Peace & Life Beyond The School Walls

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Flag of China  , Jiangxi,
Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey Hey and a Big G'Day toya,

Over Sixty Grade 1's
Over Sixty Grade 2's
Both many times per week.
Neither have a Chinese English Teacher.

I worked in Law for nearly twenty years yet this would have to be the hardest and most frustrating jobs ever.  It wasn't what I wanted, nor did I sign up for it but now that I am here I will not give up until I find some way to personally conquer the situation.  They scream, they race around, they have no control of themselves when a foreign Monkey is put before them day in and day out.  I leave most of my Grade 1 classes shaking my head wondering why, I'm here when I could be somewhere else teaching older students who would benefit from my lessons, yet I find myself here.  So here I am and it is here that I shall find happiness and fulfillment in the life that has been put before me. 

Sometimes though it can be more than difficult, so where do I go after a hard days teaching when I believe that I have taught nothing.  Check out this blogs pictures...I take a book/camera and my legs and simply go behind the schools fence and walk, spend time in the temple in peace, eat five cent noodles and I find 'that' quietness.

Needless to say, I hate feeling that I have wasted my time!
Time, Time, Time, Time, Time!

The very grains we are made to rely on to give us some sort of structure to our lives.
Both our days and nights pass us by under the ungrateful and greedy eyes of time.
Forever taking from us, yet never giving in return.
Our sands begin to flow from our very first breath.
When we give birth we give new life.
Yet strangely at the same time are we not also taking the same life.
For do we not also begin our pathway to death from the very same first breath that gives us life?
Life, you see how confusing it can be when you sit back and think about it!
Time, my friends it is up to you how you use your time.
But what is the best way to use your time?
It's an age old question that!

Do we follow the rules, not drink and smoke and do our best to follow our chosen dogma to be then collected and die by the 8:15am train on the way to work when strangely you are not at the station but in your car listening to the radio when WHAM, the 8:15 decides to collect you anyhow.

No one on the 8:15 will go to work that day and time has caught up with them all!
Prior to you unwillingly catching the 8:15 train did you fulfil all your dreams?
Did you find the love you have always dreamed of?
Did you relax on a mountain top sipping green tea outside of the destination of the day?
Did you give birth and raise the child that will carry on your name?
Did you did you did you!

Or have you simply continued doing what you have been taught to believe is the right thing to do with your time? Are you still near to and unwilling to break away from your parents protective arms, help and love.

So much time....or so we are led to believe we have!
Time has a way of quietly sneaking up on us!
Before you know it you are losing time!

Sometimes simply relaxing and reading about how others spend their time is a good way to use your own time. But how much time reading about 'others' time is the right amount of time? That's a good question for all of you readers out there. I spent a LOT of time reading about 'others' time, so much so that a decade of my own time flew by without me doing much at all with my own time. I dined on so many people’s dreams that each week it was like feasting on a banquet of 'other peoples' dreams..

So when is 'your' time to stop feasting upon others time?
And when is it time to begin living your own dreams and time?

Why not simply throw them all into the big wok of life and create your own stir fry of time by living your own dreams and taking a book or two with you to feast upon along the way. Why not take the kids out of school and head overseas for a year teaching English in some remote third world country. Most of these countries have what are known as International Schools and their timetables and teachings are very much the same as the schools back home.

We can all do these things.

There are these and so many other possibilities open to us. Yet most people continue to say 'I wish I' or 'I would love to'. When you meet them they are also full of 'Oh you are so lucky to have'. How do I know? Because I used to say them all. It takes but one open and honest moment with yourself and the courage to follow it through and then all of your dreams will lay before you. You may hurt others along the way and I guess this is why so many of us never follow our dreams or take so long to do so.

Anyhow, enough from me about time.
It's your time and it is your choice what to do with it.
Most spend it wisely but many allow time to pass living a lie.
Strangely it is not a lie to anyone but themselves and those they allow inside.


The soundtrack to this entry was by You Am I
The album was 'Hourly Daily’

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