Disaster ... backpack is gone.

Trip Start Jan 01, 2010
Trip End Mar 04, 2011

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Flag of Thailand  , Nakhon Si Thammarat,
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow what a day. I am supposed to be in Ko Phangan now but instead...I am still in Ko Samui with no backpack. It has been stolen. Everything...! I have my toothbrush etc and laptop plus my camera, passport etc but apart from that I have one dress, a shirt, a pair of shorts and a t shirt and bikini. And everything else is gone. Completely. What is worse is there are some presents in there for people from Laos, my batik from thailand and some unique clothes like a black top from Bri and a dress from the states. Plus all the chargers for all my electronics. I have no idea where I am going to get replacement chargers for Kindle, laptop, camera, i pod, toothbrush. But on the positive side...I have my passport all my credit cards and my electronics.
   Basically I got picked up in a big bus from my hotel Sunday morning. I gave the driver my bag to put under the bus - I saw him open the compartment but I get distracted by trying to get onto the bus so didn't actually confirm that it went in. Then we drive 10 mins to the pier and have no stops inbetween. I am the last off the bus and by then it is gone. I checked on the boat and didnt see it. I checked back at the hotel and it wasnt on the curb. They promise that they definately put the bag in. And locked it so it couldnt have fallen out. I have no idea where it is or how it happened. I checked the boat and it wasn't there and it wasn't in front of hotel. I have filed a report with the police. I am off to tesco in asia to buy some clothes. What a nightmare.
Why oh why????! But there wasnt anything I could have done differently to avoid it happening.I guess. 
    It feels like I am waking up to the first day of the rest of my travels today. I cant believe it happened exactly 2 months after I left the UK.  It has finally sunk in that the pack is gone. I have 8 items of clothing left 5 of which I was wearing to travel. I can't really sleep at the moment as I alternate between really upset to really angry to trying to work out how it happened. I still can't understand what happened and how it could have disappeared in literally 10 mins from when the guy took it from me at the hotel and loaded it onto the bus to arriving in the pier. I dont think I could have done anything differently just annoyed about a couple of items I was going to put in day pack but stuffed into pack. The police said it could be a case of a mistake but don't see how as you pick up your pack every day so would have thought you would know what it looks like.
    I am in Sumai still I am off to tesco again today with all my electronics to try and see if I can get a charger for Kindle, camera, laptop, toothbrush and i pod. I then need to get some more clothes as I only have 3 items from shopping yesterday. Unfortunately Thai consider size 12 to be XL so not a huge amount of choice to be had. I just dont really feel like doing it tho as it now feels very real and that it has definately happened and wont be coming back.  I just feel really lethargic and dont want to do anything and get really down whenever I think about it. I dont want to just carry on and pretend I am having an amazing time when it is crap and some bugger is rifling through my things and doing whatever he wants with them. It feels a bit like the travelling version of having your house burn down - you suddenly go from having everything to nothing and have to start all over again.
   I am really upset about certain clothes like a black top Bri gave me in SA - if you could find one similar it would be great. If you end up going to the coast mum if you could get some Kenya slops these are things that were unique which i cant replace. I will have to gradually replace all my cold weather stuff ready for Australia. I am trying to find a positive in this but really struggling. I am going to wait in Ko Samui today then head onto to Ko Phangan with my 5 outfits. I guess I will be hitting the shops the whole way around. There were some presents from Laos for people but never mind.
  I also have an infection on my foot from a mozi bite which I scratched. I assume just being in warm sea water was enough to infect it. I have antibotic cream now so hopefully it will clear up soon so I can go back in the sea and hopefully it wont add to my 100s scars I seem to have everywhere from wearing slops for 2 months. I realise this email sounds really negative so I am going to give myself a treat today and spoil myself with massages tonight once I have spent the day in the shops. Hopefully it will all get better from here and I will get an insurance payout. I just feel like I am having crisis after crisis at the moment. I spoke to the crazy Canadian I met in Laos and he has broken his leg so I feel slightly better that the bad luck is being spread around.     
     Thanks so much for all your support, messages, calls and emails. I am feeling slightly more resigned to it now. I have brought a couple of new items and just had my washing returned which makes me feel better. My day back is now completely full and is bizarrely more uncomfortable than my big pack - I guess coz it is all on the shoulders rather than hips. I think I might do that detox thing for 3 days and see what it is like. Basically a 3 day fast with yoga on the beach. Do something completely different and something which scares me which was what this trip was all about. I will hit the shops big time in KL and get some great things. I am feeling much happier now than I had been and feel like I can cope with things again.
    Although that said I nearly had another disaster today when I almost left my card in the cashpoint because I was worried about getting back in time for bus. But I take that as a sign that my luck is changing that it didn't happen and all is ok. I have also had company the last couple of days with a retired welsh fireman who seems to have taken me under his wing. I think that is also part of the excitement of travelling that you meet people who you wouldnt meet at home and get a chance to have a different perspective. 
   It has been good the last couple of days as I have had company since it happened. I met an Australian girl in the hotel and we went out for dinner then at her insistence to a Ladyboy show. I personally find it pretty creepy that people look just like women but then sound like men. Also they wear shocking outfits - much less than most girls would wear so there is definately an element of prostitution there which isn't exactly hidden. She seemed to having a great time so after the first show I left her to it especially as drinks were super expensive - 100 Baht for a coke when normally a beer is 80. 
   I also spent a couple of days with a couple of guys I met in a restaurant over breakfast. They couldn't be more different. Gerald is 30 and taught classics in a posh school. I honestly think you hamper your kids for life calling them something like that. I can't really describe him to you. He sounds gay as he has such a high pitched voice but he also had very few social skills - I have never had as many deep and spiritual conversations as I have in the last 2 days. He is also a complete loner.
    He wanted to travel together to Ko Phangan  but then instead of chilling out here together as would normally be the case he would disapear for the day 'to clear his head' and 'think about things' He is definately a loner - he said he had spent the proceeding 3 months before travelling only speaking to 2 people. I think I would go insane. I think he definately had a thing for me as he was like 'my type is clever blond girls' and I feel like I am really looking forward to travelling as I can learn so much from you. He was just very strange. He wanted to go to a deserted beach for a couple of days which initially I thought was great as I get off the beaten track and away from Mcdonalds but then I was like I can do about an hour of your company as it is not sure I can cope with 3 days...alone! Also we arranged to go on the 1pm ferry and I rush around in the rain trying to get all my shopping done etc then calls at 12 30 just before the bus comes saying he wont make it and has packed yet. Reliable I think not! Also you will be having a conversation and he suddenly stops to write down what he must think about later.
     If you contrast it with Gordon who I met on the same day. I think they were just having a random conversation. He is a 55 year old retired fireman and you would think I would have less in common with. But he is just easy to talk to. We spent Monday searching out chargers for all my electronics and bless he went to about 100 shops and walked miles. He didn't have to and it made me feel so much better that someone just helped because they saw I wasn't having a great time. Then we went to the beach and chilled out in the 5 star pool for the afternooon. It is just a natural and easy conversation where you dont have to work hard and can just chill out. Jed was just the complete oppisate. So I decided eventually that I was going to go on the detox that I had been thinking about but only commit to 3 days upfront. I am going to go check them out today and see if this whole healing thing is for me. I am pretty sure I will go back to alcohol at some point on the travels. Heheh

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Bron on

Try not to let it get you down Kelly - at least you have your passport. It's really annoying, but could have been worse. Chin up and take in the beautiful scenery that is around you. You are very lucky to have this time and money to explore the world and challenge yourself. Things will get better. Enjoy the massages :-)

Lynnie on

Oh poor thing , never mind you have your passport & your cards so........all part of the adventure,you'll cope with anything that happens now.
Yes trying to buy clothes 'big' enough in Thailand is a challenge isn't it.
Pleased to hear that the fireman was so helpful , all that 'rescue' training...ha ha.
Pampering rather than a detox would be my choice but then again some yoga on the beach will revive you.

Colin on

Hi Kels
Sorry to hear the news - hang in there. Actually losing your backpack is a setback not a disaster. Losing your passport & money / getting kidnapped / lost in the jungle / malaria - that's a disaster !
Hope you're OK and replenishing your stuff - now you can detox on the "possessions culture" as well ! Love from Colin xx

Jen on

Hey Kel
sorry to hear your pack has been nabbed... They say of it doesn't kill you it can only make you stronger... I lost my (all new) North Face coat, trek towel and top last week, nicked off a bus on the way to Columbia, upsetting but have to just get on with it - glad you're doing the same.
Head to Had Rin in Ko Phangan and party for a couple of days - I loved it there and had some crazy times!

kellyroundworld on

Sorry to hear you have also had things stolen. It rubbish isn't it. The worst bit for me is that it probably wasn't a Thai as they would look very strange with a backpack on. Where are you at the moment and what has been your best bit so far?

kellyroundworld on

Yeh you are right it is not unrecoverable but a setback. I have brought some things to last me while I am on the beach then will hit the shops to replace everything when I get to Malaysia. Hope everything is ok with you?

kellyroundworld on

I did have the girl who used to style Trinny and Susanna helping me choose some stuff so it wasn't all bad. :) I am hoping there are some big (in every sense of the word) department stores when I get to Malaysia - spend a couple of days in KL getting backpack and replacing stuff ready for Australia as I imagine it will be cheaper than Perth. How are things with you?

kellyroundworld on

Haha massages are the way forward - not sure how I am going to cope with not having them cheaply available. I saw some South Africans on the boat today - first time I have seen any. Makes a nice change from Australia, Kiwi and English! :)

London Correspondent on

Really really sucks, I would have thrown a massive diva tantrum right there!

You'll just have to go all Ray Mears and forage for stuff! Doesn't he make roadkill haute couture and fashions together a GameBoy from some old twigs?!

As if that wasn't a helpful tip, there's a few essential supplies (& a couple of surprises) making their slow airmail way over to you right now....

PS A bit out of date on the old commenting front, but I assume your infected foot hasn't fallen off yet?

ab-s xxx

kellyroundworld on

Haha foot has healed but then I got an infected bite on my leg I am going to look like a domestic abuse victim when I get back with all my scars!

ali on

sorry girl! bummer but collin is right could have been worse! i cant stop thinking about aubrey sacco who disappeared in nepal. hope you are safe and healthy!

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