Pretend judges, monkeys and beer.

Trip Start Jan 08, 2014
Trip End Apr 09, 2014

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Where I stayed
Galle Centre Home.

Flag of Sri Lanka  , Southern,
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It is amazing the quirky little things you can see if you keep your eyes open when you are on the road.  Take a look at the first photo. Now, can any of you tell me what exactly an unofficial magistrate is because I am damned if I know.  Was is just some plumber that decided he fancied being a judge one day and got a sign made up?  Who knows?

All this walking in the hot afternoon sun was taking it out of me a bit and so you can probably guess what is coming next.  Got it in one!  Beer o'clock was declared and I sought out the Galle Fort Hotel as I had read that it was less prohibitively expensive than the really, really flash place.  I sat down by myself, ordered a beer and was almost immediately called over by a chap who asked me to join him, which I did.  His name was Mike and he was teaching English to Government officials in Saudi Arabia.  He had decided on a bit of R and R and had flown down to Sri Lanka for five days.  It seemed like a bit of a trek for so short a time but his decision obviously.  It was while we were chatting that I spotted the monkey you can see in the photo who was only a few feet away and obviously quite unconcerned by the humans around.

I shall use my VT tip here to explain all about the extremely swish hotel which left me feeling horribly underdressed just as I had in Colombo with Treshi (see previous post).

"Let's get one thing absolutely straight at the outset, the Galle Fort Hotel is way outside my budget to stay at but it does provide an absolutely gorgeous location for a drink in the late afternoon. Indeed, it would be lovely at any time but I tended to go there for a sundowner.  One good thing about going at that time is that they will bring you a complimentary plate of delightful nibbles as pictured. For information the red dipping sauce is hotter than the green one and can be a little fiery!

The service is excellent and there always seem to be almost too many staff standing around waiting to serve you

Certainlyyou pay a bit more than normal for a drink here but not overly so and it really is worth it to sit in such wonderful surroundings and imagine yourself back in the days of the Empire. To put it in context a large bottle of beer here costs 400SLR which is a shade under 2 or about $3USso it is not exactly going to break the bank."

Mike had been in town a couple of days and afterwards he took me to an excellent little restaurant called Sea Green which was to become a great favourite of mine.  This, however, is the point I have reached in my VT pages so it looks like I'll have to get onto them again and it may be a day or two before I post here again, just so you know.  Still, I have a few hours left today so I'll try to get some stuff done.  At least I am holding to less than one month behind myself!

Stay tuned.
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Shaz on

Great stuff so far! Keep up the good work! ;-)

derrick241 on

So many entries, so very few photos, so many words

A blog isnt just about the minor things, it should be a journey you are sharing with those that are following you, not a whole lot of writing, you seem to spend a lot of time writing and not seeing the splendors of Sri Lanka,

It can be hard for people to read the ramblings of each entry (I know I found it hard work and quite boring) I skipped a few entries

A photo is worrth a thousand words, and you can add more information to each photo

You really have to hold the readers interest in each entry and ploughing through all the text isnt really doing it, I'm afraid

suzii on

@derrick. I for one love Ferg's blog entries. I read with relish all of the small details - they are what make it special to me and really hold my interest, and those of others I know. If you don't like this style , then you simply don't have to read it.

derrick241 on

Everyone develops a style of writing blogs, it just what they want to send out in a blog, what the followers want to read and see

I sent an email to all my blog followers, I asked them if they were happy with the way I wrote them and the photos I posted, afterall my blog is just my opinion, and my photos are just what I take, I try to take people with me, see what I have seen through my camera lens

A blog is judged by the amount of comments and followers it has

I think that Fergy spends too much time writing, rather than seeing and taking photos, there is just too much waffle on there, as I did say in a comment box, I did skip a few entries, there was just too many incedentals and waffle that added nothing to the trip, but again this is just MY opinion

Shaz on

Well said Suzii!

derrick241 on

It is all very well hiding behind a nom de guerre and not showing your true identity
But its as I have said previously, it is only my opinion, you have yours

suzii on

Derrick. I don't think anyone is hiding here. The reason that a photo doesn't come up, is because I'm not logged into the site and I guess Shaz isn't either. We don't need to be. Anyone can read and comment.

derrick241 on

This isnt my blog, so I am not going to argue with you

But I cant contact you in any other way

My comments are my opinion, and I am entitled to them, the same as you are

I would like to read your blogs though and make a comparison

fergysrambles on

Well, Derrick the retired plumber, it has certainly been interesting to meet you albeit online. I would relish the chance to meet you in person. Believe me, I would.

You appeared on my blog unbidden, as is your perfect right, a few days ago and have done nothing but abuse me since. Let us get a few things straight.

Retired plumber by your own admission. Did you happen do be an English teacher before you went into clearing drains or have you just self-appointed to dish out advice to others on their writing style? I write in MY style (capitals intended) as it is MY blog (ditto). You make a vague mention of allowing everyone their own style but that is merely a smokescreen. You evidently have your own agenda and everyone must follow the lead of "Derrick the retired plumber". Palin, Bryson et al take note.

Incidentally, do you write for any major publications or websites? I would be more than happy to learn from a guru like you if you do. Again, I did not sign up to a course on travel photography from an obvious expert like yourself. No doubt David Bailey was your tutor.

Back to the writing style, it is the minutiae that my friends want to read about, as evidenced by the comments already here. That is what makes travelling for me. Take for example Bagan (have you been?), that for me was as much about bicycling about an antcient site on an equally ancient bicycle as it was about the beauties of the temples themselves. I have written at length about it on the travel website I contribute to (a major site that I have won an award from, if you must know). Undoubtedly you, with your self-appointed sense of right and wrong on travel websites would castigate me.

If you lack the vocabulary or ability to write extensively, that is cool. Hide behind your lens. Consider Basil Pau for example (Google him, I know you need to) and consider it. Photography, per se, is hugely valid, and there are so many good examples out there. Are you one of them? Where are you published, I'd love to see it.

You made mention of people hiding behind anonymity and decreed that a lack of a profile photo was somehow a demeaning feature and making someone less worthy of attention. Have you actually had a look at your own? I am sure it impresses the life out of 19 year old girls in SE Asia but frankly it does little for the rest of us.

I am also about 90% sure that you are a victim of "last word syndrome". You will undoubtedly make some lame riposte here as you are attacking from the moral low ground and I shall not answer. I have said all I need to here. You came uninvited although perfectly legitimately into a blog I had intended for friends and family. As was mentioned earlier, if you do not like my style, leave. There are plenty of travel blogs out there and I would prefer your absence to your presence. You are a little man in most senses of the word, despite your attempts to show off your aging biceps.

Happy travels and you do what you want to do blog-wise, it appears you know best, just please leave me alone to blog for those who mean something to me and I await your "last word" post with interest.

Jim on

I read the reply, bit OTT wasnt it
I see by Derrick241 profile photo, he is tebowing
It is not showing off for girls of SE Asia
I would suggest you read here.............................

What is Tebowing?

To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

It is generaly a mark of respect

Suzii on

Hi Jim. I think you missed the context of the comments. Of course Derrick is entitled to his opinion, but he has come onto the site, said the blog is dull and criticised the lack of photos. He has also criticised me for not logging in to the site. Totally unnecessary and bad mannered in my opinion. Ferg knows who I am. I need not log in to show him my picture. I truly can't understand why someone would bother to post a public criticism of another's site. If I don't like a site, I simply walk away. Simple. Anyway, we have wasted enough energy on this matter and I too will respond no more with regard to this irritation.

Jim on

Hi Suzil
As with all blogs, comments maybe deleted, if the blog owner doesnt like the comments, he also has the option of not allowing comments oon his blog
Everything is in the options
I dont allow comments on my blog, my blog is just for my family and friends, I keep my blog private, everyone has this option

suzii on

Thanks Jim. I haven't explored all those options. I'll look into those next time I have a trip.. Your advice is warmly received. Thank you

Jim on

There are lots of different options with blogs here, you can have a free blog or a paid for blog
There is also the forums where you can ask questions about places or hotels you may wish to visit
Derrick241 can give some very good advice about photography and outdoor camping, campsites and bush camping
I can give advice with settings on this website, but one of the best things to do is try different setings and options, different fonts
But my advice would be to anyone is delete comments you dont wish to have on your blog entry, try and use the message service to contact other members, rather than a flame row in public
Just enjoy the website and your blogging

Suzii on

Thanks Jim.
Until this week my experience of the site has been very positive. In fact, I recommended Fergy to the site, based on my personal use.
Thanks again for taking the time to help.
With kind regards, Suzanne

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