Trip Start Jun 11, 2005
Trip End Jul 02, 2005

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Flag of Italy  ,
Monday, June 20, 2005

Well here we are in Roma... and man is it hot! We are currently sitting here doing laundry... with this heat you need to do it a little more frequently, and even with our little shopping trip, we still had to come and do it... ;)

So here is what we have been up to... (and I might add that I have FINALLY gotten over my jetlag and feel MUCH better now!! Yay!!)

Ok... last I wrote I think we were in Monterossa (Cinque Terre)... we stayed there for 2 days, allowing one day to sit on the beach and tan ( or in John's case burn haha) and then headed off to Pisa. We have now seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and I got to wear a very frumpy garment over my clothing in order to enter a basilica... did not think we would be going in one that day and so did not dress appropriately... was wearing a tank top.. big no-no. So John got a good laugh out of seeing me look silly, and even went as far as to take a photo. That is ok, I got him back as he slept on the train catching flies... ;) First thing we noticed in Pisa - the smell.. yuck... kind of sewage like smelling... mmm yum. And of course we got to see a great example of my lack of direction... I swore we came from this one direction, but um, yeah no... totally opposite in fact. Good thing John is directing us! I told him that was exactly why I thought it always was a good idea that I get a compass... I swear the direction honing skills got left out somewhere along the way....

The next day he headed off to Firenze (Florence). It was bloody cookin... stagnant air and WAY too many tourists. Hmm.. so we hopped on a tourist bus that took us around to all the sights as it was hot and it seemed like a better plan than having to walk everywhere in the heat. After the bus tour we both felt like we had seen enough of the city and headed back to our room in Pisa (only an hour by train). We have both agreed that once you have seen one old building, they all start to look the same and kind of lose their magnificence. We apparently are both more into the smaller towns and the outdoors compared to just another busy city with too many tourists. By the time we got back to Pisa I was STARVING so lucky for us, good ol McDs was right at the train station - nothing like getting a dose of home while abroad! However, gotta say, we had a burger that is different from what is offered back home, and the fries taste different due to different oil used. Oh well, when you are that hungry you do not really care!!

Today we were going to just hang out in stinky Pisa to just have a day to chill, but found out that our hotel had no vacancy for tonight. Hmm. I guess that decided for us that we were moving on. So on to Rome! Took the train here (btw : the train system here is fantastic - we seriously need one like this back home!!) and arrived to find the train station was a little dodgy... some of the characters that is. But we met up with a nice couple - he is from Australia and she is from Florida... so he is now living in Florida with her. Of course we had a lot in common just with that, so we chatted for a while and ended up getting a recommendation for a place to stay tonight, as well as one for in Sorrento. Recommendations are always good :) So we are at a place tonight that is literally right in someone's home... kind of... different... We plan to stay for 3 nights - one day at the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, another touring around, and then probably off to hit the beaches in Sorrento/Amalfi Coast.

Here is a few things we have noticed here...
*women LOVE their shoes!! I cannot even imagine walking in shoes like that (the heels are SO high!!), but they do it with such grace... I would love to see the average Italian girls shoe collection... a pink pair for the pink outfit, a green pair for the green outfit...
*there are no to-go cups for coffee... you just stand at a tall table and chug it. What do they do for work?? ;)
*men's suits... wow! Gotta say... they are amazing! Italian men certainly bring a whole new way to style and fashion... no words to describe it
*no washrooms anywhere! hmph... oh, and if you DO manage to find one, good luck in finding one with a seat or toilet paper...
*Italian women love their lip liner... but with no lipstick...!?
*There is pasta and pizza everywhere, but really not a heck of a lot of variety... what has a girl gotta do to get a good steak around here? What about the protein issue?? hmph. Another one to ponder.
*Men are really short here... ;)
*They must come to Canada and think we are all bums... they are all so dressed up ALL the time... cant say I have seen sweat pants since we arrived, unless they have been on American tourists
*oh, forgot - in London, our Tazo Chai is a mere $8CDN... um... I think we will pass... we aren't that addicted. (btw : I FINALLY just found the apostrophe!! Darn foreign keyboards!!)
Well, that's all we can think of right now, I'm sure more will come to us the minute we walk out of here. :)

Hard to imagine that we've only been gone a week... seems so much longer! Oh well, more time to hit the Southern Italian beaches... yay! Ok, hope you all are doing well... gotta run!
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maggie on

Good Morning!
Good morning Jennifer and John!
Glad to hear you are safe and enjoying yourself.
Meanwhile Alberta has had sooooo much rain the past 2 weeks! Fri and Sat it poured so much that southern Calgary was flooded and homes evacuated. We are now on a mandatory ration of water. The filtering system cannot clean the water. We can't use water to wash clothes/dish washer/wash cars, etc. Elbow River is the highest it has been in 200 years. Sundre is flooded--people were evacuated from their homes. People reporting 3' and 5' of water in basements!
However, we were dry. Today temp. forecast 24C-- but more rain later this week. Today is the 1st day of summer--maybe we will start to have summer weather now?!? Take care. Love, Mom

tracysd on

Miss y ou guys!
John and Jenn!!! It's soooo sosos sososo sososo, so great to read about your adventures in Italy. I am so happy you guys are out and about trecking along and taking in all the sights sounds and um smells :) Miss you guys and can't wait to see you when you get back. Just did Us Attitudes this weekend, so lots to tell you about, oh my gosh. Incredible Life is right! Love you guys take care and stay cool out there.

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