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Trip Start Nov 18, 2007
Trip End Dec 01, 2008

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Flag of Spain  ,
Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello from the Hotel Condado! Its approximately 10:36pm Barcelona time (that equals 1:30pm West Coast time, which equals a ridiculously tired Jennifer. Hee.) OMG, I am so tired, but I am also so excited that I cant quite make myself sleep yet. My Aunt Merry & I were walking along the Avinguida Diagonal, checking out the stores & sites, looking at the Spainards, taking in the atomsphere (which is as smogged up as LA, let me tell you) and realizing that were we deleriously and probably dangerously tired. Or as my aunt says we were "Pie Eyed". Ive never heard that expression before, but hell, shes from the east coast and well, it works.
The flight was long & miserable. Seriously. I know youre thinking, "Oh Jen, youre just being silly. Im sure it was fine." No, no really, it was probably one of the most annoying flights Ive ever experienced. I was stuck in the middle seat in between a window mate & an aisle mate.....I know youre saying, "But Jen, thats no big deal. Everybody gets the middle sometimes..." And yes, I would agree. I had no problem with that. I resigned myself to my middle seat fate and was quite happy. Happy that is until Ms. Flingy-Mc-Elbow (that would be my aisle mate) began having (my interpretation entirely, not a medical diagnosis) freaking seizures with her arm & elbow. Jab, jab, jab. OMG, seriously, she kept moving around, couldnt sit still, kept jabbing me with her elbow, kept hogging my arm rest, and did I mention she kept jabbing me with her elbow? For over 10 hours!!! Now Im a reasonable person (no comments from the peanut gallery please) but this was out of control. I couldnt sleep because every 15 or 20 minutes shed get all funky again and...well you know. Ouy. My window mate didnt do this. He was awesome. She...she was like a bull in a china shop with a grenade around her neck wearing clown shoes. Ok, that makes no sense but Im running on fumes and am about to fall asleep in this here lobby. =)
Anyhoo, thanks to everybody for the well wishes. Im beginning to mellow out and am really enjoying Barcelona so far. I was super anxious at the SFO the other morning. Thank goodness for the Vicodin!! Ill be posting more pics from my cell soon. Sorry for the crappy cell phone video.......Ill try a different rez. Till later, Bona Nit!
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charkrem on

Seat Assignment
We're all so excited for you Jen! You have no idea how much you're loved in this office. The notion of you being gone 2 weeks hid hard yesterday! Everyone agreed, your smile is our guiding light! Sad to hear about the elbow mayhem on the flight... Ouch!~ you needed one of those reflex hammers the doctor's use! it's truly an existential dilemma... the collapse of human space! on our way back from NYC I was on the Isle, Idil in the middle - next to her at the window was a fairly obese young woman with a bad cold (btw Idil now has a cold too...wtf!), she was so large She already had the armrest pulled up out of the way so she could fit! We felt for her and all, but it is truly insane how inconsiderate people are- long flights like that are a bizarre crisis of bodily instincts. What could be more unnatural!? Alien abduction is the only thing that comes to mind. But now that it's almost turkey time.... Alien autopsy maybe??? sorry. still haven't had my coffee yet. send us more pics! we want to see you in action!
We Love U!
ps. I've got serious Duran Duran on the brain! Watched that video again last Fri w/ Idil and friends - now my brain wont shut it off!

markbunch on

I'm glad you made it in one piece. The flight sounds like a nightmare. I am sure the returning flight will be smooth sailing. The photo of that restaurant is trés cool. How was the food? Sushi?

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