One night in Bangkok

Trip Start Nov 02, 2005
Trip End Apr 30, 2006

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Thursday, November 3, 2005

Hi there everybody, hope you are all OK.

We are sure most of you know, but in case you didn't: we're travelling around Asia for six months, yippie!!!

We have decided to keep you all updated (bored) with our stories and pictures using this new Travel-diary-thing, so hopefully you can all figure out how to use it. The way it works, is that every time we write something on it or upload some photos you are automatically sent a link. When you click on the link you can view it and also reply with your own messages which means we get to hear back from you and catch up on all the latest gossip from back home.


Had a bit of a hectic last week in the UK. Finally got the house packed up and put in to storage, so thanks to Leach and Trev for helping us with that. Spent a night at Darren's Mums and headed down to London on the train, with Lotta carrying all the bags as Darren had done his back in. Met up with Natalie at Euston who we used as a baggage porter, helping us with our bags on to the tube.

Flew Kuwait Airways to Bangkok (via Kuwait). They were not bad, apart from having to fly over Basra, not having any alcohol on board and the flight entertainment system being broke for the entire journey, but what do you expect for 450 quid?

In Bangkok it was difficult finding time to eat all our favorite food, but eating five times a day overcame that problem.

Khao San Road, where we stayed, is an institution in itself and has to be experienced first hand. In a short sentence; it's a massive street, packet with bars, restaurants and shops where you can buy anything from a fake degree to a special "body-to-body" massage, full of characters including "normal" people like us, local lady boys and 70 year old pony tailed acid heads.... more on this later.

Sightseeing so far has included a visit to the Grand Palace, an enclosed complex of temples built in 1782 for King Rama I as the Royal residence, but it also contains government offices and a throne hall amongst other things. Next to that lies "Wat Po" the reclining Buddha, which does exactly what the title suggests.

Also visited another Royal residence, the Vinanmek Mansion in the Dusit gardens. This impressive house was built for King Rama V who lived there until 1906. It is the "worlds largest golden teakwood mansion" and now poses as a museum where you are allowed to snoop in it's 31 exhibition rooms, including the King's bedroom, bathroom and throne room maintaining the atmosphere of the Tahi past.

We have also been to the National Stadium where there was a football match on and even better, outside there were some lads playing an amazing game of foot-volleyball, check out the film. Darren was going to show them how it's done properly, but was still carrying that back injury...

This was followed by three hours of hell (for Lotta) heaven (for Darren) at the MBK Eight storey shopping centre, jam packed with shops, fast food joints, cinema, bowling alley.... and millions of people.

Spent our last night in a bar watching Man U beat Chelski live. It was great watching Darren become more and more agitated and loud, turning in to the biggest Chelsea fan in the world in the hope that Man U might lose. (Sickening...)

The next morning, extremely hung over, we flew to Hanoi in Vietnam, where we are now and from where you will get the next update - watch this space!

Don't forget to reply by posting a comment. Hope you are all working really hard and are wrapping up warm for what we have heard is going to be the coldest winter in a loooong time. Lots of love/ Darren and Lotta

Almost forgot; HAPPY BIRTHDAY in November to:

- Dad - I love you!
- Nicki Millington - a year older and still only 18.
- and CONGRATULATIONS to Micke and Kristin on the birth of their gorgeous baby daughter Mirabelle!

8th - Nat - Good to see you. Hope your new little friend showed you a good time...

16th - Howie - Enjoy Ginger boy!

- Mikey B - Happy birthday, Bro.
- Christophe - Allez Totoffe, encore plus des cheveux gris....

30th - Emma - Oh dear, the big 30...we'll celebrate when you get to Goa, can't wait to see ya.

...and anybody else we might have missed off.
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karitnaye on

We are Jealous
Hi Scouse and Lotta,

We are very jealous about your latest adventure. We will keep track via this Travelpod thing. It looks quite interesting. We have just returned from Lithuania and Belarus, and are off to Krakow soon.

Nick & Bev

alee on

Bonjour from Zenteum
Hi guys!
Lotta, it's lovely to hear from you! Surprisingly you look loads happier in those photos than you ever did at work...wonder why?? Nothing has changed here, happy days at the office. Steve and i have bought a house, just waiting for it all to go through now! Anyway, have a lovely time & keep us updated!

797188 on

Hi Darren and Lotta

Bligh and Mary here ( Xmas 2002 Buenos Aires). We are really jealous of you guys off travelling again. Looking forward to following your travels. ENJOY.

mikehoughton on

Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!
How do you do it? Every time I hear from you you're taking months off on hols. Not just a week here and there which would be bad enough but months! Do you do any work? Do you like on rice and beans? How??? You should write a book, how to make the most out of life. I self help book on how not to get stuck in an office until you die. I'd buy it! Have a great time. Don't spend too much time thinking about the rest of us who have to save for years just to go to Skegness for a week!

leachy on

Sounds awful....
Hi ya
Sounds awful, just hope you have some lip balm with you!
I am not off to the North Pole but what an amazing weekend I had trying!!!!

Phil is in Aus so will speak when he's back.

Take care, love
Jo xxx & Phil xx

bingoqueen on

Hi There
God Darren and Lotta,when i opened this travel pod page and saw your ugly mugs in the top left hand corner,(looking all pretty, flowers etc) I thought youd saved us a bit of money and took the plunge.LOL
Hope alls going well will speak when your on MSN.
Luv Mum.

sanna on

Skriver på svenska...
... idag - är så jävla hungrig att jag inte kan ställa om hjärnan...

Nu har jag listat mig på eran sida (tog mig in via Niklas mail). Jag tänkte att syrran å Jenny kanske ville läsa oxå, så jag mailar deras adresser till er, så kan ni lägga till dem också...

Nu får man se själv hur 'roligt' det är att vara den som sitter hemma å tar emot resedagböcker fan...

Det är svinkallt ute (eller... minus det är första dagen det är så kallt denna höst) och lite snö. Längtar till jul som en besatt (bara för att man är ledig). I övrigt har det inte hänt ngt roligt - jo, det ryktas om att Runar Sörgaard är ihop med Mischa Barton som är 19 år och spelar i O.C (typ en modern version av Bevvan - hon är superkändis i USA). Men det var väl också allt...

Hör av er snart igen! PoK.

thedogman on

Hey kids, Glad you got away safe and sound and your Kuwait flight lived up to expectations.

Who is that dirty lookin' Turk with the manboobs at the football stadium with the Jeremy Beadle hand growing out of his back? A friend of yours Lotta?

I can see that if your back was in good shape you'd have been showing them a thing or two on that foot-volleyball court. I'm sure you'd be able to cover the ground quick enough to have a 'blockbusters' style 2-on-1 game, you being the 2 of course!

Finally got an email from Jack inviting us to his wedding reception.... next week! Probably the only thing he was told he had to do but still managed to cock it up!

Sent the baby down to the late shop for some fizz & crisps the other night, she's coming along in leaps and bounds. She's not strong enough to hold on to the saddle that we've got for Mollie yet so we might have to get a sled to attach to both dogs so she can take them out for a walk.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your short trip, it will be over in no time and then it's off to Sweden for us all! Woohoo!



sanna on

Jag vägrar att arbeta! Har därför tagit ut mig själv i generalstrejk i sympati med alla stackars människor som måste tillbringa sina bästa år på arbetsplatser. Har hetsätit en ask med salmiaktabletter vilket kommer få katastrofala följder för min matsmältning. I kväll är det le grande final för svenska versionen av Biggest Loser som jag och Niklas (den kulturella eliten i Sverige) följt under hela hösten. Ungefär så roligt har vi det! Ta nu å skriv ett nytt inlägg med nya bilder så man får tycka ännu mer synd om sig själv...

bas_en_natalie on

Jealous as well !!!
Hi Darren & Lotta,
just logged in to our yahoo account for the first time in weeks, to find 153 spam e-mails and only one non-spam e-mail, opened it and read that you're travelling again ! in SE-Asia !! We are jealous, but sure that you'll have a great time there. We can hardly resist starting to write what you should do and where you should go, we loved traveling in all countries you're going to visit. Can we join at some point, with Sjoerd (we'll send you a picture, he's lovely and doing very well, just started crawling on the ground) ? We just bought a house here in Utrecht, so we'll be painting from Christmas till Easter (well maybe a bit quicker) but we'll be happy to read your stories and see your pictures. Have fun !!
Bas & Natalie, the Netherlands

emmabolch on

Can't wait to join the party
Hiya both, looks like you're having a ball, just want to say thanks for the Birthday message, off out to celebrate the big 30 in a couple of days hopefully I will have recovered enough by the end of December when I come to join the party in Goa. Scouse I've bought you some ribena mate although slimfast may have been the better option! Love to you both see you soon X

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