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Trip Start Feb 14, 2006
Trip End Dec 15, 2006

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Flag of Brazil  ,
Saturday, September 2, 2006

Hey everyone, hope things are going well wherever you are

The first group of people have now been alerted to this travel blog so hopefully a few more check it out in the coming weeks and give me some tips on what to do.

I am right now actually sitting in an internet cafe in the town of Xela which is in Guatemala. However, all information on Xela will have to wait another couple of weeks as I still need to tell you what happened to me in Brazil.

Last time I wrote I was in Iguazu falls. These are the spectacular cascades in Northern Argentina. One of my travelling buddies at the time had visited 75+ countries in his life and he put them in the top 3 things he had ever seen (number 1 was the Grand Canyon and number 2 were the sand dunes of Namibia if anyone is interested). We even managed to stumble across a gang of coatis (a kind of racoon) that were using the footbridges as travelling routes. El Garganta del Diablo (the devil's throat) was quite exceptional but, then again, anything with that name has to be.

Anyway, whilst travelling in Brazil Louise and I had 4 new travelling companions, we met all of them trying to cross the border into Brazil. First was Anya, the 6 foot German nudist who was also an ex-cop and professional yoga teacher. She was never happier than when naked - point in fact was that she managed to get naked in Iguazu falls (I had known her for about 3 hours at this time). Some smartass local guy (who was about 4 foot tall) actually asked her for the time whilst she was completely naked.

The second was her partner ´G´ (as in just G). This is the guy who used to have the one-night-stands with his hostel patrons. He was never happier than when in a swingers club (seriously, he called them ´sexy clubs´ and the two of them ´swang´ together regularly). You never would have guessed it though, as he was a normal, charming and down-to-earth guy in almost every respect (not that there's anything wrong with it)

We also had Al, a communist Cambridge graduate who managed to pick up a girl who´s grandmother actually ran the hostel we were staying in. The rest of us watched her unsucesfully try to escape out of his window the following morning to avoid getting caught.

Last was Jason, a short stocky Irish bloke who liked to fashion himself on Colin Farrel and sleep naked (too much time in dormitories with all these people). We all got to know him just that little bit too well the morning we woke up to see him lying in bed, sound asleep with no sheet, with his ´flag at full mast´and a dopish grin on his face. Took a while for everyone to get over that.

Anyway, many adventures and tomfoolery ensued with such a group of travellers.

We basically all set through central Brazil slowly heading towards Rio De Janeiro. A personal highlight for me was refusing to leave the bus station of Sao Paulo (wonderful city, highest crime rate in latin america, sad to leave it) and then hitch-hiking with an 18 year old boy who rapidly turned into a screaming Neo-Nazi explaining (at around 100 km an hour without his hands on the wheel) philosophies such as why George Bush should have nuked the Middle East and why the hell should we protect endangered sharks (they eat the fish and we eat fish - one of us has to go). Fun times.

Anyway, we eventually got to Rio De Janeiro and got to walk up and down Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and observe the worlds smallest bikinis dancing, lying and jiggling their way in and out of the ocean. Everyone also experienced the nightclub ´Help´ (google it) which is, effectively, a nightclub where the only female clientele are prostitutes. Even G (of the sexy-club fame) was stunned and stated (amongst less print-worthy articles) that he had never seen anything like it in his life and that he was in heaven.

We also stayed in one of the MOST AMAZING hostels EVER in Rio called 'Walk on the Beach'. The wonderful team there made the fact that we couldn't speak the language (portugese) and were often afraid to go outside much easier to deal with. We did, however, meet one guy who had done 8 weeks of Spanish in Australia before leaving. When asked why he studied, he had said he was going to Brazil.


Anyway, we all eventually parted company after seeing sugar-loaf mountain, the corcorvado
and Isla Grande (the best beach of Brazil which I personally thought was about on par with Queensland). We then headed inland to see the Pantanal swampland and (hopefully) start seeing some great animals

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Love you all

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hello_ondrej on

first comment
yay! first to post. turns out i was wrong about registering and it all just happened without me realising it.

loving the blog so far - the little interactive map is really nifty. am waiting on the edge of my seat with a box of tissues and a rubber glove shaking with anticipation for the central american entries and all the lovely photos i hope will accompany them!

carioca on

Hi James (and Louise, does she get any credit for the blog??)

Good entertainment, and lovely to see the paragraph about wotb! Thanks a lot!

Well we assume you are well and enjoying your travels. We will definetly be checking out the blog, you´ve got us hooked on the punchlines (is that an actual word or did I just invent it, like oh say Geogie Bush?)

Best wishes
Bo (and the rest of the gang, well... Ale and Al)

alcira on

Hello from RJ
Can't believe I got here after Bo =|

Loving the mails and now the entries. Proud, proud, proud for the honourable mention to WOTB hostel! Thank you!

Hint, James: quit medicine. You should be a writer!

You and Louise are still our favourite couple!!! And a picture of you is on our 'WOTB Highlights' photo panel on the wall.

Now I have to go and catch up on the reading =)

All the best!


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