My first ever shooting star

Trip Start Aug 20, 2009
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Australia  , Western Australia,
Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wake up at 7.10am and and close my eyes and sleep on till 10 o'clock!! This is a lie in these days!! So what am I going to do with my day off?! I open the lid to the laptop and the free internet is still availanle this is awesome!! Kicked back in my bed till gone midday I cruise the internet dreaming of Asia!!

I get up make some porridge and then come back to my cupboard!! I can hear the Irish kids toalking to Dave and then Barb comes along and says she'll be back in a minute...

I shut my door and turn off the light so she doesn't know I'm home and then sit back on the bed listening to what she has to say. Before I know it there are footsteps within the house and I see a shadow through the gap in the door...

Knock knock 'You in there Hannah?!'...

'Yeah sure' I say thinking about how silly I am goig to look sitting in the dark!!

Barb comes in and asks me what I am up to before launching into a 'you're not going to like this but...' chat. 'YOU ARE GOING BACK TO COOLGARDIE...TOMORROW'!! I look at her in disbelief even though I am not actually shocked at all. 'Is this because you have a personal vendatta against me Bar?b I find myself asking bluntly?! She says it isn't but I don't believe her.

She says she is heading back up to the roadhouse and as she leaves the back door, I rush out the front door. I run all the way up the road and blurt out infront of all the customers what has just happened and then as I am catching my breath and about to walk out the door...Barb walks in. Screaming at me as she walks round the back of the counter I can no longer contain my anger and I tell her how ridiculous she is being infront of her own customers and it escalates from there.

I walk away and phone Jess at head office. Fat lot of use that was...she is the worst of the lot and tells me that I have no say in the matter and gives me the whole 'you are the single one we have to accommodate the new couple who are coming up' The new guys aren't a couple they are just mates and why she couldn't have sent one of them to Coolgardie I have no idea. Well I do actually because this has all been instigated by Barb. I knew it. I cotinue to tell Jess how outrageously Barb behaves and her respose is 'if you can find me someone who is willing to work in the middle of fuckingwhooptienowhere then I will replace her but untill then she stays'...!! 'How professional.

I'm leaving...this is confirmed when I walk up to the roadhouse and tell Alex and Sam of the happenings and Alex says I have to leave and make a point as I have taken it this far.

Back at the shack I frantically start looking for work. I phone for a few sales jobs who are more than happy to interview me but interviews are no good. I end up phoning Danielle who got me the job here and miraculously she gets me a job for 2 weeks and says she'll sort out my farm work when I get back from Asia!! Awesome...I am now going to work in a pub in Meekatharra!!

I walk up to the roadhouse for about the 10th time today and on my way I see a sign post for Meekatharra...hmmmm it could be close!! A truckie inside tells me that it is one of the nearest towns but its 800k away!! Ha ha!!

Turns out to get to my new job I have to get a 2 hour bus to Kalgoorlie, spend the night their with some ex escapees from this place in a brothel. On Saturday I have to get an 8 hour train to Perth where I will reside for 2 nights and then on Monday I am required to embark upon a 13 hour bus journey on, not one but, two buses!! In the words of an Australian...sweet as!!

Packing my stuff I head outside to tell Barb I am leaving but she is consumed with the Irish guys so head in to ring Jess. Her response when I tell her...'I don't know what to say'...I tell her she doesn't have to say anything and before I have vven finished speaking she can't help herself but to say 'well you won't be getting your $250 back'!! I tell her we'll see and she hangs up. Job done, now to tell Barb. I ask for a word and when I tell her my plans she says she is sorry to see me go as she 'knows we had our differences but they were sorted weeks ago'...what planet is she on?! Has she conveniently forgotten about her 10 minute rant a mere 2 hours ago?! Crazy, I can't wait to leave!!

Sam and Alex come home and we sit outside talking and laughing. I love these guys. We all roll about in hysterics when we realise that in the time I was at home before departing for Asia, my travels round Asia, my antics in Australia prior to here and now onto Meekatharra and back to perth then onto Bangkok...they will have been, and still will be, here in Leonora!!

Suddenly in the sky I see something bright...and it's moving!! My forst ever shooting star here in Leonora on my last night!! How special!!
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