Zimbabwe so far (minus photo's)

Trip Start Oct 21, 2006
Trip End Feb 28, 2007

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Flag of Zimbabwe  ,
Thursday, November 9, 2006

Zimbabwe, 3 weeks in.

Apologies in advance for the lack of photo's with this entry guys. Smart alec here got the latst greatest camera before i went away and so far no computer has been able to recognise the software edition. Perfect.

Spent first week in Zimbabwe camping out in Mana Pools on Safari in an old refugee tent. The key characteristics of said tent being its ability to retain the heat at night and stop all semblences of a breeze from getting in. Perfect for 38 degree heat really. The park was incredible. Very hot and no rain yet so all the game came down to the river. This is as far as i know the only Game Park you can walk and camp out with the animals in. Not sure who was more scared. Amazing to get so close to so much game (Impala, Eland, Kudu, Warthogs, Elephants, Bufalo, Hyena, Crocodiles and Hippo's).

Had Elephants, Hippo's an Buffalo walking right past the tent in camp. Faintly disturbing when you realise they might trip over the guy ropes on the tent, get a bit pissed off and decide to trample us out of spite. Caught myself chasing hyena's away from the tent at night armed with nothing but a torch. It seemed like a sensible thing to do until sense prevailed about 50 metres from the tent and i realised that a) there were more of them than me, and b) i must seen fairly tasty and not that hard to catch.

Slept with Axe, Panga and a Lump Hammer for protection, not that it would have been much kop against a pissedd off elephant. Turned out to give no peace of mind whatsoever as Jono, who i am camping with, is a little fuzzy when first woken and was about to smack me with the hammer when he mistook me for a hyena one night. Sure, i might smell that bad after a diet of campfire food but that is no excuse.

Flew up to Victoria Falls for a week to have a go at various adrenalin pumping activities. Bungee jumped from the bridge (111m) on the first day which looked no problem until i was sitting there getting tied in and peered through the grating in the floor of the platform. The jump was mildly terrifying and made worse by the knowledge that a) this bridge was only designed to last 100 years, which was up a couple of years ago, and b) i am not exactly silf like and surely these things have a weight limit. Managed to look vaguely composed as i hurled myself off (pictures to follow). Really enjoyed the spinning round and yoyoing at the end of the jump.

Spent a day white water rafting in Grade 5 rapids which, for the uninitiated, is code for blody hairy. Brilliant day out. Got stuck in a whirlpool at rapid 6 and we upened the raft on rapid 18, aptly named oblivion. Thought we had drowned one of the girls when she fell out at 'devils toilet bowl' and did not surface for a good 15 seconds. The guide very helpfully pointed out the crocodiles as we went down !

Wasn't sure i erally enjoyed the bungee so decided to do a gorge jump later in the week. 75 foot straight drop on semi static climbing ropes (which means not much elastic bounce if any) and then flung 200m out into the gorge. More hardcore than bungee by far. Some New York lady i met trumped me by doing a hand stand off the platform, which left me feeling a bit of a girls blouse. Reached speeds of 120km/hr on the zip slide across the gorge. Felt a bit wimpy after the Bungee and Gorge Jump.

Finished off with a wuick parasail over the upper section of the Zambezi above the falls. Very genteel way to sight see. Not sure the guys driving the boat were that accomplished as i nearly took a bath on a couple of occassions. Either that or they were real comedians. Ha bloody Ha.

After a couple of days recovering in Harare with friends, i set off with Jono to go walking in the Eastern HIghlands for a few days, near Chimanimani. Was genuinely harbourng under the illusion that i was fit until we hiked a couple of hours up near bleeding vertical rocks to the hut that would be our base for the next couple of nights. I didn't think it possible to curse so much while struggling to breathe. The highlands were beautiful though and we had an idylic few days hiking around. Lots of evidence of the illegal gold miners churning up the river banks while we were trekking. Took a butchers at the Mozambique side while we were there but decided against exploring it in more detail in case we blew ourselves up on land mines (well, if i am honest, we were knackered and the thought of walking down only to have to walk back up again filled me with dread). Stopped of and swam in an amazing little waterfall on the way back. Jono managed to spray himself with Pilchards during lunch (which smelt and tasted disturbingly similar to my sweaty socks) as for some bizarre reason they pressurise the tin when they seal it. Lovely sight watching him scrape pilchard off his leg with a piece fo bread and eat it ! Judging by the amount the Park Warden's wife laughed at my base layers (read thermal undies) i sense they are not the sartorial splendour i had envisaged they would be.

Back in Harare now ahead of setting off for Mozambique at the weekend. Not much to report about Harare really. Met some wonderful people through Jono and his wife, spent a disturbing lunchtime being eavesdropped on by the secret police, drank a lot of beer.
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nickinzim on

I live in Zimbabwe and have camped in a number of areas and can safely say elephants are always VERY careful to avoid guy ropes in camps. On the other hand if you have made the mistake of eating an orange in your tent, then be prepared for a rude awakening as they uproot you tent and all to steal any fruit you may have. Hyenas are cowards, but will take someone sleeping if they care to take the chance, especially kids, hence it's a good idea to leave them with friends. Hyenas walked off with our cooler box one night and the next morning we found it ripped to shreds, with all the meat gone. If they bother you simply light a few squibs (Fire-crackers) and that scares them of quite well.
If anyone wants some maps of Zimbabwe I can put you in contact with a guy who produces/sells them.

dem0210 on

Hi Jimmy
Glad to hear that you are having such a great time Guess that you should have done more circuit training before tackling the Highlands Captain fannay baws

Photos would definitely be good so hopefully you can get the technology to work for you If it didn't happen in Vic Falls may be tricky for a while given the next leg of your trip No photos of your undergarments though please

Impressed with the Bungy Jump Did they use one bungy cord or 2

We are all well here but nothing terribly exciting to report. My arm is all back to normal following the steriod injection & just completed my job in Kirkcaldy so the next couple of weeks should be a bit quieter

Sorry if this message looks a bit weird but had to remove all punctuation so that it would let me send it

Travel safe and look forward to the next installment
Alan Debs and Finlay

davee on

Big girls blouse
Good to hear from you and nice to know you have gone half way round the world to spend your time being terrified by widlife and attempting to kill yourself -- A night in Windsor safari park and a trip round lego land would have been much cheaper.
Sounds like you are having more fun than us lot back home and I hope you will reward yourself with some luxuries whilst you are travelling. Where are you off to next? Thought you would have headed to Cape town by now and be sitting by a pool with a large beer.Believe me you are not missing much back here. Look forward to your next update. Good luck.

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