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Trip Start Jul 08, 2007
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Flag of Peru  ,
Sunday, May 25, 2008

My higher consciousness journey consisted of an 8 days Ayahuasca shamanic retreat in the jungle of Peru, nearby Iquitos.  This is a different type of shamanism I have been trained for as it involves the use of medicinal plants.  These ceremonies have been held for thousands of years and it is with an opened mind and heart that I came seeking higher states of consciousness.  Our shamans, Don Robert and Howard, who together have 85 years of experience quickly put me in confidence as I was getting to know them, their intentions and beautiful hearts.  I cannot insist and point out strongly enough that this is the most important part of a successful and safe shamanic journey.  There is a shaman war going on at the moment everywhere in South America and I have heard too many stories of people being hurt and sometimes even die from ill will shamans or poorly experienced ones.  Basically, if someone in the streets of Iquitos offers you an evening of Ayahuasca, don't take it.  You need to research it carefully and ideally have strong references.  The locals are themselves very cautious of whom they go to and they don't understand how tourists come here and journey with any shaman they find.  For them, it would be like picking up anybody in the street to operate on your heart (in many ways, its pretty much what this is).
This was the beginning of a very successful shamanic journey into the mirror of my own soul.  Ayahuasca, also called the vine of the soul, allows the opening of the gateway to our higher self and combined with our most sincere intentions and hard work, allows us to raise our consciousness and walk on the path to enlightenment.  Ayahuasca is a medicinal plant because it is primarily a medicine for almost any illness known to man, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  The stories of people healing their depressions, cancers, severe headaches or simply being guided on their spiritual path are endless.  It is in other words, a cleansing process.  The experience can be fun or hard, it all depends on who you are, what you need to experience at that time and the fears and attachments you bring along.  It is not a drug because as I said it heals and every experience is different from time to time and people to people.  Its just like an oracle, it gives you exactly and perfectly what you need; nothing more, nothing less.
My 4 ceremonies have been a journey of evolution.  I had many visions such as fractals of splendid colors, good and sometimes scary spirits showing me various truths and in general I got a wider understanding of what reality and its multiple dimensions and octaves of dimensions are.  Don Robert performed 2 physical healings on me and so far, I feel fantastic.  We will see how things are in a few months.  My main intentions coming here were to be shown what reality truly is, how I could integrate it in my life and what life path I should now take after one year of traveling and spiritual discoveries.  I understood that higher consciousness cannot be experienced mentally, for it can only be understood through the heart.  And so I quickly after the first ceremony floated through the unknown of unlimited dimensions with my heart wide open.  I have touched pure peace and bliss; I have laughed and cried for hours; I have simply being at Aw! and amazement for life and everything it contains.  I could so vividly feel the love I have for myself and all of those who have shared parts of it.  Life is not your job, your $, your appearance or your various problems.  It is so much more.  Anything is possible if you choose to believe it.  I was blessed with a glimpse of the connection to the great breath, the primal vibration of the universe and to a certain level to what I could conceive god is.  For a few moments, I was merged with nothing and everything, I touched Nirvana long enough to have immersed my life mission in finding it for ever.  The heart is the key and for one to purify its heart, one must first purify its subconscious.  Our subconscious is the programming allowing our global consciousness to interpret reality.  In other words, our subconscious is the filtering of pure reality, built by our ego as we fell on earth, thousands of years ago as humanity fell cyclically into darkness.  The ego is not bad in itself as it is the reason we survived, shielding us from the sudden disconnection that occurred from the source, leaving us suddenly without a mother and a father, naked in the dark.  As humanity is now speeding towards the light and that more and more people are now seeking a purposeful life, we no longer require our ego.  Ayahuasca showed me reality without ego and I will forever be grateful for this powerful female spirit, its servants in Don Robert and Howard as well as my new friends who shared this spiritual growth and pure love with me.  May we all find peace and stillness in the mirror of our own soul.
Here is the description of my 4th and last ceremony that I have already shared with my Ayahuasca friends in our talking circle, the following day:
My intention coming into my 4th ceremony was to find out what I am here to do on earth.  I was initially very tired from the 3rd ceremony the night before, I felt vulnerable, a bit nauseous and had almost no expectations coming in.  In other words, I was fully open for anything lady Ayahuasca was willing to share with me.  It took a good 3 hours to start.  I was happy at how patient I have been, compared to the 2nd ceremony that took 4 hours to start and at which point I was willing to reject anything and everything their was about shamanism (it took about 30 minutes to start in my other 2 ceremonies).  And so a little inside the healing part of the ceremony, at which point one by one we are called to the mat (in the center) for Don Robert to perform a healing on us, my voyage started.  It was very mild at first, but it progressed slowly but surely.  At some point, I encountered Merlin in one of my vision.  He asked me what I would like him to teach me. I was so excited that I could not formulate a clear question at first.  All I could think of is for him to show me everything!  I finally asked him: Show me the heart road to higher consciousness. Nothing happened initially and I sat there, crossed legged, just happy and simply without any expectations.  I then realized that I was at peace, with no fears and no desires.  I was floating through space and breathing fresh air.  My heart then exploded of joy and I rapidly climaxed to Aw!  There is no other word.  I was suddenly so happy.  I laughed, cried, laughed and cried again for a good hour.  This is the closest I have ever been to the ultimate peace within, to enlightenment, to Nirvana.  In between the Icaros, which are the beautiful and powerful chants done by the shaman leading the ceremony; I could hear the buzzing sound of the wildlife in complete harmony with what I was feeling.  Everything was connected, I was not alone.  There was so much energy and magic around. I could feel nature communicating with me in the most beautiful way and telling me that everything is perfect and not to worry about anything.  All along my experience, my mind was very aware of anything happening.  It was my ability to feel which was multiplied by 100.  Then came a purge (vomiting) that I did not feel coming.  I accepted it and let go of my remaining negativities for a few minutes.  Purging is a normal part of Ayahuasca ceremonies.  Some purge for hours, others don't.  It depends on what you have to let go.  Once the ceremony finished with the closing Icaros of Don Robert, I stayed behind, among a few, for hours simply watching the shamans slowly leaving the ceremony malaka (temple) with so much love radiating around them, my brothers and sisters around me in a state of pure ecstasy and the beautiful altar where a few candles were lit.  I was home and everything made sense.  I was feeling so fortunate that I could live such a moment, me who only 1 year and a half ago was stuck in the very prison I had created for myself.  I then realized that I got the answer to my initial intention (find out what I am here to do on earth).  My mission right now is to be happy, to love, to have fun and in time the rest will unfold in the most perfect way.  For only through the heart can one elevate its consciousness and really see reality for what it is.  This was the same answer I got in San Marcos, Guatemala from my Tarot reading and in Quebec from my numerology reading.  I think this time I got the message and will do just that J
I am looking forward my return in September, this time for an extended stay of almost 3 weeks.  Life is amazing.  I wish for each of you to experience what I have just experienced.  The mystery keeps on unfolding.
Endless love
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