Spain the inventors of the perfect work day!

Trip Start May 21, 2012
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Spain  , Andalusia,
Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorry my last post were a little slim but understand we've been on the go so here are some highlights I need to add for completeness:

The day we arrived in England was the first sunny day in 2 months; I got a sunburn visiting London who can say that! The English were out in force and it was hilarious, they are so pasty white and they were all out in the parks etc getting some sun. They looked like Barber polls nothing but red and white stripes its was really funny to see these dark dwellers getting sun burnt.

The Cambridge beer fest had pork pie and bacon beer, I feel like I’m on a tour of pork, also we bought a bag of ham flavored potato chips here in Spain, what’s next bacon ice cream?Very
Important!  Do not visit medieval European Cities without a working GPS! We drove around Granada Spain looking for our hotel for 2 hours with a sh(*&^ty tourist map and oh by the way the Spanish don’t seem to care about putting up street signs.  I do have to say even with a GPS I don’t think we could have found our hotel even if we had a Truffle sniffing dog and the hotel was made out of Truffles!  It is a Best Western(I know how American can we get) that was down a small ally that we only found by asking a beautiful Spanish gal for help, she pointed to a small walk way behind us and there it was, the great part is we had followed the signs and been driving circles around this area for 2 hours.  Enough said get a working GPS, I think I will look for an El Radio Shacko. 

Funny note about our entry to the country, we were told we had to go to the local police station to register or we could be considered illegal, so Sun we went down to the Moron Station but they don’t do it on Sunday so we went back yesterday (Mon) at 2 PM and guess what we were told to come back at 4 or 5.  My first thought was just to become an illegal alien in Spain I figured we get a free ride home, but in the end the nice Policeman returned looking very fresh after his nap at 4 PM(think goodness he came back early) Heres the deal the Spanish don’t do anything until 12 PM and then they break from 1-5 Pm and then work until 7ish, hello I want to be mad and hate this culture but its hard to hate Genius!  All we have to do is stop amassing debt policing the world and start spending to work 4 late hours a day!

Tomorrow a trip to the Alhambra(Granada) which was one of my
goals this trip, pics tomorrow.  I am working a guide for Morocco on Thursday and Friday we will make are way back to Rota and try to secure a flt out this weekend back to the US.

Today we slept in and are going to the Granada Cathedral and then an early lunch(5 or 6 PM).  So about lunch, if you go out at noon you will only be able to eat at the bars and have like a small sandwich.  Here is the funniest thing, you can’t get Police help at noon because everyone of these slacker A(*&^holes are at the bars drinking beer, seriously everyone is drinking at noon and eating small sandwiches, by Spanish standards this is breakfast!  Then they take a break until 5 PM, like I said your first emotion is hate but if you think about it who really has it right? 

Spanish Model Day:
Wake up at 11 AM
Have beers at bar 12PM-2ish
Go to work at 5PM
Leave work at 7ish and go to dinner at 9PM

It is now 1 PM and I want lunch but that is 4 hours away and the best I can do is try to say Ba Sandwicho to the confused bartender.  Oh well I will send updates tomorrow.

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Robbie King of the Stupid on

You have some nerve complaining about the typical Spanish workday. thereis a saying that people in glass houses should not throw stones. you are a Govt employee. Oh and about the glass house dont walk around naked. Just ask Mark he is still on probation.

South of south. on

What a disrespectful attitude you have in a foreign country. Spain didn´t
become one of the richest countries in the world , even now with a very big
crisis, waking up at 11 and drinking beer. Maybe if you look around without
prejudges you will see reality and will discover just another way of doing things
to get to the same path. Traveling will make you good to see a bigger picture,
in which the american way its not the only one, I guess.

Jim brusatto on

Trying to contact your mother. It is time for her to tell you who your biological father is

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