First Week on the bike

Trip Start May 15, 2007
Trip End Jul 2007

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Flag of United States  , Arizona
Monday, May 21, 2007

Well all you nay sayers (Ok so there really weren't any but I always wanted to use that saying) we've made it through the first week on our bikes. Thanks to my gracious fill-in author, you've been able to play Where in the World are the Haines' and have a specific answer. I'm grateful my mom has been willing and able to update the blog b/c I think it would have been more like a blob if I had to do anything after almost 300 miles for the week. Just some highlights of these past 6 days on the bike.

Day 1 we had over 4000 feet to climb. If you don't know how high that is, take my word for it, it's more than a novice bicyclist climbs on a regular basis (let alone, less than a novice.) Well one of us made it all 4000 feet and almost 50 miles while the other one used her index finger to be rescued after 2500 feet and only 26 miles. I'll let you venture a guess to which one of us rode to Live Oak Springs Resort (where we met some interesting folks and camped for the night) and which one peddaled his way the distance.

Day 2 we got to descend 3000 feet on the interstate. The speed limit says trucks shouldn't go more than 35 mph as they travel these 6% downgrade. The cool thing is that I got to 36.3mph. Imagine the truckers expression. We also had 2 flat tires that day, but God was totally gracious to us and took care of us. It was good finding El Centra where we camped for the night.

Day 3 was quite a blast. A sand blast that is. Traveling through the Imperial Sand Dunes with whipping sands challenging us to stay on our bikes left us thinking maybe this could be a new skin treatment. The sand treatment starts with 100's of tiny pin pricks on our bare skin leaving the sand clinging to the hairs on our arms, which when brushed off gave us that cleansing abrasive feeling. You let me know if you're interested and I'll see what I can do. Our final destination in Palo Verde brought us to quite the bird sanctuary to spend the night with fowls of all types that sang us to sleep in our canvas covered abode.

Day 4 we were not hopeless. In fact we ended up in Hope, AZ. Traveling 62 miles mostly through flat terrain with local crops growing lushly on both sides of the road got us 20 miles even before 9a.m. (What were you all doing before 9a.m.?) Again we were on the interstate for part of the route. But, we also found ourselves on roads that seemed to welcome usage after eons of nothing but the sun beating on their concrete surface. Their aged surface reminded me of an elderly man open for company. Some of these roads are pretty desolate and lonely and we've also seen that on some of the faces we've encountered.

Day 5 we made it to a campground that actually had grass, quite a rarity here in the south. There wasn't a lot to report on the roads. I took some pictures of some of the real estate. Pretty sad. We put on almost 60 miles though our temperatures reached over 100 degrees.

Day 6 was an easy day b/c we wanted to make it to Phoenix and so it was about 40 miles. We traveled along a bike path that runs with the canal. It is quite pretty and very relaxing. Dad again had to come to my rescue and change a tire but it was early in the morning before the sun got scorching.

So we're here in Phoenix right now and we took the day off. We went to a great church service and worshiped in the traditional way. We've been blessed this week b/c we've been able to worship Our Lord in very non- traditional ways, seeing and experiencing things many people never will get to. God has given me many amazing insights and He continues to teach me about Him and what He has for me. I love you all and hope you're doing well.
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mcommisso on

Hello from Utica,NY
I am so incredibly impressed and proud of you! I am truly enjoying your updates. There are very entertaining. I especially appreciated the skin treatment, aka sand ebrasion, blog. Among numerous qualities, you have been blessed with a great sense of humor, of which I am always appreciative. Continue to have fun and keep us posted.
Say hi to the folks.
Love you,

mcommisso on

Re: Hello from Utica,NY

mandymoon83 on

Message from Mrs Watts
Wow Heidi, you are amazing! I am so proud of the progress you've made, & I can't imagine doing it in that heat! But it's inspiring to hear how God has been encouraging you, and I just wanted to thank you so much for the text message last Sunday, the morning of my wedding. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that at that exact moment :) God is good! The wedding was truly a fairy tale, without a doubt, the best day of my life. I'm sorry you couldn't be there, but it sounds like you're having the time of your life too! Keep on truckin' girl! ~ Amanda Watts (still a little Buckler in there though ;)

foxpower on

Hello again from Herkimer!
Great to read your travel update, sounds like it's been quite an adventure already! I will keep the kids updated on your progress. Hoping for moderate temperatures for you, and smooth pedaling! love, Sue Fox

kvosler on

It was great to hear from yu!! Keep me posted and God Bless

paul8 on

Hello Heidi
It's so fun to live a dream, isn't it. Dreams do come true.Mine has too,as the book should arive in the mail any day.Peddal fast and hurry home. Paul

lgmoore on

Flicka's journey
Hey Flick,
So proud of you- sounds like youre having a blast. Enjoy every moment of this special time with your parents. keep an eye out for 'Hank the cow dog'- u never know where he may pop up. Love you.


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