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Trip Start Dec 10, 2005
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wong & Gem's European Vacation - Diary Update 15
Slovenia, Italy and the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!!

Day 257 - Saturday 11th November - Opatija, Rovinj - Croatia into Piran - Slovenia
We were woken up at 6am by the lads putting together their gear for wind surfing... obviously they don't mind freezing their bits off in the cold water. We headed off to the town of Opatija which again was a gorgeous little town that looked more Italian than Croatian, but it looked like all the other coastal towns we have seen so we decided not to stop. Then it was onto the town of Rovinj which the Lonely Planet books say is the best town to visit in the Province of Istria in Croatia, but again it just looked like another small fishing village .... We think out senses are getting dulled as we have just seen so much! We enjoyed our walk through the town but then we decided to keep driving into Slovenia... not before stopping at a Croatian shopping centre to spend the rest of our Croatian money (oh and Gem went shoe shopping). Well the border control in Slovenia is probably the toughest we have been through, they also wanted to know what happened to our number plate and if we reported it missing... we just told them that we did not know where it fell off in Italy so we did not know where to report it...they seemed happy with that and let us in to the Country. Well this part of Slovenia is quite ritzy with big resorts and hotels overlooking the waterfront and there is obviously a bit of wealth here as there are lots of fancy cars (Wayne has been drooling over more Ferraris). We explored the little village of Piran, which again was very much like Venice without the canals!! Wayne got more of a seafood fix, while I sat and watched him eat!! There are lots more motor homes around here so we had no problems finding some people to park with.

Day 258 - Sunday 12th November - Skocjan Caves - Slovenia
We headed off bright and early this morning at 8am (well that is early for us) to drive to the Skocjan Caves which are Slovenia's biggest natural attraction. They were rather amazing and full of massive stalagmites as well as a complex of passages, chambers and collapsed valleys. They also reportedly have the world's largest subterranean canyon... and it was stunning and we got to walk across a bridge overlooking the canyon... it was awesome. We also met a New Zealand couple with their two young daughters who had been traveling throughout Europe and living in Croatia for 5 months... guess what they also do property renovation so we had a great time chatting!!! We had to catch a funicular train back up to the top but ended up waiting a while as the group that went before us got stuck midway up as the funicular stopped... Gem thought she was going to have to go out and do some Critical Incident Stress Debriefing because everyone was freaking out a bit!! Gem had to use her child psychology on the Kiwi 6 year old as she was freaking and did not want to go up the funicular ....but it got started again and got us all back up their no problems!! Rest of the day was spent driving to Ljubljana, the capital. We found a great campsite and Wayne was happy to stay as he could buy 24hour access to internet... so that is him set for the night!! Mum and Dad rang at 1pm in the morning to say hello... don't you just love the time difference between Australia and Europe!

Day 259 - Monday 13th November - Ljubljana - Slovenia
We had a nice little sleep in this morning and poor Wong did not want to wake up because he was soooo cold all night and apparently I kept yelling at him to turn the heating off as I was boiling!! We caught the bus into town and explored the Old town of Ljubljana which is quite a small and compact city... well only 300,000 people live here. DOH!! We forgot to bring the camera with us today so no pictures of Ljubljana for us!! It was cold again today at about 9 degrees and Wayne is hating it and Gem is loving it!! We saw the market place, the famous Cobblers Bridge and the Triple Bridge, the Dragon Bridge and all the other landmarks such as the town hall etc. The town is also dominated by Ljubljana Castle which sits high on Castle Hill overlooking everything. We did a heap of walking today as we were also trying to find an English Speaking doctor so Wayne can get some more eye drops as his eye is looking rather gross and red and inflamed... we found one but the waiting time was 3 hours so we decided we will try somewhere else. Back to the campsite tonight and Wayne got his fix of internet again!!

Day 260 - Tuesday 14th November - Ljubljana - Slovenia
Wayne is still suffering from the cold and all day has been a little grumpy as he is cold...we decided that we need separate cars as Gem wants the windows down and Wayne wants the heating on !! We drove straight to Bled today which is supposed to be Slovenia's most popular attraction, thanks to its placid fairytale lake and island, dramatically sited castle and snow-tipped mountains...well it was gorgeous and our pictures look like something straight off a postcard. The rest of the town was unimpressive and in hibernation for the winter so we did not stick around... we imagine it would be even more stunning in summer with lots of activity on the lake...we also heard that it freezes over in winter and has lots of ice skating etc. We drove a further 20 kms to Lake Bohinj which is the largest permanent body of water in Slovenia. It was beautiful and was framed by beautiful pine trees and steeply pitched mountains. There were heaps of ducks on the lake and Gem got very excited when she saw a mutant duck.... It was the weirdest thing... it swam like a duck and was the same size as a duck but looked like a make believe animal and almost fake... but it was an aggressive little sucker and kept attacking all the ducks!! It's so hard to describe you will just have to see the pictures!! We kept going and drove the Alpine "Vrsic Pass" which is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia and goes straight through Trigavski National Park... again this provided us with more stunning landscape and a very hairy mountain road which Gem drove mostly in first or second gear negotiating over 50 hair pin turns... lucky there were hardly any other cars around.... and bits were also covered in snow!! We did cause a bit of excitement though for some workmen as they had half the road blocked off with a crane to do some repair work and it did not look like Misty would fit past... Wayne and the workman gave spectacular directions though and we just squeezed past narrowly missing the crane and the massive pointy rocks on the other side!! It was only later that we read that due to snow drifts and the threat of avalanches the pass is often closed between November and April... well we were lucky there was only tiny bits of snow around ! The next lot of scenery along the Soca River was also spectacular with swing bridges hanging over the river and little Alpine Villages... Gem wanted to get out and run along the bridges but by this time it we had about 5 minutes of daylight left and unfortunately had to keep going. We found the town of Bovec (not that we could see much of it in the pitch black at 5.20 in the afternoon) and found the motor home spot that Mike and Caroline had told us about... what a great spot at the base of the ski lifts with all free facilities. Wayne is still cold so the heating was cranked up again tonight!!

Day 261 - Wednesday 15th November -Bovec to Tolmin - Slovenia
Not a terribly exciting day today, we went for a big walk into the town of Bovec to see if there was any chance that we could go canyoning or rafting (yes we know it is bloody cold but we just want to do it!!) but bugger, they explained to us that it all finished in October and it is now illegal this time of year to go on the river as it is breeding season for the fish!! We found out that November around here is pretty boring as it is the month they take off to recover from summer and then they are preparing for the ski season in December/January. So we totted off to the local café to get our internet fix and some food and hot chocolates ... they only do white hot chocolate here so that was a bit unusual. The rest of the day we spent on the phone for a "Go Gecko" meeting and trying to get Wong to a doctor for his eye. Tonight we drove as far as we could before it got dark to the very unexciting town of Tolmin. We amused ourselves by watching "Big Mommas House 2" and "Phat Chicks" which gave us a good laugh.

Day 262 - Thursday 16th November - Tolmin to Venice - Italy
So today it is goodbye to beautiful Slovenia, we drove along the aqua blue Soca river and into Italia. At the border crossing we got pulled over by a very polite policeman who wanted to know about our missing number plate (in fact they were all laughing at our make shift number plate!). He told us that we needed to report it missing and said that we could do it now if we had ten minutes to spare. Well Gem was happy to go with him (as she is technically listed as the owner of Misty) as not only was he polite but he was totally bloody gorgeous and Gem came back with a big smile on her face saying "he can hand cuff me and show me his gun anytime!!". Next we took the motorway and headed back to Venice. As we were driving in we were a little sad to see that it was covered in Mist, but we decided to pay the ridiculous parking fees and venture in anyway. We are so glad we did as it was great to see Venice in another light, that is, all eerie covered in Mist and even better we decided to go into the Dodge's palace and there was no line ... normally it can take up to 4 hours in the line. Well inside the palace was stunning and we saw the Dodges personal chambers, all the massive court rooms and ball rooms and then we got to cross the bridge of sighs into the prisons. Next we go to go straight into St Mark's Basicalla which was full of gorgeous mosaics. The we set off to get lost in the gorgeous narrow lane ways looking in all the beautiful mask, jewelry and clothes shops. Then we decided to stuff the expense and took a romantic gondola ride at twilight through all the canals and into the Grand Canal. A girl in the gondola next to us was rather excited and showing us her new engagement ring that was just popped onto her finger! The rest of the night was spent getting totally lost in all the little narrow lane ways taking in the atmosphere of this gorgeous place.

Day 263 - Friday 17th November - Venice to Verona to Maranello
O.K today we totally blew the budget and went on a shopping spree. First we got up and went into Venice and bought a few Venetian masks and Gem bought a Louis Voution handbag. The vaporetta (water bus) went on strike so we had to walk back to the parking station and to get out within 24 hours and so that we did not have to pay another 16 euro for one minute Wayne had to run back (his man boobs nearly gave him a black eye) but he made it with one minute to spare!! yeah!! Then it was goodbye to Venice and onto Verona where we have returned so that Wayne can buy this fantastic manual espresso machine that is totally funky and you can't get anywhere else but Italy...then on top of that Wayne bought a hand crafted stainless steel bench mounted wine opener and re-corker (Gem reckons it looks like the machine doctors use to give you a pap smear...ooohhh yuk). We found out that it was not just Venice that was covered in fog but the entire country and it makes for very hard driving as you can't see more than 4 meters in front of you but it is great walking around the old towns as it feels like you are back in the Middle Ages. Then it was back on the motorway and heading towards Maranello so that we can find the Ferrari museum and factory. On the way we saw the worst traffic jam ever on the other side of the highway and it went for 13 kms... people were just stopped and not moving and out of their cars sitting on the side of the road...we were just thankful that we were not stuck in it!! After NAVMAN gave us yet another bum steer down some narrow roads and into nowhere we managed to find the parking lot for the Ferrari factory and settled in for the night next to some other Italian motor homers. I anticipate there will be much drool coming from Wayne's mouth tomorrow when we get inside.

Day 264 - Saturday 18th November - Bologna - Italy
We did our tour of the Ferrari Gallery today and as expected there was much drooling from Wong's mouth. However, we were disappointed that they did not have more of the modern Ferrari's on display and we felt it could have been a whole lot more interactive...(like letting you start up an engine or something) we are glad we went but found it a bit disappointing at the same time. Next we drove to Bologna which is known as the red city... and it is certainly beautiful. We found a great spot for lunch and we tasted the local specialties... and of course because this is where bolognaise originated from we had to have some but here it is known as taglitelli ragu. We picked a fantastic restaurant and the service and food was impeccable and out old little Italian waiter was just gorgeous and he spoke perfect English... so he gave us a great run down of the local food and the regional wine we were drinking. Wong then went inside and proceeded to ruin the budget again by buying some of the other specialty of the region, that is, aged Balsamic vinegar. He bought some 30 year old stuff and it cost just under $150... a lot for food I reckon but he is happy. Then our little waiter man took us into their other shop which was everything made of truffles from the Assisi region. Wayne proceeded to buy the best Italian delicacy... the Italian Truffle..Oh my god this stuff is good but boy is it expensive. . Bologna is so beautiful that we feel that we have done it an injustice to only spend about 4 hours here... but it started bucketing rain so we took off and drove over 400kms (cause we are keen to get to France) and finally stopped in the little seaside village of Imperia and got a cracker park on the water front with some other Italian motor homers. Wong cooked up another great meal consisting of some grilled Tuscan bread with extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Porto Venere, fresh mozzarella topped with black truffle paste (our tastes buds were having an orgasm!) So tomorrow it is goodbye to Italy land of fantastic food, awesome coffee and gelato, great fashion, amazing Roman ruins and some of the most amazing treasures on earth but we will certainly not miss the bad drivers, the narrow streets, the pushing and shoving, getting ripped off and the filth.... Our most favorite spots were definitely Venice, Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre...we would love to come back here again one day and Gem wants to go back to Venice and see it in the snow and during Carnivale...then she will have seen it in all seasons.

Day 265 - Sunday 19th November - Goodbye Italy...Hello Monaco and the French Riviera
Wong got up and had his last Italian coffee fix this morning and then we set of and drove along the coastal road through the very beautiful and flashy town of San Remo with all the gorgeous villas built on the coastline. Then it was into the Cote d'Azur (Azure Coast) which is also known as the French Riviera and into the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo. Well we were a bit surprised with Monaco... don't know what we expected but it is quite tiny and very built up with high rises...maybe we were expecting more giant villas built into the cliffs rather than high rise apartments. It reminded us of the Gold Coast. We drove through the narrow roads in Misty was a bit hair raising but we managed to do it without causing any damage and also got to drive part of the road that forms the Grand Prix Track (Misty performed beautifully even though her top speed is 130kms)... parking was a bit of a problem though and we finally found one underground car park that took motor homes but they were full. Next we drove through some tunnels that were bizarre... it was like a whole underground cave system with different tunnels going off in different directions...we just could not find anywhere to park (which was also mainly due to the fact that there was a huge fair on in town) to we decided to drive to one of the other little harbor towns that Mike and Caroline had told us about. Beaulieu - Sur -Mer. We got a cracker park on the waterfront and spent the night exploring the harbor (full of more huge boats) and walking along the water front taking in the ambience of the art market, the cafes and restaurants and also watched everyone playing boulle (you know the game like bowls with the steel balls).

Day 266 - Monday 20th November - Monaco and Monte Carlo
This morning we set off on the train to Monaco and found that even their train station is flashy and lined with marble! We walked up the hill to "Palais du Prince" where the royal family live and we were surprised to see that the Palace as well as the rest of Monaco had thousands of flags everywhere...we later found out that today was the Prince Albert's birthday and there had been a heap of celebrations during the week. We had a great time exploring the beautiful tiny streets full of shops in front of the palace and then at midday we watched the changing of the guards...we must admit that this was one of the more exciting "changing of the guards" we have seen as they had drums and carried on for ages with lots of rifle twirling and side slapping of their arms on their legs... we were hoping that they might throw in a few dance moves or cart wheels to make it even more exciting ...but no chance. Then it was off to have some French cuisine at a fantastic little restaurant and then we visited Cathedral de Monaco where Princess Grace and Prince Rainer are buried side by side. We admired the view of all sides of Monaco and also explored Jardin Exotique which is a garden full of exotic plants. Next we just walked and walked through the streets and through the famous Port de Monaco admiring all the super and mega yachts. We visited the famous and ornate Monte Carlo Casino where we had to pay 20 euro jus to get inside... although it only took us 5 minutes to walk around we were glad we went in because the main room is exceptionally stunning. Next we went and had coffees in Café de Paris which is the very posh and expensive café next to the casino where you can watch every one come and go. Well we sat for ages and Wayne drooled for ages as the rich and surgically enhanced came and went in their Ferrari's, Lamborghinis, Porches, Bentley's and every other posh car you can think of. Many of the women here have lips that have been botoxed so much they look like they got punched by Mike Tyson...we even saw one woman that must have had the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson as she looked like his evil twin... very scary!! People in this place are seriously rich and seem to live in their own little bubble... it's a bit sad when you have seen some serious poverty in so many of the neighboring countries. This afternoon we decided to drive into Antibes to catch up with Gem's cousin Annemarie and her husband Jim who have been living their for 2 years working on a super yacht. First of all we had a drive through Nice but not much appealed about it as it was absolutely huge and we had also been warned that theft of every type was rife. So we just kept driving through it and arrived in Antibes to spend the night catching up with Annemarie, Jim and also their daughters Amanda and Rebecca who have also been working on super yachts. A great night was had talking to 1.00am.

Day 267 -Tuesday 21st November - Antibes
Today we spent just catching up with Jim and Annemaree and exploring Antibes. We walked around the town and had a great lunch (baguette of course) on the city walls overlooking the harbor full of super yachts. Annemaree and Jim had just finished working and traveling (Jim is the captain and Annemaree is everything else including cook) for 6 months on super yacht called "Black Gold"... (owned by Canadian Oil Millionaires) so they had lots of great stories to tell. Antibes is the quintessential Mediterranean town and we walked all the beautiful old town and through the fascinating cobblestone streets with heaps of gorgeous shops and into the marketplace. Then we visited Amanda and Rebecca on the mega yacht they are working on called "Ectasea" which was just a bloody awesome boat. This mega yacht is owned by the Russian Oil billionaire, Abrovich, who also owns Chelsea football club. This thing was over 200 feet long and has 4 Rolls Royce engines and also has the largest jet propulsion engine on a private vehicle in the world which burns 5000 euro worth of fuel in one hour and costs 1.2 million per year to maintain. Wayne was seriously drooling. Rebecca came off to talk to us (we were not allowed to go on it!! Bugger) but was not allowed to until security checked out who we were. The little security dude was only about 5.3 but was seriously pumped with muscles (Gem was hoping he would take his shirt off!) and after we got talking to him (he was a really professional and nice guy) we found out that he had trained as a "Ghurka" which an elite fighter with the British Army from Burma and Jim told us he could kill us in 127 ways without even thinking!!! Tonight 8 of us all went out to dinner for Jim and Annemaree's Birthdays which was today and a couple of days ago. The restaurant was superb and Amanda, Rebecca and I got to trail our first taste of snails....well they were so coated in garlic and butter that it was not too bad and more likened to eating a garlic buttered rubber band!! Chewy!! Oh and Gem had a lot of trouble trying to get the slippery little sucker out of its shell but succeeded in the end!! Another late night and we all rolled home.

Day 268 -Wednesday 22nd November - Cannes and Antibes
This morning we caught a bus into Cannes and Jim and Annemaree took us on a tour as they knew it well after living in here on the super yacht for a month. Cannes was full of expensive hotels, fancy restaurants and exorbitant boutiques and even more super and mega yachts and this all seemed to fit with the town's motto "Life is a festival". We walked to the top of the hill and took in the view, walked through more gorgeous streets of the old town, then checked out the Palais de Festivals on the Port where they hold the Cannes film festival. We had a great day exploring and then this afternoon went back to Antibes so that we could go aboard a super yacht which was captained by one of Jim's friends. It was nice and we could definitely cruise around on one if we had a spare 5 million euros to buy one and a spare 500 thousand a year to maintain it!! Personally we would rather buy property because these boats depreciate something crazy... but then to most of these guys money does not matter at all. Wednesday night is the yauchty's (or should we call them seamen??) boulle or petanque (again bowling with steel balls) competition night and we were allowed to join in the competition. We had an awesome time and turns out Wayne and I are pretty good at it as we were both in the final two teams that played the "grand final". We also pulled out our Viking game "Kubb" and taught them all how to play., except Jim got cold and then decided all the wooden sticks would make a good base for a fire stack..lucky he did not light it up!! Lots of fun was had by all again. It's been great to catch with family on the other side of the world so it was sad to say goodbye tonight to everyone.

Day 269 -Thursday 23rd November - Grasse to Castellane and Gorge du Verdon
Thursday is market day in Antibes, so we got up and checked out the fashion and antiques markets. Gem is just in awe of the shops in France. They have the most beautiful things and are big into interior decoration with so much beautiful stuff for your house. Gem had a great time wandering through some of the narrow streets checking out all the art shops. Next we drove inland to Grasse which is a town known as one of France's important centers of perfume production. There were perfumeries everywhere!! We kept driving along Route Napoleon and through the mountain side into Castellane, which was a stunning little French village where the amazing Gorges Du Verdon (also knows as the Grand Canyon of Europe) starts. Up above Castellane sat a church on top of a massive cliff face that overlooked the town...just stunning. We went into the Tourist office to get directions as to which road to take into the Gorge and lady was laughing her head of at us as Gem had asked her if the lavender farms were in flower...she said "you must be from Australia as the lavender flowers in summer which I know is now in Australia but in Europe it is in June so you have things upside down"....well we will just have to come back!! We kept driving the road along the gorge and stopped at Point Sublime where we got out and admired the stunning view of the Canyon below. We only got half way through the drive before it was too dark to drive any further so we have stopped in the very small village of La Palud sur Verdon for the night and will continue along the scenic drive tomorrow.

Day 270 -Friday 24th November - Gorge du Verdon to Aix En Provence
Today we had an awesome experience with nature! We drove the scenic route along the Gorge and it is stunningly beautiful. We stopped at one of the lookout points and noticed above us about 15 Falcons who were just gliding in the valley between the Gorges...Gem wanted to get a hand glider and join them as they were just having an awesome time riding the wind currents!! They were very curious (as we were the only people around) and kept on sweeping over the top of the motor home to have a closer look. They were so beautiful and as we were standing looking down into the canyon, two of them flew past our faces within about 2 meters of us and we could see how beautiful (and huge) they were! Unfortunately the rest of the road that followed the Gorge was shut for maintenance and we had to take the less scenic route out of the valley...but it was still beautiful. The rest of the drive was also stunning as we followed the "Lavender Route" which is what Provence is famous for...all the Lavender Farms. Unfortunately they are in flower in June so we did not get to see all of the beauty of this area, however it was still stunning landscape this time of year as all of the trees and wine yards are shades of orange and yellow...they look like they are on fire. We passed through some more gorgeous French villages called "Reiz" and "Greux les Bains" that are all built into the rock faces and we arrived just in time to get a bagette for lunch before they shut for their 2.5 hour lunch. Wayne and I provided the entertainment for the Patissarie owner and the locals as we tried to order in French and they all stood their and laughed at us and then confirmed our order in English.
We arrived in Aix En Provence to meet up with fellow Aussies, Chris and Natalie who we met in Rome. They had found a great campsite that was still open so we parked Misty next to Boris and headed into town to meet up. We had a great time walking through this beautiful town, which is made even more beautiful by all of the Christmas decorations and lights. Chris and Natalie had been given a recommendation to go to a particular restaurant but we had to get there early and wait outside for them to open so that we would get a table, as it only seated about 20 people. Well this restaurant was phenomenal and a five course meal only cost 14 euro and the food was superb! Like all French restaurants you can buy of the menu which is "a la carte" or you can order a "digustation" which can comprise of anywhere between three to eight courses. We ate regional food which consisted of five small courses. Wayne was able to interpret most of the menu for us but the ones we did not understand one of us ordered anyway so we got a few surprises!! The French owner was just gorgeous and even more gorgeous was the waiter who we think was his father and was in his 80's and dressed up in his suit and bow tie!! What a great night...topped of by spending some more time together exchanging travel tips.

Day 271 -Saturday 25th November - Aix en Provence to Gordes
Up bright and early this morning at 7am (before the sun was up even !) to head into town for the famous Aix Saturday markets, as well as the Christmas markets we saw them setting up last night. Well we got their too early so we all sat down and had a croissant and coffee and again the waiter just laughed his head off at us when we ordered and started speaking in English. All four of us have found the French people to be so lovely (hopefully it will continue) and their way of life so refined... even on the roads they have been polite! It is just the opposite to the typical stereotype of the French! We spent about 4 hours exploring the massive food, clothes and antique markets. Gem bought a silver ring and the guy gave her a bracelet for free!! Wayne is in food heaven and we have both decided that we could easily live here in the South!! We got back to the campsite at midday and found that we had to wait around for 2.5 hours as the lady had gone to lunch!!! We all said our goodbyes as Chris and Nat are heading towards the Gorge for a couple of days and we headed towards the town of Gordes. On the way we had a welcomed detour (as Navman gave us a bum steer) and we went through the town of Bonnieux but even more stunning was a town called Lourmarin (which isn't even on our map). After seeing this massive chateau Gem convinced Wayne to turn around and go back! We are so glad we did as this place was just so beautiful we can't even describe how magical it was. The massive Chateau de Lourmarin sat as the back drop to the town and was surrounded by lush green hills. The people of the town were our playing boulle and there was also a local soccer match going on. We had a great time just watching all the thing happening. Then we went for a walk into the town and were blown away by it's beauty that consisted of gorgeous streets, stunning buildings, beautiful fountains and absolutely stunning little shops...Gem was almost crying because she wanted to buy it all but she refrained... Wayne thinks we should get a shipping container!! Next we drove through more gorgeous scenary of massive wineyards with French beautifully decorated farm houses to the town of Apt which also looked nice but was very large. So as we wanted to find a quite spot for the night we kept driving to the next town of Gordes which is a small hilltop town built into the side of a cliff. It looked very pretty at night with it's massive Chateux lit up. We were both rather exhausted from a busy day so we were rather boring and went to bed early!!

Day 272 -Sunday 26th November - Gordes, St Remy de Provence, Les Baux de Provence
Wayne went into town this morning to get his coffee fix and Gem later found him walking around with a baguette under his arm... very French! We explored all the alleyways of Gordes and admired the stunning view of the local countryside. Next we drove to St Remy where we stumbled across an antique market. Does this sound familiar...Wayne went on a shopping spree and bought some antique copper pots, a Moet and Chandon wine bucket (because now at home it will only be Moet!!), a collection of old wooden spoons for display in his kitchen, and an early 1900's spirit pourer... Gem bought a 1 euro meringue!! And we are still not sure how we are going to get everything home... the plan is to load Ronny up as much as possible when Mum and Dad arrive in just under 4 weeks! Three or so weeks ago we were getting tired and ready to go home, but boy oh boy we have just fallen in love with France and we don't want to leave... just going to Spain and Portugal for Christmas will be a challenge. Next we drove to Les Baux de Provence which is supposed to be one of France's most visited tourist spots!We spent the afternoon exploring this hillside town and then found an awesome park on the opposite side of the canyon with a French convey of motorhomers: Hopefully we wont roll of the cliff tonight !
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