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Trip End Jan 12, 2008

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So last night I'm sleeping peacefully when, quite suddenly, I'm awakened at 3AM by a weird pressure in my ear. I sit up and can hear crackling, crunching noises going on deep in my ear canal. I start shaking my head and beating on it like I'm trying to get water out of my ear. Doesn't work. After several minutes I'm becoming increasingly panicked. Finally, I woke up Albert-THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EAR. He spends the next 20 minutes examining my ear canal with a flashlight. All I can think of during this time is the news report I heard not long ago about a young boy who had a similar experience. After a few days of this pressure and noise his mom finally took him to the doctor, who flushed out his ear canal. Out comes not just one but TWO little spiders that had made a nest in his ear canal. EEEEEEWWWWW. By this time I'm fully freaked out. He keeps telling me there's nothing in there, but I swear I can hear something dancing around on my eardrum. Finally I tell him to flush out my ear. I remember my mom soothing my earaches as a kid by heating a bit of olive oil in a spoon and then pouring it in my ear. So I told Albert to do that. It's been many, many years since I've had hot oil poured in my ear, and I can tell you that it feels VERY strange. After letting it soak in as far as it seemed it would go, I laid my head down, fully expecting something large and creepy to come flowing out of my ear. This doesn't happen, but at this point I am now deaf due to oil being splattered all over my cochlea. I am now in full hysteria, expecting that I should be taken to the ER. After some time, Albert gets me calmed down and I fall back to sleep. Today, I still feel the pressure in my ear, but no longer hear the spider crunching around. Of course not, we fried the thing to death in hot oil.
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pj47 on

nice story dawn.............
I had to sign up for this comment.. Maybe it's like that star trek movie when that guy from fantasy island KAHN pulls out an earwig?? Sorry... really do hope you get whatever is in there- out. We miss you guys. Take care for now, Dawn Lewis and Albert Clarke.
paul cano

tara_m2003 on

Keeping in touch
Hi guys! I finally caught up with your entries! I miss you two so much! You got me a little 'misty' when you said you needed to call into our meeting. And how much you enjoyed listening in. I LOVE it! Makes us not so far from eachother, eh? Well, I am so glad you are having a great adventure and you are sharing it with us. By the way, I went to Graceland when I was in 7th grade. It was very cool sitting in his pink jeep! lol We all send you our love....Tara

pj47 on

Dawn what did you do?
Dawn, I will never make fun again... well not soon. I have an ear problem this morning!!! No joke. I can hear my pulse in my ear!! Slept wrong I think. I am miserable too. Sorry!!!!!!! paul cano

justmom on

hot oil
For the record, I used warm oil, not hot cuz that's what my mom used to do. I have since learned that this is not a healthy practice as it helps bacteria breed (just what you needed to hear. eh?). Probably fluid in your ear-that can sound 'crackly'. Try some Sudafed to dry things out. And stop watching movies like 'The Attack of the Giant Arachnids' (:b)

onecutern on

bug in your ear
Hey Dawn, had to post a comment after reading your story. Had a guy in the ER who did get a bug stuck in his ear. Can't remember what kind for the life of me. At first we thought he was crazy because he was a crackhead, but darned if we didnt find a bug after we flushed his ear for awhile. Don't fret-I'm sure you didn't actually have a bug in your ear, you are normal and not a crackhead. In case you ever need to flush your ear again, use Normal Saline and a plastic syringe (don't worry, no needle attached)that you can buy at a pharmacy. Don't use oil, not good okay. Love ya, Kim

stephoneyz on

crackling in the ear?
Hi Dawn, Thanks for the so called spider story. Now I get freaked out everytime a strand of hair sweeps by my ear. Anyways, I hope you are doing better now. Looking forward to seeing ya in Dec & tell Albert hello. Love, Steph & Z

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