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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Term 3 has been going well so far, although time is flying and I can't believe it's almost June! I'm getting my students ready for their National Grade 9 Exam, which starts June 18th. Lots of studying and review. It is currently rainy season, so that is pretty interesting. Umbrellas don't really work when rain is going horizontal and you're walking through a street with water up to your knees. I'm just posting a few short things today because I don't have too much time.

Some Random Stories:

** The Bird Pepper Plant:

One normal school day some students and I were doing work in the lab during a free period. Somehow a student made his way outside into the thick brush on the school grounds. Soon after, he goes, "Hey Miss! Come here! It's a bird pepper plant!" Okay...so now I'm in the brush investigating this plant. Apparently, it's a small bush-like pepper plant, in which birds make their nests in and lay their eggs. And sure enough, this plant had small peppers, as well as a bird's nest in the middle, complete with little crying baby birds! The student picks off a bunch of the peppers, and we go back into the lab. Other students are like, "Ooh! Bird peppers!" And they take one or two and pop them in their mouths. Then, of course, "Miss!! You gotta try one!" I think, hhmmmm, and ask, "Are they really hot?" And my students say, "No no... just try one!" I'm very skeptical, and I don't really trust my students. But I just saw them pop them in their mouths with no problem, so I'm thinking maybe it won't be bad.

So I try one---ONE--and as soon as my teeth puncture the skin of this stupid pepper--which is abouth the size of a tiny paper clip--the ridiculously hot, stinging, disgusting peppery liquid penetrates every taste bud and nerve ending in my entire mouth. I run outside and spit the thing out, but it was too late---my mouth was in agony for about half an hour. And of course my students thought it was hilarious.

** One night around 8pm I was outside filling up a bucket with water and a bat flew right into me--it hit me right smack on the shoulder. Shocking and weird. What happened to the little guy's sonar?

** Student (girl) to me: "Miss, I want to tell you someting, but I tink you might get vex."
Me: "Well, is it mean? What is it?"
Student: "Nevermind Miss, I don't wantcha vex"

--5 minutes later--
Student: "Miss, are ya sure you won get vex?"
Me: "I don't know what you're going to say yet, so I don't know."
Student: "Okay Miss---10 second pause---it's just that you look like Cinderella, or Snow White--can I call you Cinderella?"

--haha, guess that's better than Wicked Witch of the West or something

*Later on that same day:
Student (boy): "Miss!! You look like a Ninja Turtle!"
Me: "ha, is it because I'm wearing a green headbad today?"
Student: "Yea!"
Me: awesome

****A few more creolese translations***
1.) Here wahappn--this is what happened, or is going to happen
2.) Ya tek ur eyes 'n pass me!--you are disrespecting me!
3.) Don rockle me--don't bullshit me
4.) Ya dep on stupidness nai--You are being foolish now
5.) New Yark--the entire continental U.S.

***Ones that my students use often:
6.) Please for a let-out--May I go to the washroom?
7.) My pen crank out!--my pen has stopped working
8.) I gonna box ya head if ya tief me pen again, bai!--I'm going to hit you as hard as I can in the head if you try and steal my pen again, boy.
9.) Ya got two pen?--I am a student who came to school unprepared, without any writing utensils, even though it is TERM 3 and I should've learned by now. Now I want to borrow a pen from you...which I'll probably forget to give back.

boats on the Essequibo          i love this raft         Orlando

                    Osafo and his sweet bike :-)                  the Market

     students limin' during lunch              Bounty hitting a 6!!

what intimidating cricketers!  ;-)               well, he does look innocent now doesn't he              Our fisherman friend's place near us in Frienship

                     fishing dock on the Demerara River               fishing boats on the Demerara in Friendship        
             fishing boat             Friendship scenery

                            Our school-yard                 my student, Ravena, and myself
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