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Trip Start Jan 29, 2003
Trip End Feb 01, 2004

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Where I stayed
Lek Guest House

Flag of Thailand  ,
Thursday, May 8, 2003

I had an overwhelming response to the last entry, and feel I should thank everyone for all the support. So big thanks go to Pete 'Charlie' Mason, Adam Nuttall, Andy Browne, Chantra, Kiley Garges, Ben Course, Leo Grrl, Debra Boniface, Swifty, and last but def. not least, the lovely Louise. And of course everyone else who has written to me. Sorry I can't write back to each and everyone of you, but I truly appreciate the effort.
Anyway, enough of the arse licking, and on with the show:

2nd May 2003:
Back to Bangkok, and Khao San Road, the terrorist potential capital of Asia if not the world. After getting myself somewhere to stay, namely Lek Guest House, I settled in then decided that there were 2 things I wanted to get done today. The first was to get my minidisc player mended after tracking down the location of the Thailand Sharp HQ, and the other was to send a load of gear home. (Not that kind of gear, Mum).
Unfortunately I managed to do exactly neither, partly due to laziness and the heat, well in fact 100% to do with laziness.
So, I decided to spend the day on the beautifully scenic Khao San Road, taking in a few beers, some fast food, and some cheap clothes. I bought some CD's and stuff for some friends back home and then watched Catch Me if You Can again.... but its fast becoming the best film of the 21st century in my eyes.
Anyway, the evening soon arrived, and I had a few in the Grand Football Bar, bumped into Fohn from Khao Sok AGAIN......... and also spoke to an Australian called Sam who was planning to be in Bangkok for a few weeks. He had today climbed an abandoned building site, which has amazing views of the city, but is very dodgy! I like the sound of that!
Made a few phone calls home, relieved to not be paying $15 a minute, then hit the sack. What a bland day!

3rd May 2003:
I should really explain why I'm here in Khao San again. I don't enjoy it that much that I need a hit every couple of weeks, but the plan is to meet up with the boys - Steve & Nick and do an island off the coast called Koh Chang.
I had to change guest house this morning, not for being thrown out, but because Lek GH is right in the centre, and directly on Khao San Road so at 7am the boys working on the music stall decided that it would be a perfect time for a Thai rendition of 'In the End' by Linkin Park. At 7 in the morning I was convinced that this was a bad dream, but it didn't stop, so eventually I had to check out, and go over the road to a quieter place. Maybe I'm just getting old???
Again, did very little today other than potter about, twiddling my thumbs, which I am bloody good at I'll have you know! Today there was a lot of footy on. Firstly watched Man U stuff Charlton, some of the West Ham game, the Liverpool game and finally Southampton entertained Bolton, but to use the word entertain in the same sentence as that game, is a complete crime. It was possibly the worst game I have ever seen!
Met up with the lads, and we have arranged to meet up tomorrow, go and watch some of the extreme games, then leave for Koh Chang on Monday. Good news is Steve has offered to take my bag of stuff home saving me a fortune on post. Thanks, mate!

4th May 2003:
Nursing a hangover, I walked out of the hotel this morning, to a very shocked hotel owner, who was blabbering on in Thai, with her hands over her mouth. I was quite intrigued so I walked quickly on to Khao San Road, and quite a scene was on offer. I turned the corner to see a mid-20's English girl, being handcuffed by police with her whole entire head soaked in blood, and the majority of her top. On inquiry it turned out that she was arguing with her Thai boyfriend who she then hit, but was not prepared for him to smash a pint glass down on her head 4 times. Actually I made that last bit up, because I don't know how she got to be in that state, but what I said is definitely a possibility so we can't rule it out!
I got a taxi over to the boys hotel, and was quiet impressed. I hadn't realised there were other parts to Bangkok including a skytrain, which was very high-tech and cheap! We decided not to go to the X-games because it was so far away. Instead we went to the MBK shopping centre, a huge mall, with everything you can imagine in there! We watched a film later in the evening - Anger Management, which was quite good. The strange thing about Thai cinemas is that before the film starts, you have to stand up and show your respect to the King, by standing staring at the screen whilst they play a biography of his life, which was actually quite surreal. Imagine having to do that in Blighty. It just wuoldn't catch on, I'm sure.
This evening we went out for a few beers, and watched the title race for the Premiership get decided which as you all know by now went to the 'mighty' reds. Tossers!

5th May 2003:
I got myself over to the boys hotel at midday, as they were going to do a prison visit first thing, but I was not surprised to find that they overslept and didn't go. Nick later told me that Stephen was too scared to go!?!?
After playing on the skytrain for a bit, we got a taxi over to the Eastern Bus Terminal, where we were just in time to make the bus to Trat - the closest mainland town to Koh Chang. The trip was 5 1/2 hours in which time, I read slept, and stared at strange people. It is fun staring out the Thai people. They don't really know how to react. We decided to go for the first guest house promoted to us, mainly because it was cheap. We dumped our bags in the room and headed out to see what Trat had to offer, which was quite frankly not a lot, though it did have a KFC.
We found a place to eat on one of the market stalls, but everywhere seemed to be shut or shutting after 10pm, so we went back to the hotel and had a few swift ones, before calling it a day and preparing for an 8am taxi tomorrow morning. At least it means getting out of this dump! The staff seem friendly enough, though so every cloud has a silver lining.

6th May 2003:
After a quick breakfast we jumped in the taxi, trying to get rid of a German bloke who was trying to sell us his island (not literally, but telling us how good it is, know what I mean?) and how we could smoke dope all day if we wanted. We get to the jetty, and its not hard to spot Koh Chang, its a huge island. In fact its so big, its difficult to see where it ends and where the mainland begins if that makes sense?
So we take the 1 hour boat crossing, and get into a shared taxi on the other side, to a resort called White Sands which looks the best. We pull up at somewhere called KC Bungalows, who wanted 300 for a mattress in a wicker hut with no fan. Bollocks to that!
We decided to take shifts in looking after the bags and go room hunting. Eventually we got a decent sized bungalow for 500 for all 3 of us including bathroom, overlooking the sea, and about 20ft away from the sea when the tide is in. It was a nice little place, but the only problem was it was a 20 minute walk away from the first bar, or shop or even road. It was just too isolated for my liking. In fact, I think the Thai government should introduce beach taxis on Koh Chang, to save our weary Western legs from over-use.
The rest of the afternoon we went for a wander in the main town, and just sort of did nothing, but that was what we were here to do I suppose.
I went for a meal, then we hit a bar on the beach which gave you a free shot with every beer. The other 2 didn't really like their first shots, so gave them to me after the 2nd beer. So what was going to be a quiet couple of beers, turned into a 7 tequilas, and 4 beers proper session. I hate tequila as well? Maybe alcoholism has finally caught up with me, and the taste no longer has any bearings, just to give my liver the desired effect, and to stimulate my mind. Ha!

7th May 2003:
We all got up later than planned this morning which is not surprising considering the alcohol which has a strange effect by starting in your stomach, then your feet react, and finally the next morning it rushes right up to the top, and stays in your head for the best part of the following day! Anyway, after a hangover cure of sausage sandwiches and chips, we went on to the main street, and inquired into some motorbikes. We could get them for 6 hours for 150, so a pretty good deal. After a dodgy start by Mr. Hollamby who started his bike and ploughed straight into Stephen, we all soon got the hang of it, and these puppies were fast. I got up to 100kph in mine, which is over 60mph on a moped!.
Originally we went South, and found ourselves at a waterfall, which cost 200 for a pass to give you access to all the waterfalls on the island. The boys thought this was too expensive, but I like me waterfalls, and since we weren't doing any day tours & I had the freedom to roam with my 2-wheeled friend, I went for it. The first one was Klong Plu waterfall packed with people here, there and everywhere. It was a very tall fall, with a large pool at the bottom which lots of people were swimming in. There was a good atmosphere about the place. Then we headed North to the other side of the island, and I looked at another - Than Mayom waterfall, and in complete contrast to the other, I was the only person there. It was a long way out I suppose, but, there was literally just me there! It was quite eerie actually, with live scorpions on the path, and the most deathly silence, the only noise being that coming from the tiered staircase looking waterfall. Nevertheless, it was def. worth seeing.
I also saw Nang Yam waterfall, which was OK. I then noticed that my bike was making funny noises as soon as I released the throttle, which although gave me an excuse to drive fast, it was quite worrying to think that I was 40km away from base, and I could break down at any time, and it was bloody hot!
I decided to leave the others and head back without getting further away! I was now getting looks from most people, not because of my lack of motorcycle riding knowledge but because it sounded like I was riding a broken washing machine. However, I made it back and handed it over managing to freewheel it the last 100 yards in neutral. I got my passport back and ran away.
This evening we went out for a bite to eat, then had a few beers and tequilas on the beach, where we talked rubbish including an absurd comment from Stephen which he still stands by now claiming that Richard Branson is NOT an entrepreneur. Surely tahts like arguing whether water is wet or not?

8th May 2003:
I did the long walk back to the road at 8am, and got a taxi to the port. From here I took the ferry back to the mainland, and then had to get another taxi to a small town where I was getting a minibus. They then proceeded to take me to about 5 different places in this town, unable to find me my minibus. Eventually, they took me back to where I started and put me on a minibus to Bangkok with this Australian guy. He seemed a nice enough fellow, and we were making the pleasant chit-chat when all of a sudden, he just shouted 'WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? WE ARE LATE ALREADY. TAKE ME TO BANGKOK NOW!'
I now realised I was sat next to a complete psycho & I decided to avoid eye contact with him for the rest of the journey, though I should point out that his sudden outburst was for the benefit of the driver, not me.
Anyway, I got back to Khao San road and I was still alive. I have to sort out some of my tickets, and then head up to Chiang Mai to do some trekking.
Onwards and Upwards.
Until next time.....................
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