followed us there and given Sarah a new nickname "Muchos Pechas." Togi and Julian picked Kelly up and threw her into the pool. She barely avoided hitting her head, and luckily only ended up with a small bruise on her arm (nope, she's not the one with stitches). Then Togi asked Lindsey to put sunscreen on his back. Lindsey drew a smiley face with sunscreen and then he passed out on her legs. He woke up kissing her knees and stroking her feet.

Brittany and Kelly thought it was best to avoid Togi and headed out to the beach. Unfortunately, they would miss him passing out standing up, and then later on the pool deck. For the rest of this story you should all just assume the following
1) the 3 French boys were constantly around us
2) They never remembered that they had met us before
3) They constantly had ouzo water in their hands
4) Julian was making a bracelet for some pretty girl
5) Frenchie was doing his "dance, stumble, fake-fall-that-turns-into-a-dive into the pool" routine

You might think Togi was the one that ended up in the hospital, but you'd be wrong.

Brittany and Kelly met some friends on the beach- Niko and Kosta- who had grown up 10 minutes away from them in California. They were half Greek and taught us some fantastic Greek phrases. They got into a brief altercation with a small group of children digging a hole. Brittany jumped into the hole, and lost her toenail. This also did not require stiches.

That night we ate Ios-style and waited until 11 pm. We met up with Kosta and Niko for dinner, and then went out with them at about 1 am. We went to all of the bars in the central square and enjoyed the famous nightlife on Ios. Lindsey and Jon went home first, and at about 4 am Sarah was tired but Brittany and Kelly still wanted to stay out. Sean, the nice Australian boy we had met earlier, offered to walk her home. It seemed like such a good idea, but she quickly found out that all he really wanted to do was make out with her on the way home. She had to ignore his advances, but eventually had to resort to threaten to wake up Jon if he didn't leave her alone.

Scene 3
We woke up at 9 am again and felt like we were in sweat lodges. Brittany and Kelly played soccer with Micheal, Justin, Seb and other friends we had met while out. No stiches here. That night we had dinner at 11 PM at Porky's (supposed to be amazing, but we were very disappointed). We drank a few beers in the town square and played "who can make the ugliest face." Kelly won.

Then we met up wtih Seb, Michael and Justin at Astra and had some delicious fresh fruit cocktails. Micheal gave us the recipes for the drinks, and we can't wait to make them when we get home. We also ran into Sean, uncomfortably. He was most embarrassed about the night before and tried to make it up by insisting we stay with him when we go to New Castle. Lindsey and Brittany are all about the free accomodation, but Sarah is not ready to meet his parents.

We then went back to Micheal's for Mojitos. We were yelled at by his unhappy neighbors, because we were being too loud and they had a big day of drinking ahead of them. Note, the party they were going to did not start until 4 pm. Lindsey Jon and Brittany went home early, and Kelly and Sarah went out with Micheal and some of his friends. We ended up watching the sun rise on the beach.

Scene 4
Our last day on Ios. We had a 5 am ferry the next morning, and decided that instead of paying for accomdations, we would stash our bags at a friend's apartment and party until the ferry left. There was a huge midsummer party at the campsite that started at 4 pm. We were relaxing in the hammocks when all of a sudden there were hundreds of drunk people with flames and body paint. There was suddenly a huge dance party and we got up on the walls and platforms to join in. Kelly ran into her best friend from high school on the beach.

We moved our party into the pool, and then decided it would be fun to go down the waterslides. Brittany and Sarah went down the windy slide. Sarah came around the bend and saw a pool of blood at the bottom surrounding Brittany. Brittany had knocked her head on a metal pole and cut it open.There was blood everywhere and Micheal, our Kiwi friend, picked her up to carry her to the medical tent. There were hundreds of people between the pool and the tent, so he had quite a task ahead of him.Lindsey was following close behind, and one of Michael's friends saw him, didn't realize he was carrying a bleeding girl, and shoved him from behind. Micheal stumbled, but recovered. Lindsey came up behind the guy, wound up her arm and slapped him right across the face while yelling obscentites and describing Brittany's wound.

At the medical tent, the medic seemed unfazed, and continued to remove splinters from a young man's foot. He then looked at the wound, and decided he was incapable of treating it. He got the guys at reception to drive her to the hospital. They would only allow Lindsey Kelly and Micheal to accompany her to the hospital. The medic also demanded that Kelly put on clothes before they would drive her to the hospital.

At this point, Jon and Sarah had to get his and Lindsey's things to the port because they had decided to take the earlier ferry.

Arriving at the hospital was quite a scene. We all had swimsuits, no shoes and were covered in blood. However, we weren't the worst off there. We ran into our north carolina friends because two of the boys had gotten drunk and jumped off of a second story balconey. The story was that a girl had tried to kiss them, and they wanted to avoid it.

Upon arrival, the doctor came in to look at Brittany's head. At first, Brittany was reluctant to his skill level and questioned his abilities and age. After finding out he was only 34, he cleaned the wound, bandaged her up and took her into get some X-rays. At this point, Brittany was worried that her funds would be insufficient to cover all the medical expenses.

To get an idea about the quality of socialized medicine on Greece, here is how the X-ray went: Brittany on X-ray table (with no lead blanket), 4 medical staff yelled "X-RAY!!!!" and fled the room, and the cameras started going off. After the X-rays, she was taken into the surgery room where at first the doctors were reluctant to let anyone accompany her.

However, Kelly was able to stay in the room while she got her 8 stitches. A young, bronzed woman in a swimsuit and flip flops entered the room to perform. Again, Brittany refused to let her touch her head and questioned her age and capabilities. The doctor returned into the room to inform Brittany (and I quote): "This is the best surgeon on all of Ios!" Apparantly, it was her day off and she was on the beach.

Kelly was busy comparing tans with the surgeon while Brittany received 8 stitches on her hairline. After the procedure, she was taken to the recovery room. In the meantime, Sarah had gone to the pharmacy to get her medicines, including some injections.

Lindsey and Jon had left to go catch their ferry, skeptically wondering if they would ever see their fellow travelers again. Sarah stayed at the hospital with Brittany and the two of them took a peaceful nap on the hospital beds while Kelly and Michael had gone back to get all the bags from Far Out Camping.

Now that the chaos had calmed, we were able to take stock of all the things we had lost.

Things We Lost When Brittany Split Her Head Open
Kelly: Wallet (150 Euros, Debit and Credit Card), Ipod, shoes, skirt and sunglasses
Lindsey: Memory Card for her camera
Sarah: Water Bottle, Pen, Lip Gloss
Jon: Nothing, but he wants you to know he had a bad burrito for lunch
Brittany: Piece of her scalp
All: Dignity

Total Hospital Bill 12.40 Euros. (What a steal at 0.49 a stitch!)

They let Brittany out of the hospital at 10 pm, still with no shoes.  we had to find a way to spend the next 7 hours before our ferry. We went to a bar by the port for a few hours, but eventually got kicked out for looking too homeless. We moved to some wicker benches by the port and tried to sleep. Kelly and Michael slept quite soundly, Brittany couldn't sleep from the pain and trauma, Sarah couldn't sleep because the grain alcohol on Ios made her hallucinate (just as the Drunk Irish Couple warned, although they thought the lesson from the story was to never stop drinking). She was seeing people and a black cat hissing at her. Brittany informed her that none of it was happening. Our lesson: GET OFF OF IOS.

3 and a half hours later, our dreams came true. The boat pulled into the port, and we were finally off of Ios.

Glums and Glows
Glum: Ios
Glow: Soccer game pre-injury, Justin and the world's most annoying boy passing out on the ferry and missing their stop, and Ios' best surgeon operating on her in flip-flops and a bikini

Glum: Hallucinating on the wicker bench
Glow: Watching the sunrise with a 16 year old and a 6 year old.

Glum: Lost everything in the bloody destruction
Glow: 5 Star Resort stay

Glum: Sweatbox/seeing the blood coming down the slide before Brittany emerged
Glow: Defending Brittany's honor

Glum: Medic treating the splinter before Brittany's head (and a bad burrito) (and no way is his blog going to top this)
Glow: Togi

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susiekullby on

icarus & crew
forget about close calls, you are all hitting the target!

so much fun to read all of your adventures...but good lord be careful...

brit, how's the head? scars are good for story telling; this one will be told many times, i am sure.

keep on keeping on.

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