Well what to say here is what we have been ...

Trip Start Apr 15, 2002
Trip End May 22, 2003

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Flag of United States  , Indiana
Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Well what to say, here is what we have been up to for the past oh, two weeks or so. To make a quick sum up we have been hitchhiking for a week followed by visiting friends for about a week here in Indiana. Would you like to know more? (I like that line from the movie Starship Troopers)

For the first week of hitchhiking I am going to make a little list about the rides we had and fill in more detail in the interesting and memorable rides. If you gave us a ride and I have forgotten to mention you or left out something that was important I am sorry. We were picked up by inbetween 80 - 100 different people and my brain isn't big enough to remember every detail.

The first ride....

Okay the first ride is the one I have nicknamed the Cambodian bank robber. We were picked up in Bellingham and our driver told us that he could take us to Seattle but he had to make a couple stops on the way. Okay by us. So the first stop is at a US Bank and the guy gets out of the car leaving the engine running. He then pops the trunk and pulls out a heavy duty burlap type bag and heads inside. We immediately think oh crap we got our first ride from a bank robber and now we are accomplices. Well it turns out that he isn't actually a bank robber, he is a mail courier for US banks. We then proceed to drive to a few other US banks before we are dropped off in Seattle.

At this point I am going to put in a plug for a smoothie company called Jamba Juice. They make what we think are the best smoothies ever. So if you get a chance go ahead and try one, you'll like it.

Now I would like to point out a funny thing here, You know those signs by freeways that have a big hand with a thumb stuck out and it is crossed off? Those apparently mean no hitchhiking. Now I am not claiming that I didn't pick up on the concept that the signs are trying to convey its just that we were stuck in that area and didn't really want to walk long distances with heavy packs. So when the cop pulled up we tried our best to try and look like we were just resting, it didn't work. He took the time to explain the concept of the signs to me because obviously I was pretty stupid hehehe. So we walked fifty feet down the road until the officer left down the freeway and then went back under the signs. We had to, it was the best spot for hitchhiking you know.

Then next memorable ride was memorable because it sucked so much. We had become stuck in a truck stop in Eastern Washington. We were picked up by some really bad bad mormons, they drank, smoked, swore and basically did most of the things that mormons technically aren't supposed to do. They were leaving Washington because they had screwed over a drug dealer, they claimed, and he was out to get them. Anyway the ride was pretty hairy due to stupid drunk people and the ride lasted until Salt Lake City. This was the longest and worst ride we have had yet.

Okay, well I am taking off for a bit and will update more later, we are leaving Bloomington in mere minutes.

5-27-02 Alright now to add a tiny bit more to this entry.

Somewhere around this time we were picked up by two guys from South Africa who were doing construction work in Denver. They had come to the US to find work because apparently now in South Africa it is very difficult to get a job with the disability they both have, being white. South Africa seems to be going into a severe backlash against white people right now. It isn't violent in most places but it still makes it pretty much impossible for white people to make enough money to survive. They were really nice guys and dropped us off in a dinky tiny town called Deer Trail. They then told us they would drive by later that night to pick us up so we could stay at their place because they didn't think we would be getting a ride anytime in the near future.

Surprisingly though we weren't waiting too long before a Belgian meterologist from Wyoming picked us up. He seemed like a really nice guy but I think he was a little nuts. His current project, funded by the University of Wyoming, was to fly a plane into a tornado. He was very excited about the project and went on about some of the instruments and seemed perfectly comfortable with the idea of flying planes into tornadoes. Like I said, he was a little nutty.

In Kansas we were picked up by Daniel. He was heading to Witchita to fix up a house that he was selling. Currently a lot of middle America is flooded and the pool at his place had been damaged and the lawn was quickly becoming a swamp. So Daniel picks us up and it turns out that he used to be a navigator for the air force and used to navigate in the bombers that carried all the nukes. He had more stories than you could shake a stick at and ended up driving us about 300 miles and letting us stay the night at his place. In the morning he drove us 70 miles out of his way to get us back on the interstate of our choosing :)

I realize now that I am not listing every ride because there were just far too many of them. Besides this entry would get very long and very boring if I wrote down every single one.

Somewhere in Missouri we were picked up by a very interesting young lady. I was crammed into the back of the little Suzuki Samurai while Tamara talked with her like two long lost friends. Apparently this lady has quite an interesting occupation. She leads an innocent pig into a room where the unsuspecting porcine guy gets castrated by this seemingly kind woman. It turns out that none of her male co-workers will date her, I wonder why? She dropped us off in a tiny place called Sweet Springs which has a bar, a gas station, and a gigantic cheese factory.

I think the next ride was probably the most fun. We were waiting in Sweet Springs and it was getting dark, cars were coming by maybe one every ten minutes or so. We were about to give up for the day and find somewhere to sleep when a red dodge neon pulls up. I head to the window to ask where they are headed and immediately think "I don't really want this ride" Inside are two young men, the driver is wearing all black, has a mohawk, and about 7 visible facial piercings. The passenger has spiked blond hair and is wearing military fatigues and about ten pounds of chain. The driver asks us with a slighly feminine voice and a little lisp "Where are you two headed?" Well my freak alarm doesn't go off and we get in the car. (Maybe that alarm needs to be checked) It turns out that the driver, Larry, used to be a body piercer at a tattoo shop in St. Louis but now works in a residence for severely handicapped children. The passenger, Matt, is from Colorado and is working to become a tattoo artist and they have just returned from a concert featuring Leftover Crack. Larry and Matt were debating about whether or not to pick us up or instead go to the cheese factory. Luckily for us Tamara has a pierced nose so Larry voted for us. Matt is a big comic book fan and I happened to be wearing my Green Lantern t-shirt so he voted for us also. Green Lantern kicks ass, take that everyone that thought my shirt was silly. We stopped in Columbia to try and sell some of Matt's flash art to the local tattoo shops. Some of the shops turn out to be closed or completely gone. We arrive at the last one to find that the shop is closed but they people are still inside. All three of us convince Matt that it would be a good idea to go in the back door and try to sell his art anyway. During this time Larry has decided that if he doesn't take a piss right now he is going to wet himself. Larry looks around and decides that the side of the tattoo shop looks like the best place to relieve his overstrained bladder. About this time Matt comes around the corner moving pretty quick and behind him are the four guys that work in the tattoo shop. Matt seems in a hurry to go and hops in the car, Larry is hurrying to finish peeing on the wall and jump in the car at the same time. He hops in the car and we bounce over the curb into the street and take off. We are then heading back to the St. Louis suburb of Festus where Larry lives and has offered us a place to stay the night. (I guess my freak alarm is ok) We spent the evening talking with Larry, Matt, Larry's roommates and friends that live in the same building. The next afternoon Larry took us to a decent place on the freeway to get a ride and we were off.

Okay, well I will be adding still more to this post later

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