A typical Sunday in San Juan del Sur !

Trip Start Dec 31, 2010
Trip End Apr 01, 2011

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Flag of Nicaragua  ,
Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have been here in SJdS for a month now, so we have established a bit of a routine when it comes to shopping for fresh meats ,fish ,or vegetables. Last year we ate out most days, even though we stay in a spacious suite with a complete kitchen.


We are more than comfortable in our 1 bedroom suite at the Park Avenue Villa's, Here are a couple pictures of our kitchen, which we use almost everyday this year.


Last year we stayed in this same suite for 6 weeks, however we ate out in restaurants every meal, so I didn't do any cooking, except for the occasional BBQ on the balcony. This year we are here for a much longer period of time, so dining out everyday was not a "cost effective" choice. There are so many nice little "Tienda's" (shops) and markets all over town. Today we bought 4 pounds of fresh filleted red snapper for just a few dollars.It is actually enough fish for 3 meals, so we are inviting some friends over for dinner tonight! I also have developed a taste for a weird vegetable called a "chyote" it is in the squash family, but has a texture like nothing I've ever seen. It has a very subtle,mild flavor and pairs well will carrots. You can see a couple of them sitting next to the pineapple in this picture.


Here is the fish market. Always a large crowd . Mostly locals shop here, but there are a few "gringo's like us in the crowd. I have talked to many visitor's , and they didn't know about this fish market, so maybe they will know now!!


I don't know the name of this fish, but it was a popular choice for many of the locals today?


A large variety of all types of fish. I am not sure how far out the fishermen go, but there always seems to be an abundance of fish in the surrounding water's ??   


'Yo tengo cuatro libre por favor" !! 

After we left the fish market, Ross and I decided to stop at the central market to pick up a few more supplies for tonight's dinner. While we were on our way to the town center this caught my eye..........

Yes in deed! That is a teenie, weenie Smart car, but wait..................It has BC plates!!! OMG somebody drove that tiny car all the way from Canada. I think it is about 5400 km from Vancouver. Yikes! Hope they got good gas mileage!!

Then just when you think you have seen it all we came across this................


Yup, it's a crazy "hippy, dippy" converted city bus from Oregon! We talked to one of the traveler's , and she told us they left Oregon back in the middle of October. They stop in a lot of places and put on some kind of "Variety Show" for donations I'm guessing. So tonight they are meeting in the old park (where Sat market used to be) They will have movies to show, some artwork to display, and other activities.We will walk down after dinner and see what's going on!

Lastly, after making our usual circuit around town I snapped a picture of this, for my sister Marla !...................


"My disclaimer"
"I have no political affiliation in Nicaragua or any other country"
I just thought it was interesting to see the Sandanista's are here in town, and last night they had a small rally in our park in front of The Park Avenue Villa's.


  They put up all their FSLN flags and banner's, had a few speaker's.Lots of loud music, and a nice time was had by all! The children were playing on the swing set and later got to smash a Pinata  full of candy. Some beautiful local Nicaraguan dancer's came out, and it was a very well organized event. 
Time to go see what's happening on our balcony. I heard our "traveling Hairstylist"has arrived, so everyone is gathering for a haircut!

Hasta pronto..................  

Just getting ready to prepare the" fresh catch of the day"


Going to make a red snapper poached in coconut sauce with angel hair pasta and a vegetable medley of julienne carrots/chyote 

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Marla on

Looks like you are turning into one of the "locals" all right Deed. I forgot to ask you - how is your colloquial Spanish (as in conversing with the natives) coming along? Like when you go to the market, are you able to ask what something is and Quando? Type thing? And just a word about that last photo FSLN? Umm the Hell's Angels are also integrating into every day society now too, but still there's just something about them...... hmmm...

deedledee on

Si mi hermana, mi espanol es bueno !
There is still very little English spoken on the western side of Nicaragua.Most of the Ex-pats who live here have learned Spanish as a necessity . So little by little I am getting better.Yes I know what you mean about the Hell's Angel's influence all over the place. In February hundreds of 'biker's (Harley's mostly) converge on SJdS. It is quite the spectacle.I think we will be on the Corn Islands when they arrive though, so we will see............
Hasta luego :-)

Charlie on

Hello I am enjoying your blog. I will be in SJDS next week. Where is the fish market in relation to the central mercado please? Thank you

deedledee on

Hi Charlie,
Thanks, glad you are liking my blog. If you are at the Central market you need to head down towards the water. Turn left at the BDF bank and walk all the way down the Malecon. You will pass by the Marina and the gated entrance to the Port of San Juan, keep going until you see 4 stalls ahead (there will be lots of bikes) and people, go to the stall with the most people gathered around. I find they have the largest selection.
Buena suerte :-)

Charlie on

Thank you! I will go there next week.

John Bush on

De, The meal sounded great. One day out of SJDS and I miss it allready. What I really missed tonight was the cocktails on the Balcony with the gang.
Tell them all hello.

deedledee on

Yes John my "snapper creation" was a huge success, and I had to give everyone on the balcony my recipe! We will have many fond memories of the time you spent here, and we hope you come back and see us next year!!

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