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Trip Start Sep 04, 2010
Trip End Nov 02, 2010

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been having a very strange few days, many ups and downs and just down right weird moments.

We went to pick up Sick dog from the vets in Sai Yok- i have no idea how you spell that
and also took Toque and Bella from the childrens home to be spayed along with a little puppy with an apparant mouth problem (total bull other than he yaps non stop) and Ginger came along in the car for an adventure!!

The girls were fine although Toque had only just woken up and was totally out of it bless her!!

The prognosis for Sick Dog was an enlarged esophagus- again can't spell, so basically any food he ate settled in his throat rather than getting to his stomach and would then come back up. So we were told to make an eating chair which was just to keep his head up when he ate. they seemed to be not concerned about this in the slightest so we took him, paid the rather hefty bill and began the long long journey home.
It was the next day we were able to get a good look at him and he looked bloody awful.
He had lost a lot more weight, he was painfully thin before and now he looks like a dead body. It's hard to watch and you just wonder how the hell he is still alive.
He is throwing up everything he eats, even tried to syringe feed him slowly with his head right up but he was still sick. He is obviously starving to death as he wolfs down any food you give him, Gemma has to use a stick to feed him little bits of meat as he bites your fingers by accident. It's just so horrible because he is that hungry he will vomit, eat the vomit, vomit again, eat it again.
We tried to put a tube down his throat but we couldn't at the time so will be trying again. He can't have surgery to put a tube in his stomach from the side as he is too weak to go under.
It's just depressing when you know his life is just awful and we have no idea what to do. We don't want to give up on him yet as he's faught this hard.
Will keep updating on him.

We also spent pretty much a day house hunting which sounds very strange!
We looked at some pieces of land that a lady had found out about that were for sale and a couple of houses. We got a good idea of how much we are looking at for land etc which was good. We just now need to find out what type of papers they have as there are 5 different ones and 3 out of the 5 you don't want to touch with a barge pole. But it was an interesting day.

Went on a boat ride to see the sunken temple but i can't remember when! Ginger came along and looked like he owned the boat it was so funny! And the sunken temple was not sunken!! We got out and went inside!  It was pretty cool actually to see as it's been underwater for so long. It was nice to take a bit of a break too :]

I'm going to set up a neutering project in February not sure how long for, will depend on when any vets can come but if anybody is interested we will need help with catching dogs!! Lots of other things too so regular folk like me will be useful too! I can give info on costs of rooms etc if needed
The most important thing is a Fan. You will become so attached to your fan it's untrue!
Gemma doesn't have a fan, and i have no idea how she sleeps.

Pone Pone has offered to take me out shopping soon as i have no clothes!! It's not fun to keep putting dirty clothes back on cuz there just isn;t time to wash them or even dry them.

Errm i can't think of much more we have done, although there will have been loads I just have the memory of a fish. And I guess most things don't really get cemented into your brain like the dog that humped me..haha

And happy birthday mujji!!! I picked up my phone this morning to text you and was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! had totally forgotten where i was!! I hope you have a great day and get to chill out and not stress as you've had a really shitty last few months- and not the best couple of years!! But It's all sorting itself out now :] And you deserve to be spoiled so make sure sarah and loo are doing just that!!

Oh and another thing we did today was photograph a dogs willy. We thought he might have cancer as it was bleeding but we couldn't really see anything so Gemma got right in their today and got it out and I took photo's. I won't be putting them on here as they are for medical purposes and well, you really don't want to see it. The top is riddled with little tumors and basically looks like it's been chewed up. Poor poor little boy but he doesn;t seem to be in any pain. I may have said this before but there is a type of cancer here that is sexually transmitted so he may have that type. Lucky we saw him, he would never have been taken to a vet.

I had another patient in my room the other day, got a phone call from a guy at the children's home saying he'd seen a cat with foam around his mouth. Indicating it had eaten poison. So we rushed over and it took us forever to find the cat and when we finally did Gemma had to climb over a wall onto a ledge outside a window-not exactly safe!!! To get to the cat and thankfully she got her and the cat back safely!
Gemma tried to get a drip in his vein but it just wasn't happening so we gave him some fluids under the skin. We knew there really wasn't much we could do and that he was going to die.
So it was just a waiting game.
The next day he was still with us which is extremely unusual as the poison usually kills in a couple of hours so we were very suprised! When i got back to my room after doing a few bits over at Gemma's i noticed he didn't look too good so I tried putting him outside on the grass to see if he wantedd to eat some to be sick but he just stayed where i lay him.
Gemma came later and he was looking even worse, he was almost motionless and unresponsive and then he began to pant. It took a good few hours for him to pass away and my god, it was so disturbing. It confirmed the fact that he was poisoned from what happened. He was pretty much in a coma by this point and his limbs were starting to seize. All of a sudden he started throwing up so Gemma lifted his head and then he started throwing himself around and was having a fit with his eyes wide open. I grabbed him and the power behind the weird spasm things was jus unnatural. Then he went still and i let go and put my hand on his tummy and said to Gemma it seemed like he was purring then I let go and was just terrified. what i could feel vibrating was getting bigger and expanding in his chest and I honestly thought he was going to explode. And i was petrified. Then Gemma said it was probably a heart attack. But the whole thing was just...i can't even descibe how horrible it was. Not upsetting but just like dear god make it stop.
Cats don't usually get poisoned so it was more likely to have been meant for a dog. So we can expect another death very soon. Oh and Billy's Mum that lived at the bakery was hit by a car and died, so we are more concerned about Ina's safety now. Wish we could just bring them all to a safe place but it doesn't exist. And the dog count is on 18 now at Gemma's and that at times is unbearable. Only in the way that it's a lot of work for just 2 people in a small amount of space. One dog constantly throwing up with numerous others pooing on the floor etc and having to keep certain dogs away from others. And Elvis being a pain in the arse jumping over a 6ft fence cuz he can smell that Toque was on heat (hormones remain for about 6 weeks). Bloody nightmare!! And Ute had a fit last night so Gemma's bedroom was covered in poo etc
Really need to get some of these guys flown over to England. Like Ute, she has no life at the moment with the meds she is on and she is still having fits.

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aah looks like your having a good time...well in the way that your doing some amazing things to help the dogs and cats etc. and dont worry i am taking good care of mum, me and christian made her bacon and eggs this morning whilst she opened her cards and stuff! were going for a meal later on with aj and nana etc which should be good!
oh dad bought a webcam (well me and mum got it for him as hes a tad useless!) and i signed him up to skype so he will prob want to skype you sometime next week as soon as i teach him how to do it! but i will give you prior warning anyway! :)
Glad your okay! keep doing what your doing! much love big sis xxxx

ps. the little s*** of a kitten is rather annoying...i think hes going through the same stage which gizmo went through when you hated him...climbing up your legs and eating plants etc :@ shame that you cant be mad at him actually but hes so cute!

Tina on

Oh Em the workload sounds overwhelming! You are so brave but please look after yourself?Hope to seeyou when u get back,love tina xxx

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