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Flag of Sweden  , Skane Lan,
Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 2 in Lund

We went to IHO early in the morning to seek help regarding our faulty bedroom and toilet lights. It was a really cold day, and we were really hungry (cos we were too lazy to cook breakfast in the morning), so we kept drinking the free hot chocolate and hot tea at the office. While we were waiting to be called up, there was this weird English guy from London who kept talking to us. He asked us where we were from, and we said Singapore, and he said ‘we used to own you’, which I thought was quite an inappropriate comment. He went on to make small talk, and halfway thru the conversation apologised for having a bad hangover. Quite a weirdo. We decided to go to the international desk while waiting for our turn to be called. We asked them for help regarding the bank draft, and this lady was really nice to help us call people for more information. However, in the end she didn’t really provide us with much help, but she did say that we could try to approach the banks again on Tuesday after Arrival day, as we will be getting our student ID numbers which will be required by the banks before allowing us to set up a bank account here in Sweden.

After settling our bank draft issue (sort of), we proceeded to the IHO ppl and told them about the faulty bedroom and toilet lights. The lady helped us call up the mechanic and said that he will give us a call once he can come over to our apartment and help us fix the problems, so we decided to go for a quick lunch, get some groceries, and head back home.

It was a huge relief once we managed to settle all these issues, so once again we strolled along the streets happily like any tourist would, embracing the scenery surrounding us and busking in the atmosphere. We decided to have lunch at this italian restaurant along one of the alleys, and were really glad to be finally able to have a proper sit-down meal in Lund. We each had a mixture of carbonara and ravioli something (it was in swedish) which cost around SEK 75 for their daily special. We even had free flow of hot tea (like those flavoured lipton tea packets at the side) and bread and salad. After the meal, we decided to walk along the streets and get some groceries.

We first visited this store called Tiger which is somewhat like a Daiso, and bought stuff like small mirrors, scissors, scrubs, mini broom pan etc for our apartment. After that we walked around for a little before heading back to the apartment. Just when we were about to enter the lift to go up, the guy called Christy to tell us that he was there already, waiting for our arrival. The guy’s truly our hero – he fixed the fuse (which affected our bathroom and bedroom lights) and told us how to use the stove (explained smth abt the childlock, which isn’t necessary unless you count Trudy as a child). However, he couldn’t help us fix our wifi but instead gave us the number of the company that we could call when we get our local numbers from the University. After he left, we went downstairs to the nearby supermarkets (both Netto and Coop) to buy groceries and stuff to prepare for dinner.

Christy took the lead to prepare our dinner. She cooked us swedish meatballs and potato :) I was supposed to make mashed potatoes initially, but the potatoes were too hard for me to mash them, so Christy decided to fry them instead. It was our first homecooked meal and it was really nice and all, with the scenery and the breeze. We even saw the sun set (which was around 8-ish, surprisingly late). After cleaning up, we all went to bathe and had a good night’s sleep.

Day 3 in Lund

I was awoken by some noises at around 7ish in the morning in the kitchen, when I realised that both Trudy and Christy were up already, busy skyping their respective boyfriends at the kitchen table (we have to sit there cos the wifi isn’t working, so we use the lan cable instead, and the reuter is located somewhere near the kitchen). I sleepily went to get my laptop from my room and joined them, but I wasn’t skyping any boyfriend or whatsoever. The internet was so mother slow that I got really annoyed, I had so much difficulty signing on to adium and msn so I had to resort to using ebuddy. That was also the time when I was typing my first journal entry. After a while it feels kinda silly cos its damn time consuming and I wonder who is reading this, but then I guess it’s the only way for me to remember all my experiences and feelings etc, since I have such a horrible memory.

After breakfast (Trudy and Christy were monster hungry so they cooked indomee and scrambled eggs, but I just had cereal and milk), we left the house and headed to town. First stop – h&m! We saw it the previous day but didn’t have the time to shop, so we decided to reward ourselves and spend some quality shopping time there. Christy got some really good buys – she bought this white tube dress for SEK 5 (which is around 1 sing), totally insane. It was supposed to be SEK 50 but I’ve no idea how come it was like 10 times less the originally stated sale price. I bought a striped sleeveless dress and jeggings :) after shopping, we went to search for a kettle cos we were dying to have hot water at home. To our horror, kettles are freaking expensive over here! In the end we settled for a non-electric one which costs around SEK 50, pretty reasonable, plus it looks quite chic for a kettle (its purple!).

There wasn’t any time for us to have lunch proper, so we decided to grab a cheeseburger each from McDonalds and eat on the go. After which, we went to the huge Coop (local supermarket) nearby to post letters to our families respectively (they’re for the bank draft thingy), and then we were all set to leave for Ikea at Malmo.

Weather was reeeaaaallllyyy cruel. It rained non-stop. Fortunately we bought umbrellas, so we could use those while walking that far walk from the train station to Ikea. Back at Ikea again, we were more focused on the things that we had to buy – clothes rack, kitchen towels x 1000000000, floor mats, duvet covers, table mats, shower curtain rings etc etc etc. it was a mad rush. We walked up and down and up and down again just to find these items; by the time we managed to get them we were grumpy and tired, so we decided to have our dinner there. It was pretty horrible, we had sausages and potatoes (we’re so going to get sick of these 2 things) and soup and cheesecake. After that, we were so tired that all we wanted to do was to go home, but the rain was really bad so we just had to sit and wait for it to stop. After a few minutes, we decided to run to the bus stop, and even contemplated stealing a trolley cos we had to carry so many things. We looked like idiots, cos we were the only ones who bought so many things without having a car (we bought 2 clothes racks and 3 side tables and a lot of other stuff that were stuffed into our backpacks). The winds were so strong; we had to seek shelter at the flimsy bus stop for super long. When the bus finally came, it broke down and took like 6 tries or more before it could move. We had to transit from the bus stop to the train station, and then take another bus back home. It took us like an hr and a half or something before we reached home. We were sooo glad to finally have some warmth and shelter, and after a quick bath, we all snoozed almost immediately.

Day 4 in Lund

I was awoken by noises at the kitchen again. The girls were skyping their bfs and having breakfast, and Christy kindly offered to cook a sausage and eggs for me. I was pretty grumpy cos I had a really weird dream at night about someone from the past, and I didn’t exactly have anyone to skype with, so I was just surfing fb and waiting for time to pass. After a while, the girls left for church (they decided to be adventurous and visit the catholic church by themselves even though the service was going to be in Swedish) and I stayed at home feeling slightly lonely and homesick. Plus, it didn’t help that I saw pictures of Gen’s birthday party on fb and I really really wished I was there with her and Claire. After slightly more than an hr, the girls came home with groceries in their hands, but I found out that they didn’t manage to go to church in the end because they got the timings wrong. We decided to cook lunch – it was my turn, so I cooked sausages and rosti (from Ikea), and we had seafood soup to go with it. After that, the cleaning began.

Housewife training course officially started with the kitchen – we cleaned the shelves, arranged the cutlery and utensils, scrubbed the stove. After that we moved on to building our furniture from Ikea – the side tables were easy but the clothes rack were really tough to put together. After which we took a half an hr break, where the girls sat at the kitchen table and skyped the guys again. I felt a little out of place so I decided to go to my room and seek some solace and typed the first half of this blog entry (this blog could be my stand-in boyfriend). After that we started sweeping and mopping the floors. When we were about to clean the toilets, we realised we didn’t have the correct liquid (JIF) meant for toilets, so we went down to Coop to get it along with more groceries and stuff for dinner later. We came back up, started scrubbing the toilets (including the toilet bowl, bathtub, walls, floors.... I don’t think this apartment has ever had more hardworking tenants ever besides us. But it was all worth it. Now it does feel a step closer to it being called home :)

In a few hours time, everyone else back home will embark on their first day of school of a new semester... Think I’ve forgotten that feeling long ago.


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claire on

HELLO BESTIE, i'm reading this! and I miss you so much! dont get too homesick okay! have plenty and plenty of fun there! i know you will! LOVE YOU:))))

Andrianna on

Hi there ! I just accidentaly found your post on the internet. I arrived in Lund yesterday. Have almost the same issues as you do)) I'm still looking for a bank to open an account. the fee is HUUUGEE! did you find a bank where it is cheaper to have an account?:)

claire LIM on


(note to claire neo: put ur surname babe! haha if not kl is gona get mega confused with both of us. haha. tho with my bad spelling it might not be too hard to differentiate:P )

heyy we gotta fix a time for me to fly down to visit u!!!!! when u get ur timetable email it to me yeah! hahaha and keep 22nd nov free:P

aniwaes hang in there. be open minded bout e ppl u meet. like the strange guy u met?haha they are all really nice and unlike singaporeans, less self conscious about the things they say. so dun take things personally. if he says uk use to own singapore, just reply: yeah but thanks for dumping us when the japs k seriously 3 years of occupation not fun.

haha ppl are differnt but they are awesome too! give them a chance and ull have a great time.:):)

weeting on

hi kl :) why is this dead!

kahleng789 on

im too lazy to write stuff already :p and i wanna switch to tumblr but i dunno how to use!

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