A Gaudi day and flamenco dancing

Trip Start Feb 28, 2010
Trip End Aug 28, 2010

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Flag of Spain  , Catalonia,
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Felicity's entry

Today we went to see the amazing Gaudi architecture. We first went to look at the Casa Batllo.  The moment I walked inside my first impression was "this is breathtaking". All the walls and the ceiling were like waves. They curved in and out and up and down in every direction possible. There were incredible colours in all the rooms that you walked into. But they are still different from each other. They were all unique in their own way. One of my favourite parts of the house was the attic hallway. When you first walked in there were big arches with wavy ceilings between them and on the side of the walls there were ventilation slats. They were like  planks of wood pointing diagonally downwards letting warmth and air into the house but they kept out the rain and bad weather. Another glorious part of the house was the rooftop where there were colourful mosaics everywhere you looked and big, tall funny shaped chimneys. Only Gaudi could come up with such strange designs.

After I thought that we had seen enough of Gaudi, as I was getting dizzy from all the strange shapes, we went to see the famous Sagrada Familia church. Gaudi himself never actually finished this as he died half way through. But to this day they are still continuing to construct it.

Of course, more Gaudi. We went to see a  very well known park, Park Guell designed by Guadi where you get a wonderful view over the city of Barcelona. On our way to the park the taxi driver told us that if you look very carefully from the top of the hill at the park you will be able to spot the Gaudi buildings as they have such unique rooftops. It did take me about 10 minutes to spot them however I did finally see Casa Batllo.

Sadly there was a lowlight to this day. There is an amazing old fashioned and modern theme park in Barcelona. But, of course Dad said no after we had just spent the last two days looking at art galleries and museums that he wanted to go and see (and we didn't even make one complaint).  But instead we went to a flamenco opera concert. The show was an hour and half. There was live music with flamenco dancers. But I had a few low points (this is only my point of view).
1. The dancers looked like they were stomping
2. The musicians instruments were out of tune
3. The singers sounded like they had a frog in their throat (no offence to anyone)
All in all it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Genevieve says, "Well I really enjoyed the flamenco concert. I wore my very stylish Spanish dress. When we got in there the musicians were playing. Then the guitars got loud and out came the flamenco dancers. They were very good at tap dancing. It was amazing how they moved their arms and turned and stepped so quickly. The dresses were glittering in the stage light while the bottom of their dresses dragged on the floor. Then they picked up their dresses and swirled them around and moved their hands around. It was terrific. I can't even describe it to you it was so good. There were lots of people there so, of course it was a bit hard for me to see.  The flamenco music was opera. They were playing their guitars, drums and flutes very well. The singer was really good with his high and loud voice going right across the stage. I was doing a little tipperty tap on the floor myself while I was watching them dance. At the end they all came out and danced together. They all bowed and that was the end of the show. We caught a cab home and that was the end of our terrific day.
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Pam Hume on

What an exciting entry!Brilliantly written .by the Girls. ---all the colour of Spain so well portrayed---congratulations,

Sally Brasell on

I agree! Two well written pieces, both with quite different viewpoints! And I think your dress is stunning Genevieve - a kindred dress-up spirit I see!

Brett on

excellent commentary, you guys are like a travelling advertisement for overseas travel. I'm feeling that travel itch coming on. Where's the hydrocortisone?

Sarah and Geoff on

Hey you two ...don't leave it all to the kids to do the writing !
Sounds like you are having an amazing time ...we loved Barcelona as well.
Geoff and I are off to Boston on Sunday. Geoff spends two weeks wih me setting up the apartment and then he is off to Vancouver and further North for 10 days with an old friend from school. I think they are Saskhosh hunting but I am too scared to ask !
I will write a longer letter from Boston telling you how the 'return to a student' really is !
Love Geoff and Sarah

Jen Miller on

Barcelona - one of my favourite cities in Europe! It's wonderful reading what the girls have to say about the Gaudian architecture, and the photos are incredible. Congratulations to the photographer(s)! Do make sure you get to Figueres, won't you? I'm sure it's on your itinerary; the Dali museum is a must (as they say). Look forward to another Simon write-up - I laughed out loud in the last one!

Geoff P on

I wait patiently for a Simon entry only to see him slumped in a double chair....."We like the Dali chair photo" wearing a T-shirt that has a white dribble that looks like a ...man-bra......does Strangely Normal have an outlet in Spain????
I'm on the next flight.....this man needs some KIWI mates to go outlet shopping with!!

Veronica and Jock on

What a fantastic trip-wish we could meet you for a spanish long luncheon and see some of the fabulous places you are visiting.
What an amazing time for you all to cherish.
I love the bolgs and will follow you around the world. Love the photos and the girls entries are so descriptive-Can't wait to hear the French tales!

Lots of love from us all and safe travelling. xx

Carmel Demery on

Hello - how amazing - the girls writing is brilliant. Spain would have to be our favourite country to travel in as well - the architecture in Barcelona is absolutely stunning. I agree with an earlier comment - the Dali museam is exceptional and if you can get there, then stop in along the Costa Brava & visit his home as well.

Maree on

Kia ora Jones Hume Whanau,

Wow you are an inspiration. Simon, hilarious comments about canvassing faults, I thought you weren't meant to speak ill of those that have departed...
I hope you are continuing to have marvellous adventures. Love the visit blog and photos at the Dali Museum, I saw a travelling exhibition from Florida of his work when I lived in Tokyo, so it's fascinating to see more of his genius in his home country. I look forward to further updates. Best M

Aunty Claire on

Your photos are fantastic and what a wonderful time you are all having. Love your comments girls. Keep them up. Simon.....don't be so mean and take them to the park ! !! xx

Paula P on

Kia ora Jones! Sounds like you are having a fab time, being up close with Gaudi must be spectacular. Great recounts girls - love the spanish dress, love the shoes even more!!

Happy travels, all good here at Baylys!

JEAN F. on

Wonderful info & beautifully composed by you two girls Felicity & Genevieve __ have only read one blog so far out of 65 Pam tells me. Am in snail mode!!!!! Thank you so very much for my parcel in the mail which arrived safely & am thrilled with the very colourful OWL displayed prominentlly on the frig - & the notes.Lotys of love & kisses to you all.

Bernie White on

Hi guys, sitting here in gale force southerlies at 8 degrees! I wanna be in BARCELONA! Have never been there but will go one day. Make sure you visit Nou Camp and Barcelona Football Club. Love the photo's especially the Gaudi architecture. It must be a while since I've seen F&G - they look a lot older and a lot like their mum. Keep having a great time.
Ka kite ano

Rebs on

Your blog has become my feel good moment of the day. Hugely entertaining, extremely well written - and that's just the comments from your "friends"! Seriously, we feel we are right there with you, but are hugely relieved we're not when you're in the car... Love your work!

Ella Koning on

woe epic that is sooo awesome...awww wish i was there, lame! we should totally arrange another skyping time

wendy Allen on

What a coincidence, i was in Barcelona on May 28th! I had a few days in nearby Stiges and went to the city on Friday. We didn't manage as much as you, but had a gastronomic 3 hour lunch!
Great photos, glad you are having so much fun.

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