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Trip Start Apr 13, 2011
Trip End Jul 11, 2011

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Flag of Indonesia  , Bali,
Sunday, June 19, 2011

i will try to from where my last entry finished, though its been so long i can barely remember!

a few weeks ago a couple of my friends came over to my kos to have a drink and hang out. i was heading to besakih the next day to see the biggest temple in all of bali and it was a good two hour drive away so i needed an early night. they left around midnight, i went to sleep at 1am.

i awoke at 1.30 by my own voice saying 'who is it' in my sleep, as i turned over and saw THE MAINTENANCE MAN (aka creepy freak) from downstairs COMING INTO MY ROOM. when i woke up it scared him off, and he ran away. i kind of laid there stunned at first still half asleep, got up and closed my door and went back to sleep.

when i woke up in the morning a new unopened packet of cigarettes i had left outside were missing. as i got ready to meet nana and gunz (gunz is a guy from holland who is actually called rens but none of us can pronounce it, nana is and indonesian girl who is 31) and joseph, i asked the creepy freak where my cigarettes were, and he made some stupid hand movements. i shook my head and stormed off to my motorbike.

we all made the 45 minute trek to batubulan, where verena lives to meet her, her german couch surfer and some other german guy called marcus. we then started the 1.5 hour or so motorbike ride to besakih. the drive was absolutely amazing - words and photos cannot even explain. we were driving amongst jungle, rice paddies (which don't sound exciting but look awesome) and snaking up and down hills, some with hairpin turns. there were some hills i thought my bike wouldn't even make it up. this day i had borrowed lubis's manual motorbike, and i accidently locked up the back brake a couple times and nearly lost it as i accidently skidded round corners.

we stopped along the way for coffee as our bums were getting numb, and just as we were pulling up to entrance of besakih gunz got a flat tyre. i told the others to go ahead, and we would catch up, so i went with him and nana to find a bengkel (mechanic) to change the tyre.

after hanging around for a half hour or so, we made it back to besakih and finally to the temple. now, for a sacred place, there is a hell of a lot of swindling going on!! there is indonesian men EVERYWHERE in traditional garb, asking if you want a tour (tidak makasih - no thanks) and a few even said buleh weren't allowed with a guide (which is a lie). sometimes hawkers bend the truth but to outright lie totally surprised me! there were tiny children everywhere as well trying to sell postcards - one wouldn't leave us alone and just hung around singing in balinese. it was almost a little scary, and i wondered if bali's largest temple was where the zombie apocalypse was manfesting before spreading throughout the world.

as we were climbing the steps throughout the temple, we were still being harrassed for a guide. it got to the point where i told them 'no english' and when they asked, i replied 'german'. they were then kind enough to get me a german speaking guide. talk about fail.

we finally caught up with verena, joseph and ze two germans at the top of the temple, and it was absolutely beautiful. seeing a view of the mountains shrouded in clouds, i never realised mountains could be so beautiful. maybe it's just because i've never really seen them before, but it took my breath away. we sat at the top of the temple for about half an hour, just enjoying the view before heading down.

we then headed up to kintamani volcano, which i have to say was a little disappointing. i guess i was expecting to stand on the crater edge and look in and see boiling lava, but we just looked at it from the side of the road and tried to fend off ladies selling us hindu offerings for our motorbikes to keep us safe. considering how the rest of the day turned out, maybe we should have shelled out the 60 cents each for them.

we then headed off to go through ubud, before heading back to kuta for a drink and some dinner. we were heading down the mountain, with midgies flying into our eyes as it was starting to cool down. doing about 50km/h, i saw a whole heap of potholes ahead (more on those later) and slowed down to avoid getting thrown off, when my back brake locked up and my back tyre started to skid. i got control again, and looked in my review to see nana and guns falling off their bike, and hear a cacophony of smashing metal. i screeched to a halt and jumped off my bike to find verena under two motorbikes, and i can't remember what everyone else was doing as i pulled her out. she was in a little shock, and within 10 seconds a bunch of indos were crowded round, offering all sorts of help from orange juice to car rides. joseph had a scratch on his knee, nana had a small graze, gunz had a couple of grazes and marcus had hurt his wrist. we sat at the side of the road for a bit, waiting for verena to feel a bit better. a couple wing mirrors also suffered major injury, and in verena's case, death.

after getting a coffee and some krupuk (some rice thing, still not sure what it is) at the closest warung, we headed off again, albeit at a slower pace. we finally, EVENTUALLY made it back to sanur, where marcus said his pain in his wrist was getting really bad. while joseph took him off to hospital, we went and had something to eat (i know what you're thinking, but what was the point in ALL of us going???). we got updates from joseph and marcus. now, let me explain to you the medical system in bali.

1. marcus and joseph arrive at sos clinic.
2. marcus is told he has broken wrist, cast is put on
3. x rays are taken
4. for some reason, they go to sanglah hospital - something to do with the x rays
5. marcus is told in fact his wrist is not broken, just sprained
6. cast is taken off, marcus goes home, lives happily ever after.

i swear, only in bali.

so, after all the crazy crazy madness, at 11.30pm i get back to my kos. we had ridden for a total of six hours, and been out the house for 15. i arrive to find, on my doorstep, my stolen packet of cigarettes and a knife and a bottle of coke i didn't realise was missing. i headed over to lubis's warung, and he came back to the kos with me, bashing on the maintenance guys door until he came out. he then asked about him coming into my room, the stolen cigarettes and coke and knife. now, personally i was expecting the guy to deny everything. i was surprised when he chose to lie, but more surprised he chose to lie so damn badly!

- he wasn't, in fact, breaking into my room. he was coming in at 1.30am to clean. room cleaning is not provided at the kos i stay at
- he found the cigarettes, coke bottle and knife under a tree, and they must have jumped off the balcony. the tree was over 8 feet away from the balcony

verena was standing next to me as lubis and creepy freak talked in bahasa. i asked her what the creep was saying. her response? 'you're loud and you drink too much'. now, DESPITE what my mother thinks and my therapy appointments, i DO NOT drink too much, and in fact had only ever consumed two drinks of arak at my kos, and had never been drunk, or had drunk people there. when verena told me this, we both burst into laughter, with me gasping 'that's his complaint? i've been hearing that my whole life!'. the conversation ended with lubis saying if he came near my room again, we would call the kos owner, the police, and maybe kill him. the creep left shaking.

fast forward to a few days later. i had been at apache with nana, gunz and a lovely hawaiian lady called sandy. around 2am, i decided to call it a night and headed off with my friend (no guys, NOT like that!). i was approximately a kilometre away from my kos when i hid a series of potholes at, i would imagine because i can't remember, between 40 and 50km/h. i then went flying into a set of concrete poles, and next thing i remember was crithing (a mix between crawling and writhing) around on the road, holding my forehead while indos dragged me off the road and tried to help. i don't remember everything, but i remember coming to and being now on the pavement. i, or someone else, had taken my bandana off my head and i was holding it to my head wound, which was now gushing blood through the material and down my hand and face. i remember them saying 'you need to go home, you must go home' as i moaned, and i thought to myself 'i don't need to go home, i need to go to a f***ing hospital!'. my friend then put me in a taxi, and next thing i knew i was being shovelled into a wheelchair and was in the bimc emergency ward (again). i was there for over twelve hours, and i don't remember everything. i had a billion x rays, multiple painkillers, butterfly stitches and got poked several times with needles. the hospital called joseph for me, who then called nana. all three of them were drunk, and making me laugh so much trying to cheer me up i was in mega pain. my chest must have hit the the handlebars or something, the pain was that bad. just as i was about to leave at 6am, the pain in my chest became so bad i couldn't breathe without near-agony, so i got ushered back in and spent the next six hours with more x rays and painkillers.

eventually, i got to head home in a taxi with nana, and her under instruction of how to change my dressings and bandages. i left with my middle and index fingers on my left hand with a splint and bandaged, my left knee bandaged, and stiches and a dressed head. awesome look.

over the next few days, my left knee filled with fluid, my right eye swelled like all hell and two toes on my left foot developed severe bruising. i also got over a square foot black bruise on my stomach with a pocket of fluid build up.

in between all this, i had a psychotic landlord and creepy freak bashing on my door at 9am on the 16th, demanding rent and electricity money THAT VERY SECOND or i had to get out THAT VERY SECOND. their rudeness, along with the creepy guy, and the shitty water system, i obviously took this to mean 'run away in the middle of the night'. so that night, under darkness, i moved my whole life in bali (trust me, it's got pretty big) into a new kos nana and i found that day.

my new kos is in tuban (basically kuta) and is 1.7million a month. it has aircon and a wardrobe and a bathroom, and a paved back yard the size of a prison cell. it doesn't have hot water and it is a manual flush toilet (read: pour water in toilet with bucket to 'flush') but it is home for now, and my neighbours are super nice - i.e. probably won't break into my room at 1.30am under the guise of cleaning.

on saturday, i had finally had enough of my elephant leg - it had got to the point when new people saw it, i had started moving the fluid round saying 'you wanna surf THESE waves buddy?'. off me and nana trekked to bimc - for the third time.

over the next six hours i had two doctors appointments, four ultrasounds and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. to my relief, the surgeon wanted to drain my leg. so in went a 14 guage needle, out came 600ml of bloodm pus and knee juice. it wasn't painful but it wasn't exactly fun, and i was bandaged and told to come back the following day.

nana and i spent today painting our nails, eating a stupid amount of carbs, and heading off to bimc again at 5pm. the surgeon took another 650ml of fluid, and i have been told to do minimal walking, elevate it and rest, guess who's going to have a super exciting next two weeks? on the plus side, i'll hopefully get a free business class upgrade for the ride home :p

so, my next appointment is in a week, and my knee won't return to normal for 6 weeks. on the plus side, lubis is bringing round a tv for me tomorrow, and i live in a country where there is an endless dvd supply, all for only $1.10 each.

peace out - love, hugs, and knee juice to you all xxx
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Lisa on

your certainly not doing anything by halfs.. this is def one of those holidays that will go down in hystory as the most accident proned.. lets hope that your knee gets better real soon... besides all that hope all is well and you do seem to be having a great time..

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