Township life, take two, Mamelodi

Trip Start Mar 18, 2007
Trip End Aug 16, 2007

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Flag of South Africa  ,
Thursday, July 12, 2007

And so, Saturday meant returning to Pretoria, the closest thing to home I have in South Africa.  I can actually drive places without a map.  So, with a carload of people and bags packed to the roof, we dropped off the bags and headed to a braai for some lunch.  It was great.  You go in, pick out your meat (the big three, steak, chicken, boervors), throw on some communal spice, and take it out back to throw on the big on-site braai.  As it's nearly cooked, you go back in and grab a couple plates of pap (maize porridge).  Then, you sit around a table, scooping up pap or tearing off pieces of meat, hands only.  It's... great.

And with a full stomach, we rolled out east to Mamelodi, the Soweto of Pretoria.  It's got a little bit less diversity and character when compared to Soweto, and doesn't have those developed bits, but it was interesting.  It has drawn the spotlight some in the past few weeks, as some temporary developments were deemed unfit for occupation, and demolished by the government... but, of course, they had no alternative lined up, resulting, expectedly, in riots and chaos.  My friend, Jim, who I work with, and who lives in Mamelodi, actually couldn't come to work one day due to the riots, as there was no mini-bus coming to Mamelodi.

Anyway, it was a nice day, mostly spent sitting around at Jim's house.  This time we sat in his yard and watched the township move around us, instead of us moving through the township.  And we had another game of soccer in the street... when there weren't cars, of course. 
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katlego on

Mamelodi is a boring place to be it's full of corruption and party animals ,the youth in mamelodi are focused on stupid things and i think they should go to school and leave small business alone because they are not going anyway with it.

Prince on

I think mamelodi is the best place to be, it has it's share of history. One thing I like about mamelodi is that the people here know exactlly what they want in life, I work at the library in the university of pretoria mamelodi campus, so when a person tells me that the youth of mamelodi are corrupt it makes me angry. Each and everyday I see how hard the youth in mamelodi are working to improve their lives, Don't judge the whole township, because of one section.

katlego on

wow..! i am not saying this because of a small group of people , you are the one talking about few people who wantt better future for themselve , but the rest no no no..... i dont agree at all see i am from mamelodi as well , actually i live there and i am pround to say i am one of those who saw the light , you are talking about those you see in your library , of course they want bright future that is why they are there in the library so m,y brother mamelodi is a corrupt place and nothing will change that i promise you , we dont really care about it's history because it doenst really help us , so please consider your option about mamelodi. peace.

glen on

They're liar and deceiver with corrupt mind

anony on

yal are toking bad things, mamelodi is safe, the youth knows what they want and we also know how to have fun too

katlego on

i totally disagree with you on that one , anony what do you really mean by fun ? because i dont see any fun in what they are doing is just a waste of time unless you are one of them , maybe you should come where i am staying in mamelodi then maybe you will change your mind after that , you should go to mamelodi east ext5 poo street you wont like anything there so please stop lying to your self and other sayinjg that mamelodi is full of fun , they is no such .mamelodi is bad and it will still be bad in the next 10 years.

katlego on

please guys just go to EXT5 poo street and tell me if you still think that mamelodi is a place to be , i promise you will even want to move and never want to be near mamelodi again in your life .

fufu ms Refilwe on

mis/mr katlego do u live in mams....? corruption and crime i mean wer in the world wudnt u find dat ..mayb mams is borin towards u bcoz u urself hav a borin character...u want fun and enjoyment to happen , u make it urself coz it aint gona cum runin to u ...apparently if u stil wana compare us to soweto , let me cut ur tongue short ( we r still a township in development not yet a surburb like soweto)..fine partyin ,pregnancy, drugs is most definately around us ..but bare in mind that it is like dat thru out da country... unfortunately our deeds r visible! ...and if u reali hav a problem wit da youth of mams do sumthing abt it and stop complainin.....develop and teach da youth regardless of their denial and stop comparin....i stil say mams is da place to be...we r as capable as any other person from any part of our country but al we got to do is 'change for best' 21 born and raised in a graduate student doin it high for my self.....we r indeed the lost generation but it takes courage to find ur pls stop pissin about mamelodi coz e stelle

katlego on

hi fufu ms refilwefirst i am not complaining , i just want to let those who praise mameleodi that they is nothing to praise and by the look of thing i thing u r also one of the lost soul in mamelodi because i dont think you even know what you are saying,and you should know that mamelodi will not change not even after your so called development , i just wonder who told you that they is going to be any development coz they are playing with your mind , and please you can really be serious about mamelodi being fun fufu are one of those who go to PHOLA PARK coz you sound like them ans yes i live in mamelodi .

fufu on

lol u reali do crack me up ....i gues u one those that seem to object to anything regardless of da motive ...mamelodi might not change if ther r still people like u around in it...i praise becoz im from it , im proud of it and i should say that streets that u so much hate contributed greatly to the person i am and those that i know..i dont fool around i strive for change and might i remine u that life is what u make of it...and if one is livin in unprogresive life ryt nw bare in mind that that is not their conclusions...developments - one dnt need da government to change a community coz ones effort to strive for change can make a huge difference..and u should know that the visibility of change dnt take jus a day al there is dats needed is patients.....we r contributing to changin peoples life and our community i dont knw abt u ...we r stil undergrads or some r still in tertiary but our words connections motivations at da time been, wit da lil that we have makes a big difference...and yah i do go out once in a while bt not for ur obvious close minded reasons...CONNECTIVITY nw thats da world of today..and i am gona say it again u r complainin and if ur reali disgustin wit mamelodians dan do something about or else move ....u can sit there on u Pc wit ur isolated mind from reality and judge but u do not hav da guts to initiate sum thing towards ur complain....people like u i cal cowards , u hav da mouth to say it al and dnt have the stomach to take it in .....who do u expect to change da youth ya mamelodi? mandela like wtf the nigga b old ....if u think that our youth is worst dan person u have not seen da world ...mamelodi wil change,it wil take time but in the course of that time something wil happen becoz people like me want it to....

katlego on

ha ha.. keep on consoling yourself but the fact will still remain the fact ,trust me five years from now mamelodi will still be the same maybe you and few of other will be fine but the rest will still be the same , i am not afraid to say what i see and i cant say the same about you because it seem like you are in denial about the situation , just accept that you are not going to change anything , so stop this B*S about development and change about mamelodi coz nothing will change and just to let you know i wont move from mamelodi but i will still say what i see and tell me what is it that you are doing to change or help mamelodi coz you sound like you are the next martin luther king for the fact that you graduated doesnt mean a thing i mean they are lot of graduate in mamelodi but still it doesnt change the fact that mamelodi has a long way to go before it can say we are going toward a change.

ITU on


katlego on

hi ITU

no man i don't live ko D1 n why?

fufu on

yah i agree mean bein a graduate might not mean much to u but to me it is the world because unlike others( hate bein compared to peeps) im willin to do sumthing wit my knowledge...find progression from a great view doesnt jus take 5years to see but it will take no martin luther im jus one girl who believes in not sitin and waitin for others to do change wherby i know i can atleast do something..i might not convince u but i know dat evn i might neva have a positive and progressive and futuristic impact in ur life , i wil have in others words dont console me but my action and the little that i see thats been done does..we all have different views and beliefs on things and i accept that , we wernt made to all b the same ...we have the breakers(u) and the makers (me) ...DONT EVEN BOTHER REPLYING BACK BECAUSE IT WIL NOT CHANGE MY NOTION

katlego on

fufu i really dont have time for this ,untill i see changes maybe we can talk because so far i dont even know what you did to change something , and plz we all graduated here you are not the only one i can see that is the only thing you can really say with pride , baby girl you can't change a thing so stop dreaming .bye bye fufu n i mean really bye bye coz i am getting sick of your hero speech .

ani boy on

hey u guys ther is no place lyk mams , mams its sumtyms dangerouse bt the is no place lyk it in my lyf so if u thnk mams is boring thn u r mad

ITU on


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