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Trip Start Sep 29, 2007
Trip End Dec 20, 2010

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Flag of Australia  ,
Saturday, September 15, 2007

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."-  Anais Ninn

On the road again........The most excellent grand adventure is about to begin and the excitement is getting difficult to control. Wooooo Hoooo, us merry pranksters are about to embark on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. Why? Short story, it started as a glimmer of an idea. Both of us were previously married. I had been lucky enough to make some money in the Gold Coast Real Estate market when prices of property miraculously doubled in value over the short time frame of one year and Nadine had recently left her 18 year career as a street cop. I had moved from Sydney to share Nadine's beautiful beachside apartment (The Penthouse) at Tugun for a few weeks and planned to leave on a solo journey to India where i was going to wander round barefoot like a female sadhu with a Baba bag daypack and ten pairs of undies. I noticed Nadine had a fresh Lonely Planet South America on a shoestring sitting on her kitchen bench and when asked about it she mentioned that she was keen to hit up the Carnivale parade in Rio de Janeiro amongst other places. I was keen to get my Enrheogen rumble on in the Amazon jungle and so we decided to travel together and the plans were hatched..... and kept on hatching, the travel bug was large and loose. The world was ours and ' Kate and Nadine's Freedom Journey Around the World' was born. The crazy monkey came later.

   We had a bit of time to spare so first we ate alot of happy pills,  had a shark attack survival party for Jodie Cooper caught up on some partying at our place with Wicks, Jodes, Kira and others and on the road at small gigs from the Sunny Coast and into Northern NSW. We drove in the Nimbin Mardi Grass kombi convoy and hit up the backroads of Australia in "Big Bird", my canary yellow 1972 Volkswagan Kombi van.  We had a CD of ridiculous Aussie songs like "he can't fly but i'm telling you he can run the pants off a kangaroo" and used it as the soundtrack as we explored those iconic touristic things like going to Tamworth and posing with the golden guitar , Knighty's 'What the fuck's going on Nadia' Gunnedah pub , visiting Glenrowan and seeing where  Ned Kelly was shot and buying snow domes at the souvenir shops. We went to "The Dish" , to the "Dog On A Tucker Box", camping with giant kangaroos at Eden  and driving on the dry river bed of Bonny Doon. 

We drove to Melbourne City for the Australian Open Tennis & tragic pride parade and followed the hippy trippy trail going to bushdoof parties up and down the East coast from Exodus Festy out at Tenterfield and down to country Victoria where we went to Rainbow Serpent Festival, Maitreya and Akasha and then back to the coast to drive the Great Ocean Road.   We followed our newly met tribe B, Margs and their dog Frankie to 90 Mile Beach where we camped and washed down LSD with Jagermeister and grappa and partied and danced in the sand dunes with a firetwirling crew of cosmic pirates. We crossed the Bass Strait to Tasmania where we were looked after by my bestest buddy of all time Alana & her Captain Rohan, went cruising around the waters of Hobart in their boat and Stuart Little convertible, got our chocolate on at the Cadbury factory, got lost in Labyrinths, checked out the Edward Scissorhands hedge sculptures, partied at 'Transcend' , a psy party held on Granny Lou's property on a hill with 360degree views of the old growth Weld Valley forest. The party was in aid of the forest which is under threat from loggers and has been the site of intense protest with greenies staking out on tripods blocking bulldozers on the frontline, they are winning the battle slowly by raising enough money to pay landowners what the loggers were offering them for the trees.Yay for that!

We were certainly in travel mode and ready to roll on further and over seas, we knew we would make a great team. Nadsy is a well seasoned traveller with a few trips under her belt including previous trips to Indonesia, the UK, Scotland, Nth & Republic Ireland, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand and not to metion an intoxicated grand tour of Europe cruising through France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Greece on on a Contiki bus Tour with her bestest buddy Bec. They bought lots of t-shirts to waer to the surf club. I myself had been crawling the walls living with a giant travel bug and thirst for freedom ever since i was eighteen when my best friend Alana and i had spent the year after we graduated high school travelling. We lived on half a shoestring, eating bread and potatoes, hitchhiking and roadtriping on an epic voyage that took us through the middle of the USA, up into British Colombia in Canada and we even found Roswell, the extra-terrestrial research centre and crossed the border down into Tijuana, Mexico. We travelled in a baby blue coloured Dodge van with barn doors, no windows, no maps and 'Thelma and Louise' written on the side of it that we had picked up for USD$800 in San Francisco after hitching there in the back of a truck with two "Billy Joe Jim Bob Junior the sevenths, ten gallon hats for five gallon heads" truckdrivers sporting mullets that we had met at a diner near the Grand Canyon called "Ted's Truckstop". The rough plan was Hollywood, Las Vegas and Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. We wanted to meet Mickey Mouse!!! We paid for fuel by pulling into backpacker hostels and advertising for other travellers to join us on our mission by placing notices on boards that said "Free Beer- Travel with The Aussie Girls On Tour". Ridiculous......but that is another story.

 And so the planning began. We wanted lots of bang for our buck so we'd have to be budget stylin. We thought if we were going to the expense of visiting Brazil, then we may as well hit up other countries in South America and Central America and there was those psytrance parties in Europe oh and we've always wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt, why not go to meet shamans in the Amazon, trek in Patagonia, see giant Tortoises in the Galapagos, learn Yoga in India, trek in Nepal etc etc and the journey plans gradually expanded across the Earth as we researched more and more potential destinations. What is our intention? We want to feel the freedom that comes from a lifestyle lived on the road, we want to strip ourselves of the layers of conditioning that have blinded us for so long. Throw away the clocks. We have nowhere and everywhere to be. We're looking for that little thing called truth and of course for the biggest and best parties. We want to immerse in nature and experience spiritual happenings. We are seekers, shaken, awakening from the sleepwalking we've been doing our whole lives. We're becoming aware, consciousness is shifting, we're asking the questions and old paradigms are being discarded. We've left the space clear for new paradigms to form moment to moment. We want to see how other cultures live. We feel the call and must go, it's not so much of a choice but just the way it is for us at this time on our particular paths. May we have the courage to survive and thrive and follow our bliss.

We've been cutting cords, tying ends, storing stuff, saying farewells, throwing Birkenstock shoe parties, planning routes and border crossings, sourcing stupid travel gadgets like quickdry underwear, bath sheet size chamois towels that roll up to film canister size and rape whistles to ward off muggers. We've been sorting out the daily operational paperwork jungle in order to have the freedom to roam and be fully present in every moment. We've been nurturing and tending to our crops and are now looking forward to the mind-blowing harvest time..... and what a tasty crop it'll be. Yipppiieee Yie yay! I'm getting slightly more manic with excitement each day. Life is grand.

I'm going to include our comprehensive packing list here because it's just so hilarious. Believe it or not all of this stuff fits into our backpacks. Mine is a 50-70Litre Karrimor.

* Central & South America Lonely Planet on a shoestring guides
* copies of documents- identification, passports, addresses, passwords, embassy numbers
* Electronic language translator and phrasebook
* Vaccination booklet and proof of Yellow Fever cert (for Brazil)
* Mosquito net and extra hooks
* Lots of Ziplock bags
* Fabric to use as sheets or sleeping bag liner
* Sleeping Bag
* Small padlocks for our packs, day packs and hotel room doors
* cord bicycle lock for attaching pack to beds, legs of tables, buses
* Rubber bands (not sure what for but they come in handy)
* Two point and shoot cameras, memory cards
* Ipod sound recorder, microphone
* Ipod camera direc connecter for back up pf photos
* Notebooks
* International Driver's License
* Permanent marker pen for marking luggage, mail, items in fridges etc
* candles
* Earplugs
* Whistle
* Photos
* Lots of AA Batteries
* Nail Clippers
* Tea/ coffee/ sugar in a ziplock bag
* emergency space blanket
* Money clip for front pocket money system
* binoculars
* travel alarm clock
* mini mag lite torch
* Head torch
* swiss army knife, scissors
* full year calendar
* thin hemp rope
* calculator
* pegless clothesline
* safety pins
* sewing kit
* Herbs, spices, salt cannister
* no water toothpaste and toothbrush
* one book
* shampoo / conditioner fragrance free so mosquitoes don't eat us
* sunglasses x 2
* mirror
* cutlery set / spork
* cup
* moisturiser for skin/ deodorant/ tampons
* hand sanitiser
* comb
* Vicks Vaporub
* mesh bags / stuff sacks
* razor and blade cartridges
* duct tape
* drain plug universal size
* pens
* travel towel
* Rainjacket that fits over packs (poncho stylin)
* hiking socks
* Belt with zipper inside
* money belts
* waterproof Keens shoes
* thongs
* black trousers
* pants with zip off leg
* jeans
* scrunchable dress
* 4 t-shirts
* long sleeve t-shirt
* thermal underwear skin
* 3 singlets
* fleece jacket
* beanie
* sarong
* bandanna
* squashable hat
* yoga pants
* underwear quickdry

First Aid Kit
* iodine
* roll on mozy gurad lemon and eucalyptus
* Antacids
* Paracetomol
* Band-Aids
* Small bandage
* Antiseptic satchels
* Gastro kit
* Anti itch cream
* multivitamins
* needles
* triple antibiotic cream
* antibiotics general
* Tweezers
* Rehydration salts 

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."  -Henry David Thoreau

We've just been to the very special Earthdance event happening near Beaudesert,QLD where we will said thank-you to some of the bushdoof dance community who have given so much to us throughout the past year & took part in the Prayer For Peace link up. The mass concentration of energy in one location is a superb feeling like no other, let alone when communities worldwide link up all at the same time in LOVE.  A collaboration of many energies make Earthdance happen with an aim to facilitate a comfortable, inspiring space to celebrate peace together as a community. The highlight of the Earthdance event is a simultaneous link up, when every event held across the world plays the song of the Prayer for Peace. Morning in the Australian rainforest, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas. The Prayer for Peace is a profound and powerful moment that unifies our intentions for World peace and healing.

 Earthdance was a beautiful and seriously FUN weekend with special friends, awesome DJs and a cruisy, happy vibration with lots of tall trees, sunshine and a pixie sprinkling of rain. Some highlights include:

* Prayer For Peace link up all over the world

* A rainbow appearing at the beginning to bless the event

* Honoring water in the opening ceremony & Wanny Faerie's words of wisdom

* Kate's elbow puppet made from a jester's gold shoe covering

* Toot finding one of my duck feet near the dance floor

* Toot in the Ned Kelly stubbie cooler helmet combo

* Sets from Black Rose Betty, Bear and Spiralmonk (and his floral and moss visuals)
* Smudge cleanse with Sattya and him surprisingly reciting The Man From Ironbark, my favorite ballad

* Pulling a wool strand from a blanket lying on the dance floor and having it unravel for about 40 metres before trip wiring a raver kid in the neck..... whoops

* Ed Flintstone's invention of backyard tandem tennis.... fire style 

* Cat Crew's night time debauchery with the sacred Coleman vessel of LSD  fruit punch

* Performance Arts moves on the dance floor including scrub turkey, cat, emu and chicken

* The appearance of a fully flushable toilet in the bush at the back of camp, absurd

* Tying Toot and all her limbs to her camping chair using UV string and then watching her try to escape

* Making the perfect chicken and salad sandwich..... Carribean coast style

* Meeting up with old and new friends including Kate, Nat, Deb, Toot, Wanny Faerie, Gareth Faerie, Yuka, Emmy & co, Spiralmonk, Betty, Mind Control Man, Ed Flintstone, Corey, Jack, Grace, crew from Utopia plus other randoms

* Morning streaker on the dance floor
* Champagne Rock Star breakfast with Yukari
* A good diabalo session and hula hooping
* Playing monkeys with our new pixie child friend Grace and her brother Jack reading us hilarious poetry
* "Pimp my snack or Rate my poo" quote
* Sunset on the back of the ute
* Listening to "Walking In The Air" and eating a perfect boiled potato with tomato sauce with Nadia
* Deb's banana pancakes on Nadia's birthday
* Gareth's gourmet picnic on the last day
* Vodka, fresh lime and Agrum' cocktail
* Wanny Faerie's explanation of the faerie and pixie feud and how it can end
* Large group hug at the end of closing ceremony 

Chai Tea Recipe

3 days remain until we fly to Sydney for one last hurrah bon voyage. Yippieeeee, yie, yay, yip yaw!!!!

For those of you who have been to our home and seek Nadia's excellent chai tea recipe, here it is. Do it now, it tastes divine and smells heavenly in your living space
Try this: Boil 5 minutes, then steep 10 minutes:
1 Tbsp fennel or anise seed
6 green cardamom pods
12 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/4" ginger root, sliced thin
1/4 tsp black pepper corns
2 bay leaves
7 Cups water
Add 2 Tbsp Darjeeling Tea,
Bring to a boil, and simmer 5 minutes
Strain out solids
Add: 6 Tbsp honey or brown sugar
1 Cup milk Yum! (soy milk is best)
*** We find it better to use more soy milk and less water***
Just tweak the recipe until you find the chai that's custom for your tastebuds

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