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Trip Start Aug 01, 2009
Trip End Nov 08, 2009

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Flag of Ireland  , County Sligo,
Friday, July 31, 2009

It's 15 weeks since I got back from the big trip... that's three whole months of coping back in the real world: living with an alarm clock which must be obeyed; finding myself back in front of a class of obstreporous children, 5 days a week; paying unwelcome bills; listening to continuous doom-and-gloom news; adjusting to an Ireland deep in a recession and discovering the implications this has for me in terms of income levies, increased prsi, increased pension contributions, rental property levies, dramatic decrease in the value of my home and lack of potential buyers... is it any wonder I couldn't settle and was eager to hit the road again?

I spent frantic weeks emptying my house; watching the weather in disbelief; packing shipping crates and arranging collections and deliveries; whingeing about the rain;  obtaining a new passport and wading through paperwork and bureacracy to fill it with the required visas for my next journey;  despairing at the howling winds;  trying to figure out russian train timetables and plan a tight itinerary with them;  wondering how summer could possibly be so chilly;  dealing with estate agents, solicitors, appalling rental agents and even more appalling tenants (who, among other things, chose to ignore their contractual obligation to not have an animal in the house, and managed to get away with hiding a dog for a few weeks, complete with smell, hair and other associated mess... big lump of slobbery meat in the middle of the kitchen floor?... mmm, lovely!).  Oh, and did I mention the weather...?

But finally the summer camp is over, the shipping boxes lie stuffed and sealed awaiting collection, the bag is packed, the final farewells have been said over emotional last pints, and in a couple of hours I will hop on a plane.

My penance is over.  In the words of the great Scots twins "I'm on my way!"

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newfrog on

poor auld Ireland!
God Knows I wish you weren't going to Aus but at least you'll be here in sunny France for a few days before another emotional farewell!! XX

kdyer12 on

Soon be over
Well the depth of winter is nearly over in Melbourne. Terrible, at one point the temperature dropped to 13 degrees and it rained, oh and dark at 5.30. In comparison to Sligo it's heaven.
Good to hear the cartons are packed and we look forward to meeting with you in October. The Irish pub in Knox city await!!!
Mandy and Ken

jeanetteadrian on

Time for TeleTubbie Bye Bye... It was great to see you again if only for short wee whiles! We wish you the best of luck on your merry way...thank God I hadn't a an ounce of alcohol in me in Shoots the other night it was all I could do not to wail in front of everyone ...Hate Goodbyes, Miss you Love you Jeanette

oh and love the photos...who's the chick behind you and Mary???

elisakennedy on

well done you
God - i'm very jealous - we're back in london and feeling it! I hope Oz holds more opportunity for you, at least you can tick the weather box. You'll at least feel your on constant holiday for a while.
Take care lovely and stay in touch. We might be over soon to say hello xxx

footsie on

So long Lisa...
I am delighted that you're on the move again, as i thoroughly enjoy reading the travel blog.

Great to catch up in Shoots, really enjoyed the night with the other 'Mercy-ites'... Stay well, dont panic about things here, while your mooching around Helsinki, or St Petersburg, or Mongolia.. i guarantee you, we will still be giving it loads about the economy, weather, depreciating markets etc...Anyway L.. i look forward to hearing more of the travels... stay well, stay safe... Love Trish. PS.. Am i really the queen of feet... ?? thank you..

fishtails04 on

Re: So long Lisa...
Thanks Trish, great to see you too, and yes you realy are the Queen of feet! I will be indulging my tootsies with you on my return, whenever that may be! But in the meantime,were's that plane ticket..!!

fishtails04 on

God, I was a bit of a basket case saying goodbye the other night! Sorry bout that! For someone who's dying to escape the rain and is actualy doing it, you'd think I'd have a big grin on my face, wouldn't you, instead of bawling my eyes out on the street!! Anyway, great to catch up with youse on my brief spell back in Sligo... and you'll know where to find me when Ruadhan gets his first map and picks Aus for a hol!

fishtails04 on

Re: well done you
hello there!! Tough being back, isn't it?!! Will be flitting through London in next couple of weeks and am on a pretty tight schedule but will drop you a line if I have a free slot for pints to reminisce over penguins and the like!

fishtails04 on

Re: Soon be over
And they call tha winter?!!!! Those Melbournians have NO IDEA!!!! Dying to see you when I hit Aus, will be looking forward to a good catch up and hearing all about your new life.. and joining in with it!

fishtails04 on

Re: poor auld Ireland!
Vin rouge under the shade of the cherry tee and your home cooking to follow? Bring it on!

unclefrank on

like Arnie you,ll be back
when you have had a taste of sunshine you will miss the rain just think when you could not tell the difference between the canal and the path in sunny was great to share a cornish blond(brought back memories long forgotten but don,t tell the sainted aunt)great to see you have a safe trip send loads of photo,s

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