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Trip Start Oct 23, 2011
Trip End Nov 21, 2011

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Where I stayed
harmony inn

Flag of Indonesia  , Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta,
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday 8-11-11
Prambanan and Borobudur
I arise at 6am and wet wipe shower as bathroom is too dire to face at this hour!  less that 4 hrs sleep and I'm feeling alright, down at breakfast so is everyone else, I'm mighty impressed until Ben shuffles over with a stinking hangover!
Stale toast just does not cut it this morning and I can't face egg fried rice or spicy chicken noodles, so half a ton of watermelon it is!
We pile back on the bus and to my dismay it's the joke bus again with the shitty suspension. Worse still I thought the back seat would be good, but no, it squeaks with every bounce!!! So frustrating!! But the cure to this, is sleep, everyone must have thought the bus was too annoying as well cause everyone slept! I've sort of trained my body to sleep on any transport so as not to get sick! its sort of become a survival technique and my eyes automatically shut!
Gede told us some info en route which was good to have otherwise Borobudur would just have been another temple, albeit much more impressive than any other ive seen so far! He seems pretty good for this sort of thing, he knows a lot of stuff, that is probably because he has been doing this tour of indonesia for 7 years! next month is his first month of starting in Bangkok and doing the whole trip!
the temple is hugely impressive, and I mean really, really impressive. The thing is massive and has been reconstructed 2 times, the last time took 10 years with the help of IBM and their technology... Imagine how long it took to build in the first place!!! It's a buddhist temple that has only one whole buddha left out of thousands. They sit in 5 different poses(the hand signs change in each one) each meaning something different but when there was a war the extremists smashed all of the statues so they are missing hands and heads. Even the guardian lions are smashed up! It's also been exploded which is why at the top, the buddhas are now encased.
I did find out from the guide that it isn't an acting temple for Buddhas for most of the year, only one day that all the buddhists from all over come to pray, he says it isn't all that authentic as there are now 'modern buddist' who believe in the fat jolly buddha  Instead of the real deal.
Again we've been lucky, there was an eruption of the nearby volcano relatively recently so the top levels have been closed off to the public and it had only just opened up again this week!
The tour guide we had was miniature and so sweet, he told us so much and answered all my stupid questions! I asked about the sarong things we all had to put on, girls and boys, and I asked him if it was a sign of respect, he said sort of but also they can be bought by tourists so mostly it's a business thing!!!
when he had finished showing us around and telling us about Borobodur he said we could wander around as much as we liked and when we need to get out, he told us not to go through 'snake market' but instead to go to the museum (where we could see the 9000 stones that didn't fit back in after the second reconstruction!) and go back out the way we came in. Obviously we got lost. We did hit a wall of sellers who seemed to be waiting at an invisible line to hunt us on our way out of the temple. On the way into the temple, they hunted us as we got off the bus and I said to a guy maybe later to get him off my back, only afterwards was I informed by the guide that 'maybe later' means yes to them and 'they will get you' eek! And he did! the same guy ran up to me and wouldn't leave me be till we got to the museum. Whoops, I shan't say maybe later again! He was mad! and im pretty sure he cursed me...So the museum was confusing, we saw boats and maritime information..? And a woman selling tshirts... '10000 for you' no thanks 'okay 25000' what? No! 'okay okay for you only 10000'!! Haha funny selling technique! Just for being funny I bought an ice lolly which was nice till I got to the bottom layer ... Suspicious taste of Durian....
We tried to get back to the bus and found it impossible to get out! Seriously it was ages, then we found the real museum which did have the stones in it and found snake market right after that. Angus Kerrie and I got bored with trying to find our way out and just went through the snake market anyways and it was fine! Not in the least bit scary! The others took the long way around to avoid it! silly bunch!
 The next stop was Prambanan the Hindu temple which was also huge and impressive! But before we went to the temple we had lunch in the grounds of the temple. The restaurant also served beef...within the hindu temple grounds... Weird. I had a plate of boiled morning glory(on the menu it was mixed veg and shrimp gado gado). Not impressed but also not really hungry, it was scorching hot which just makes you super thirsty so I ordered a couple of bottles of water to go.
Our guide for this place was awesome! Literally had the biggest smile in the world!' My name; Suprix... Why? SURPRISE!' Oh my this dude was so full of beans! And his jokes were so abstract and took a while to grasp but still funny! he was so animated and excited by everything! He took us to all the separate temples which housed brahma the creator Vishnu the keeper and Sheva the destroyer and their animals but only the bull one was left. the other 2 animals were no longer in their temples. He made Andrew climb on it and then when we got out of that part he whispered to me, it's sacred, should do that but you know, sometimes I get bored and it's okay. Haha! Mental! He drew us pictures in the ground to explain the temples and the gods and the stories behind it. I think I learnt more about hinduism in Prambanan than my whole life!
It's the biggest Hindu temple is east Asia and it is home to 230 odd temples most of which you can see in rubble around the ones that are standing. They are reconstructing each of them and it will take over 200 years to complete. I suspect a little more than 200..! Suprix sits us all down and tells us the legend of 1000 temples: The legend tells the story about two ancient kingdoms raging war against each other and after a series of devastating batteles the baddies won. In the last battle, the baddie Prince, filled with supernatural powers, defeated the good king. After his victory, the Prince requested a marriage between himself and the dead king’s daughter, whose beauty was unmatched.
 The princess refused to marry the man who killed her father. She was finally forced to give in, but presented the Prince an impossible condition in order for the marriage to take place; the prince must construct a thousand temples in only one night.The prince agreed and immediately started working; the prince entered into meditation and conjured a multitude of demon spirits from the earth. With their help he built the first 999 temples and started working on the final one. To force a stop to his efforts, the princess and her maidens lit a fire in the east and begin pounding rice; a traditional Javanese dawn activity. Fooled into thinking the sun is about to rise, the spirits fled back into the earth leaving the last temple unfinished. The prince became furious when he learned of the deception and placed a curse on the princess which turned her into a stone statue making her the 1000th temple.
As he showed us around he would only let the boys see the stone carvings with boobs and vaginas on and giggle and scurry on to the next one but, only to stage whisper to the girl' it's lady bits! Hehe' such a strange funny old guy! I wanted to take him with me everywhere! he made everything fun!
Our luck held out with the weather and it didn't start raining till after we got back on the bus!
When we got back to the harmony inn I decided to make full use of the pool even though it was raining :) it was awesome swimming in the rain and I had fun chatting to Angus and Andrew and angela whilst floating in the rain! I have to admit I did do the andy dufrain escape scene of shawshank! Ha! Plonker! No one got it till I told them of course. Although much to mine and Angela's amusement Andrew and Angus starting talking about Ben being 'after me' ha! Obviously I didn't tell them he would be much more into them than me, just giggled with Angela on the sly and told them they had it all wrong! They still don't believe me.
I told Ben in the way to dinner ( after another awkward flip flop shower) and we had a giggle and like the idiots we are decided to play up to it to see if they would ever cotton on! Turns out we really didn't need to, Angus and Andrew made all the remarks they could about us sitting together etc even though we didn't and even though Angela Jordan Katrina and I were all laughing every time they did! Still nothing! Very silly boys!
As usual, dinner took about 2 hours to come and mine was hotter than everyone else's. I had a honey pancake to soothe the burn and washed it down with an avocado juice ( not nice).
Earlier I had signed up for a silver jewellery making course but at dinner Paola announced that only 5 people could go but 10 had signed up, no one was saying anything so I started and gave up my spot and instantly regretted it! Oh well, I'm sure I can do it elsewhere.
I had thought about an early night but by the time dinner finished it was midnight anyway so I just we t back to harmony inn, sat by the pool to use wifi a bit and now I'm off to bed! Night x
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