We're Done... Woo Hoo! Praise the Lord

Trip Start May 15, 2007
Trip End Jul 2007

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Flag of United States  , Florida
Monday, July 2, 2007

We're done, finished, completed, through, and every other word that signifies that I don't have to get on the bike tomorrow.  We could probably sleep for the next week b/c we're tired, exhausted, tuckered out, fatigued, and in need of lots of rest.  Our bodies came through for us but they're achy, bruised, bitten, sore, numb, or should I say mine is anyway.  I'm sure you're thinking I've had way too much time to think, contemplate, analyze, gain insight, mediate and fill my head with excess words.  I've solved the problems, challenges, conflicts, dilemnas of the world  or at least those of all of you, my closest friends and family.  (Let me know if you'd like my solutions... Either that or you can read them when I put out the book...All Figured Out.)
It has been an amazing trip of grace and glory.  Those would be the words I would choose.  First and foremost God's amazing grace to let us take this trip.  His amazing grace for our country beyond how we treat Him.  The grace of beauty in places so many will never see.  The grace of my folks to put up with me and each other.  The grace of all the "crazy" drivers.  The grace of all the people in all the simple places that have made this trip so much of what it was.  And the grace that happens everyday to allow us another day.  God's glory has been completely radiant.  I've tried to capture the beauty of it all but no camera will ever express the awe that you experience as you travel through such different terrain, unigue vegetation, and  high definition colors.  All I can say is buy a bike, get a family member or really close friend, some maps of USA back roads and you too can have hours of enjoyment.
 We have meet many wonderful people here in our last state.  I would define Florida as a sweet state.  I got a flat tire on Wed (one of many that Dad got to change throughout the trip) and a gentleman stopped to see if we needed any help.  Several times when we seemed to be lost people would stop and offer directions.  We've also had some of our best camping and unique experiences.  Tues we met Matt and his cats.  He actually shared a story of his cat getting accidentally taken 200+ miles away from his home but she made it back to him by foot. Too bad the cat didn't have a digital camera to photo and blog her trip.  Matt walks around his campground and the cats follow him.  Thurs we had quite a treat.  We were at Spirit of Suwanee where they have Elvis lead karoke every Thursday.  That is quite the happening.  How does anything compare with enjoying the hopeful brave locals who weekly get behind a microphone to hear the cheers and applause of their friendly village?  To be a part of this event almost seems like crashing a family party, out of place memories.  And the culminating piece was the church service this morning.  We were at a contempory service, "they do things somewhat unorthodox."  I'd say so... they tell corny jokes (which I loved), invite everyone to get snacks during the service (which dad loved), and hang coffee cups off the back of the chairs (which mom loved.)  When we come back to church we have some great suggestions.  These folks were great and made us feel very welcome.  We heard about Barbara's dad who wished he could go to church everyday, Bob who got blamed for anything that could go wrong, and Gail  who patiently ran the powerpoint  program.  Each worship service we've been able to attend has been a blessing.
So we finished in the rain today.  God kept us dry through our final miles but he did provide for some great sound affects to celebrate the ending. There was no one on the beach to applaud our efforts but the sky lit up and reminded us that God was proud of our efforts.  So I'm going to take some time and process all my thoughts and relive the trip over and over again.  This probably won't be the last you hear from me.  I can't tell you how much the prayers and thoughts from all of you have kept me going.  At times I felt so far away from everyone and yet found myself cherishing so much of the ride b/c something would make me think of one of you.  I wish I could articulate my feelings better (after some time to process maybe I will be able to.)  I wish I could bring you all a souvenir, I thought about magnets but the only place to store them all would have been to the outside of the vehicle and didn't know how well that would work.  I hope you've enjoyed my blogs...  My mom and I have giggled a whole lot so maybe you have too.  It has been fun.  I guess the question now to contemplate will be, if I'm not traveling can I continue to use travelpod?  Or will I have to prove my credability?  And how much travel is neccessary?  I mean, what about taking trips down the street?  Isn't that traveling?  See lots to think about, even after the trip is over.  Thanks again and I love you all.
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jingles519 on

OK. So you made it to the other beach? Is it that much ebtter than the one you started at? Was it worth the journey? Just kidding....it was all about the journey. But now the real adventure begins. What does God want you to do next? Where are you taking life? What is in store for Heidi? We are praying for you and can't wait to read the next volume!

Brenda and Jingles

mandymoon83 on

You Did It!!
Congratulations Heidi, I'm so proud of you...but not as proud of you as our Father is :) Your trip has been inspiring, entertaining, and left me in awe. I certainly can't wait to hear more about it and see more pictures! Hopefully you'll be back in the stinky ole' DC-area sometime soon so we can do lunch! There's been yet more changes at WAVA which I won't bore you with, but they do directly effect my job and if you don't mind, I just ask for your prayers for God's guidance in my life. Justin and I will continue to pray for God's guidance in YOUR life...he has big plans for you!

lgmoore on

Flicka's Journey
Congratulations Flick and folks. Ive enjoyed reading all your messages- u really should be an author. Our days at B. Dalton have really served u well. Im really proud of u and cant wait to see all the pictures- hope ur coming home again this summer? For now- rest, relax and recover. Talk to you soon. Miss and love you.


foxpower on

Hey from Herkimer
WOW! I am so proud of you all, and in awe of your trip! So glad that God kept you safe, despite the bug bites and sore muscles. Can't wait to see you all, and see more photos and live commentary. I guess you won, because we don't have 3,000 bottles returned yet (only 2,947) but we'll keep going and collecting, because it is a way easier (but not as much fun)way to get a little cash for Habitat. Love you to all, TTFN! Sue

caabel on

Wow! You did it! I remember way back in the day when you first started talking about a trip. I think it was soon after I resigned from the radio station. You stole my thunder!!

I'm proud of you! That is quite an accomplishment. I might be getting a bike soon, but to get exercise and see about a triathalon...not to go cross country. I look forward to the party when you'll share stories w/ us!!

- Bruce

mcommisso on

It seems like yesterday we were working at the bookstore and betting on how many powdered donuts you could shove in your mouth at one time(I'm remembering 8, but it could have been more.) Now, look at you, traveling cross country on a bike!!!
As you know, I am incredibly proud of you as one of my best friends, a biker, and most recently, an author. Along this journey you have made me laugh more times than I can count, but more importantly, you have enabled me to truly appreciate all life has to offer-no matter where we all are-be it here in Utica,NY or out there in Nowhere, TX. God's grace is everywhere,in everything, for each and every one of us!!!! Thank you for traveling across country to open my eyes!!!
I love you very much!!I thank God for you always!!
Give mom and dad a big hug for me.
Hope to see you soon!

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