Day two in Singapore - No jet lag!

Trip Start Apr 10, 2006
Trip End Feb 07, 2007

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Flag of Singapore  ,
Thursday, April 13, 2006

After a much needed sleep we got up bright and early and decided to head down to China Town again to have a proper look around. Unlike our first day, the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. It was already about 30 degrees but not nearly as humid as the day before.
It was around 9am so not much was fully open (as they all stay open until late at night) but we got a good idea of where all of the market stalls and street food sellers are. Someone tried to rope John into buying a suit but he wasn't having any of it and told him where to go (in his very polite and non-offensive way). We also saw some really ornately decorated temples and things but I had my legs and arms showing so we couldn't go in. While having a look around we stumbled across an MRT station and decided to take a trip over to Orchard Road, which is one of the main shopping streets in the city.
The MRT was ace. Just like the rest of the city it was immaculately clean and it was very easy to use. Imagine the tube in London but clean, cool and with no tramps. The platforms are wierd because glass doors separate you from the tracks so you are kept cool and clean (no black bogies after a trip on the MRT!), it also means that no one can throw themselves on the tracks. A very considerate design overall. There is so much more I could say about the MRT but my previous job in transport would open me up to ridicule so I have to stop now.
Orchard Road certainly lived up to it's reputation as one of the worlds greatest shopping boulevards. Everything looked very inviting. There were numerous large shopping centres with shops like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins (in Singapore, Gem!!!) and French Connection for more affordable clothes and Gucci, Chanel and Prada for more expensive tastes. It was all I could do to keep my credit card in my pocket. All I came away with was one pair of Converse trainers and I did need them, I promise. Very restrained I thought.
We had a good look around and had something to eat before heading back to the hostel for a rest. Although it was not humid, the heat was still quite oppressive and took it out of us a bit. After a short rest we headed out again and walked along the river towards the marina to find the statue of the Merlion (top half is a lion, bottom half is a fish), one of the symbols of Singapore. After having a few obligatory photos by the Merlion we headed across the marina towards the theatre which looks like a hedgehog. Very cool though. We were intending to look for Raffles Hotel but we got distracted by even more shopping centres, inparticular one called SunTec City, which is huuuuuuge and apparently cheaper than most other places. While we were there we saw the Fountain of Wealth which is allegedly the largest fountain in the world. It looks like a big rubber ring on legs. It may have been big but it wasn't that pretty.
We wandered around SunTec City until our feet burned and our tummies grumbled. We tried to find Raffles before heading home but it was a half-hearted attempt and we soon decided to just head back over the river towards food and bed. We had some satay and noodles and fishballs for dinner which was very cheap but I found the fishballs a bit rubbery. John liked them though as he had them done slightly different to me. We washed them down with some Tiger beer and when we had had our fill we headed back to the hostel for some kip.
Overall, a much better day than yesterday. It felt more productive and we generally felt like we could settle into this lifestyle better. We're planning to go to the Island of Sentosa tomorrow if the weather holds to see dolphins and lots of other nice things.
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igroves on

You think you're having fun!
I going to work in a bit, the weather sucks, I have a sore leg from football and I missed Tam being denied entry to somewhere for showing to much flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adzdum on

Very Jealous!
Hey!.. soo sounds a lil bit different to shrewsbury then! :) You'll be pleased to hear the weather here is... raining! again! Real glad to hear you guys made it there safely, lookin forward to the next installment
But where's my picture on this site??..hmmm ;)

adzdum on

Damn you Ian!
You beat me! grr

barbieforever on

Scummy English Weather
Wow, jealous perhaps?
Sounds ace, tell all about Sentosa, I so want to go back there, its stopped raining here for the moment and is vaguely warm but I want 30 degs!!!!!!

andreaf on

hey dudes
Hope your not wilting in the heat, did you manage the cable cars to sentosa john or did you bottle it?! Keep a note of interesting/tasty food for me to try

gemgem0 on

Hi Tammo
Hope your still well, sounds like your havin a good time. Weather is a bit brighter here today (Thursday). I always told U Dorothy Perkins was the best, gald to hear Singapore people agree. Looking forward to your next installment. Gem Gem xxxx
P.S Paul Mckenna is still going strong.

pgould on

Wuddup, Pete say nihao!
Hi peeps, hope you're finding Singapore funky, here's some Chinese phrases to help you out whilst you're there.

That's not right..........................Sum Ting Wong

Are you harbouring a fugitive?..........Hu Yu Hai Ding

See me ASAP................................Kum Hia Nao

I think you need a face lift ..............Chin Tu Fat

It's very dark in here .....................Wao So Dim

I thought you were on a diet ........Wai Yu Mun Ching?

Staying out of sight ......................Lei Ying Lo

Your body odor is offensive .............Yu Stin Ki Pu

I'm not sure how correct these are but they might be of some (comedy) use to you.

Have fun,

beccif on

you lucky buggers!
hey glad to hear your both their safley and enjoying the lovely weather and scenery, am very jelaous! the sun is sort of shinny here! oh and will need to email you my new address for my postcards as i have moved in with rich! love becci xxxxxxx

_gump_ on

Hey ho Gumpo
Word up Foam. That seems like a good mix of Foz and Tam to me - foam.

Anyway after about 30 mins of bumbling round the site like a drunkered ape i found where to post a note! Good to here your having a good time. All is good int he UK, its bank holiday weekend so everyone is feeling good, well i am!!

Ad i dont think its safe for them to put a pic of you on the site. Im sure everyone agrees...........

johnandtamsin on

Hi everybody!
Hello there - we are just sitting in our hostel killing time prior to our flight to Bali later on today. We have been to McD's this morning and had a nice exotic Big Mac!

We will hopefully be able to check our emails tomorrow, so get writing!

Enjoy the bank holiday guys - be in touch soon...

barbieforever on

Hey dudes
Well hello there, hope you're good, I'm just preparing myself to go running with mo (I must be mad!) by drinking coffee and trying to think of a suitable place to hide.
The sun is shining this morning but I bet its not as nice as Singapore, like the foam thing, thats ace!

_gump_ on

Who are you?? Is that you Adam?

barbieforever on

keep guessing gump

_gump_ on

Who do think i am Dick Van Dyke?
Come on give it up. Well with the Barbie reference i'd think its got to be something related tjo Ian G? (if not Adam that is)

Clues please.

Answers on the back of a post card...

igroves on

I know nuffin regarding the identity of Barbieforever however, I feel strongly about his/her casue and could not agree more.

ratti26 on

Hi Tamsin and John

Hope your enjoying everything so far, can't wait to hear your adventures

Helen Castree

barbieforever on

Wrong wrong wrong
I know Ian can be slightly feminine at times, especially with that pink shirt, but surely saying that he has a login of barbie forever is just plain insulting gump. Keep guessing, unless John and Tamsin blow my cover first that is.

andreaf on

re barbieforever
I reckon i could hazard a guess!

_gump_ on

Re: re barbieforever
Go on then Andy, I'll pay good money. Choclate money that is.

Just one last guess - Tim????

andreaf on

Well i reckon it really is barbie my dad or someone healthy to be going running. Possibly someone who used to work in a gym. Or Tim i could see that working

barbieforever on

You should be a detective not a nurse
Very good, do you think he'll guess it now? Who's Tim?

igroves on

re: guessing
I ruled Adam and Gump out after the mention of running without the mention of fast food or last orders, left me thinking Pete or Tim....

andreaf on

Re You should be a detective not a nurse
Isnt he the dog in the famous five books? With the nhs in such cash crisis detective work looks quite promising plus i fancy wearing some disguises,or being a bit like inspector gadget.

_gump_ on

Re: Re You should be a detective not a nurse
BUTLER. Got to be. There was a reference to Ian's nice pink shirt that he wore on the leaving night, but Ian took it off early. I have gone through everyone i think, Butler is left. My guess is Butler. Mr. Mark Butler.

barbieforever on

This is getting boring now, should I just tell you? They're away for a year, thats a lot of guesses in that time.

igroves on

Wrong! nomore!
Its not Butler as they can actually write in sentences, Butler can't use full words!

I reference to 'MY' Pink T-Shirt - shows its someone who does not know me that well, as I own 3 pink t-shirts. But you do know about 1.

This leaves only 1 person........... Hazel?

barbieforever on

I'm glad thats over
Well done Ian, you and andy should go into partnership detective work, I'm glad you guessed that, we could have been doing that for a whole year...

_gump_ on

Re: I'm glad thats over
Hang on a minute. Ian shouldn't get all the praise for this, we had a discussion today about 3pm and came the answer....

Foam, how are you? I hope the weather is better than here. Although not hard, its rubbish.

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