In Bangkok, safe and sound!

Trip Start Feb 01, 2006
Trip End May 04, 2006

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Friday, February 3, 2006

Damn. I don't know where to start,but I guess I'll start by saying that I did arrive safe and sound, and did sleep in an actual bed despite the complete lack of planning. At this point I want to add the diaclaimer that the delete key here doesnt work the way I am used to, which means that yuo will have to read through quite a few typos, and a few misspellings (not too many though, I did win a class spelling bee in the fifth grade after all).

So I guess I'll start from the beginning, the bus ride from Boston was efficient, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it, I don't think i slept solidly for moer than fifteen minutes, but it did get me to nyc which was key. Once I got there I took the T(no SUBWAY) to JFk , where Ihad to wait 6 sleepless hours (thanks to the diligent Transit Authority workers) until my flight left. The flight itself wasn't that bad- I slept off and on for the first eight hours, and the food was actually really good, it actually had some flavor, unlike a lot of air plane meals. I watched one movie but just sat there for the most part. Watching movies or reading on planes makes me feel a little nauseous, so I just sat here, I definitely had a lot to think about so it didnt bother me. Let me just also say that 17 hours is a damn long time to be on a plane. TOO long.

So once I landed I had to figure out where to stay for my first night, not having taken care of it before I left (which would have been the logical thing to do, but hey, I had plenty of more necessary things to take care of before I left, such as buying a bus ticket to NYC, ya know, things that REALLY can't be put off). Anyway, there was a hostel called Suk11 that I had read a lot of good things about that I wanted to stay at, but I didn't even have the address, so I headed to Khao San road which I had actually heard not-so-great-things about, kind of a "backpacker slum" I guess you could say, with a lot of people hawking all sorts of shita nd general chaoticness, which is pretty accurate, but I actually kind of like it none-the-less, it's defintely different than anything I have seen before which is why I'm here after all. (Wow, long sentence huh?) So after going to about seven places I finally found a guest house that wasn't full, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but I was jet lagged (still am I guess (not to mention hungover):) so anywhere w/ a bed was fine by me. So I went to the guest house restaurant and started talking to some Candaian guys, shot the shit, for a while then proceeded to barhop until about 4 in the morning. Probably not the average way to treat jet lag, but 1.) I am by myself and really don't have any responsibilities, or anyone to answer to(which is a pretty neat feeling), and 2.) it was nice to actually get out there and start meeting people, which, being by myself, is going to be a key part of this trip.

So now I am just sitting here in the internat cafe that is connected to the guest house (they definitely make things convenient here/don't want to miss an opportunity to make some dinero (there is a travel agent and a tailor right across the hallway))(I use a lot of parenthesis get used to it), trying to decide what to se today and where to stay tonight, I think I'll probably just end up walking around and getting a little bit more adjusted.

General first impressions: chaotic, and very hot (95 degrees), and very muggy, almost hard to breathe. It is a very good/free feeling to be traveling again and to be on my own, the only downside is that I do miss Mel quite a bit.

Side note, I don't think I am going to usually write this much 1.) b/c it is kind of time consuming, and 2.) I know that you are probably reading this at work and you shouldn't leave the window open for too long, you never know when your boss is going to walk up behind you...
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peteboisvert on

Glad to hear you made it there safely! How long are you going to be in Bangkok?


dboisvert on

Glad to hear you're there.
I enjoyed the the details in your message. Don't worry about bosses (you don't) You can always lick the corner of an excel spreadsheet quickly. Kids at school do it all the time.

Your friendly Tech Coordinator

danno on

Don't know, a couple days maybe, but I am also going to be back here in a month.

bigdog22 on

Hey, read your entries, sounds like a damn good time, if I had the money I would have gone with you, but Diego is too damn expensive, keep it real and stay alert I know how u get sometimes Boisvert, haha

carolynkos on

Hey now
Getting an early start on the drinking... I like that. haha. Good to hear you got there safely. Sounds like you'll be coming back with some good stories (and possibly without a liver) but thats all part of the adventure...
Have fun!

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