Yuckey! Yuckey! Yuck-yuck....and Faith!

Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Montana
Saturday, March 15, 2008

Woohoo! One more sleep and I'm home.
Now that I'm close to home I am looking forward to getting there. I am pumped. I know what I must do. The past 3 days of solid driving have been tiring. I haven't driven this much since my first week. Actually, if I would have driven all the way home today the number of kilometres would have been only a bit more than I did the first day. Though there is a difference between driving through Saskatchewan in September and over the Continental Divide in March.
***WARNING*** MOM...You can't read the following until I'm home tomorrow.
The day started off OK. It was just below freezing when I left Pocatello. Then things got progressively worse. The roads started icing up...the temperature dropped to -13....I was climbing to over 2000 metres and it started snowing. My worst nightmare came true. Actually...my worst nightmare happened to someone else.
I was thinking as I was driving that I had to write a blog on faith. I was a little brief a few days ago when I mentioned not walking around with blinkers on.
That's the thing with faith, you can't go around saying I have faith in "so and so" and leave it at that. There's still some work to do. You can't drive your car around for years without servicing it. If you did, then at some point in time it's going to break down on you. You have to be aware of what is required for whatever situation you have faith in.
I have a lot of faith in my truck. It's been running awesome throughout my travels during the past year. It's done a really great job of pulling my trailer up some pretty steep roads. But it keeps on chugging along. The thing is I've been making sure that that does happen. I change the oil regularly. I let the engine warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before hitting the highway when I'm pulling the trailer. More so, when I know I'll have to be at highway speed fairly quickly. It's called prevention. I passed a truck pulling a trailer with Saskatchewan plates that seemed to be having problems. It was a Chevy. (That's a jab at my brother who is constantly telling me Chevys are better than Fords)
You can't blindly believe in What? Is! or whomever, or whatever, and everything will work out the way it should. First off, if your head is buried in the sand, how are you going to see the signs? What happens if What? Is! is just testing your faith in him? Or that relationship you are in needs TLC. You need to be aware that that's what happened. What? Is! is constantly testing me. Are your relationships testing you and you have your head buried in the sand?
You have to do your homework. Confirm that what you think is right, actually is. Or get a better idea of how things should be.
So I'm driving and thinking  about what I should write about faith. I've been driving on faith for most of the past 3 days. Some of you might call it stupidity. I call it faith. If you wait long enough I'll start writing something that some of you will call insane.
So here is why I've been driving the past 3 days on faith. There have been certain "side-effects" to the creams and lotions that Einav sold me. They make my eyesight blurry. So stop using them you must be saying. Right?
There's a reason here and I know why this is so. I have FAITH!
Last year when I did my Vision book I had a few other "wishes". I've talked about my Orange Shelby Mustang. I have a picture of one in my book. Number 2 is my mid-thirties dream girl. Other items I wrote and have pictures of in my book are: my million dollar plus bank account, 20/20 vision and a picture of a guy with 6-pack abs. I have 3 to 4 pack abs. I was willing to work at it. Actually, I was until my relapse in January when I was in Florida. I know 6-pack abs won't magically appear no matter how much faith I have in What? Is! to provide whatever I dream or wish for unless I exercise, do crunches, and eat right.
There's that blind faith item again. We have to do some of the work no matter what we ask for. That is why I have so much faith in what Einav told me and sold me. I am getting what I asked for. I didn't ask to look like a 20 year old, but I guess the 6-pack abs are on a 20 year old in the picture in my Vision book. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. What I did wrong when I asked for all this stuff is that I put dates on them. When you see or read the Secret they say the Law of Attraction doesn't take time into account. Your wish can be granted right this instant. That's where I think they are wrong. Certain things have to fall into place before what you wished will come true.
I used all the products Einav gave me before going to see the ICE show. Most of those products I don't have to use again until next month. There are 2 eye creams that I have to use daily. One in the morning and one before going to bed. Einav indicated that they were a "medical" treatment. Does she say that to all the customers? Or was that What? Is!? I've also been curious as to why she was there. I noticed 3 booths with these products in the Casino. They are always there. The other woman at the booth was American. I do know suppliers send representatives to sell their products in these booths on occasion to train staff. The funny thing is that the original products she sold me are from a Japanese company, not the Dead Sea Company that is situated in Israel, which, I would assume is the company she would work for. Something even stranger I noticed. The Dead Sea Company is a Hadon Group division. So what?  You may be asking yourself. The Hadon Group is the company that helped Ellie meet the extra-terrestrials in the movie Contact. Spooky.
Since I haven't written about that evening yet, I'm going to sidetrack. After doing all that, I took a walk to the Riviera to get my show ticket. It's almost 6, the show starts at 8 PM. My eyes got all "fogged" up after I put the eye cream on and had laid down for a while. I was thinking of stopping by the campground store to see if they had eye drops. Now I was running late.   I still have to go back to the trailer and get changed. I'm about to walk into the Riviera when I realize I don't have my 50% off coupon. So I start walking back. I'm thinking of trying a shortcut I don't know exist. Instead of turning onto Circus Circus Drive, I continue walking up the Vegas Strip thinking I can get to the campground faster.
I don't know if there was a shortcut, but I did find a pharmacy for some eye drops. I had never been down this block of the Strip before. I had hesitated numerous times before going this way. The eye drops I had to get stood out for some reason. I guess it's part of the magic formula to give me my 20/20 vision.   Instead of continuing the way I was going I returned to the route I knew. Actually I did continue then turned around. It's like I was lead to that pharmacy and the only way that was possible was if I forgot my coupon. Now I had to get ready and get my ticket just before the show. I was early for the show so I sat at a nearby bar and talked with the bartender.   There was an old couple nearby. The lady showed me her HUGE black pearl ring that she received for her 62nd wedding anniversary. I haven't the faintest idea what the significance of that is. If I got married tomorrow, I'd be 106 when I celebrated a 62nd anniversary. Don't think that will ever happen.
The ICE show was very good. It had numerous messages. Most of them about faith. When couples skate and the guy is holding the girl by the legs and swinging her around with her head just inches away from the ice they both need faith in the other that they will do what they should be doing. If not, someone is going to get hurt. Then there was this amazing acrobatic skater. They pulled this 6 foot high platform onto center ice. They hoist him on top with a cable. He did various combinations of this but the most amazing one was when, with skates on, he climbs onto a board that is sitting on a cube, that is sitting on a 5 or 6 inch cylinder, that is sitting on a cube, that is sitting on a 5 or 6 inch cylinder, that is sitting on a   cube that is sitting on a rotating base. As he's perched on this combination of geometric shapes he slowly does a full rotation by inching around the rotating base. Throughout this he had no safety harness.
It was simply amazing and demonstrated the faith he had in his abilities. As I watched him set up I noticed how he made sure each shape was exactly where it should be so that everything was perfectly balanced. He had to make sure he was prepared. Even without this guys demonstration, the sheer pleasure of watching all those tight female buns in thongs skating around was worth the price of admission. OH! And for all the females out there, there were plenty of tight male buns and 6 pack abs. I might be "such a  girl", but I'll stick with watching females buns.
Now where was I? Ah yes. My drive. The roads were quite slick within a very short time as I was climbing the continental divide in Idaho. There must have been drifting snow the night before. For some reason I had decided to leave the furnace on in the trailer, but at 10 degrees. At -13 outside everything would have been frozen solid. Part 1 of my nightmare avoided. As I'm driving I turn the 4X4 system  on. I'm glad I got that fixed in Charlotte. I'm driving about 60 mph when I come up to this slow moving car. He's doing 45. I know the roads are pure ice (I just got it. Ice show. Icy roads. Faith.)
At this time I decide that 45 would be fast enough. I don't know if the trailer tires are all-season. I don't know why they would be. The trailer could be floating on this ice with no traction at all. As I'm following this guy I notice further up in the opposing lane what looks like someone making a u-turn pulling a cargo trailer. All I see is the trailers side. Then I drive a little further and notice that now the trailer is on its side in the ditch with an SUV in front of it pointing in the wrong direction. I quickly pull over. Well, as quickly as is possible when you are driving on pure ice and you are pulling a 7000 lb trailer. I run across the median, in my sandals (I almost always drive in sandals), through 2 feet of snow. Somebody else had stopped next to the SUV and trailer by now.
The driver of the SUV is OK. He says his wife and 3 kids are OK. The other guy calls 911. The wife gets out and says that the SUV went right around and upside down before landing on its wheels. She has coffee everywhere. The kids, in their car seats are wondering what happened. She tells them, See why you must stay buckled up! I offered them the trailer to warm up in but they said they were OK. The SUV was still running. The driver says they were on their way to Vegas and he must have hit a patch of ice. Patch of ice? The whole road is ice. He says he was slowing down. I'm sure that's what caused it. If his truck brakes caught before the trailer brakes, then the laws of physics take hold. I waited around a while, but since they were OK I said that I would leave. I had a long way to go still today.
The icy road, both lanes, lasted a while longer than the passing lane cleared up so I drove in that lane. Then I stopped for gas and when I got back on the road the sun had melted the ice. It snowed a little bit but not much. There was fog for a while but that didn't last long either. So that's what I mean about having faith but being prepared. I have faith in What? Is! to get me home safely. But I am also aware of the laws of physic and how I should drive to ensure they don't take over. Cars were zooming past me on this ice. Faith or Stupidity?
The Idaho/Montana border on I-15 is about the highest point on the continental divide. It seems that as soon as I passed into Montana the snow magically disappeared. In Idaho I saw more snow than I had planned on seeing this winter. Coincidently my iPod played White Christmas. As I was driving in Montana, on dry roads, I was thinking of my time in Charlotte and getting my truck fixed, especially the 4X4 system. I'm coming up to an overpass when I see these emergency lights flashing down beneath the overpass. I notice a train that is stopped. Then I notice a lot of activity by the rail crossing. A truck or something was hit by or hit the train.
Then I remember the day they fixed the 4X4 system. I had, more or less, witnessed an accident in the morning when I had dropped off the truck, then in the afternoon as I was walking back to the dealership I came across another accident that had just happened. If I hadn't written those blogs before you would say I was making all this up. You could argue that I made up the accidents today to make my blog match up to what I wrote previously. But why would I do that?
Now you know why I warned my Mom not to read my blog until I get home. If she sees this before I'm home she'll be checking the weather forecast for my final day drive home and worry about me.
Driving in a blur. I started talking about that didn't I? Got sidetracked, a couple times. So since I left Vegas my eyes have more or less, more than less, been blurry. I started by driving with my glasses on, then yesterday realized what I was supposed to do and took my glasses off. At first I kept them within easy reach, but then I realized that What? Is! kept on putting Angels in front of me to ensure I didn't get into an accident. Guess that's another reason to not have my Mom reading this.
Who were these Angels? Usually large trucks. There would usually be one who wasn't zooming away. One that would be going the speed I was going. If an extremely slow moving vehicle was in the way, I knew why they had changed lanes, so I did the same instead of barrelling into a slow moving vehicle. Police cars were another indication. A lot of them were on the road and I could see them when they passed me, then I would see their lights flashing on the side of the road indicating they had stopped someone. That was always my cue to move over and for some reason there was never anyone next to me. I'm not that blind. I can still see shapes fairly good.
So I put my faith into What? Is! as I was driving. I drove from Provo through Salt Lake City like this. This strip of Interstate was mostly 4 and 5 lanes wide.   I also noticed that there wasn't much traffic around me, though there was a lot of cars on the road. Magically people were giving me some space. I even pulled off the highway at one point for a break, there was a Wal-Mart parking lot and I went into Starbucks for a coffee without my glasses on. Further on I figured I had to put my glasses back on. It was just a feeling that it would be better with them on. So, as much faith as I have in What? Is!, I still must listen to my feelings as to what the right things to do are.
Now you are all thinking, does this guy honestly think he's going to get 20/20 vision? Yes I am. Want to know why? Because everything else I wrote in my blog will also happen. I will have over a million dollars in my bank account, I will have 6 pack abs (actually you all can if you work real hard at it), I will have my Orange Shelby Mustang and I will be with my dream girl (email me if you can figure out who she is-there are hints in my blog). And you are all still asking why? I wrote about it already. My movie script. I got the scenes wrong, but the premise is right. What better way to prove something works then to document it all along the way?
The Secret was done after the fact. They interviewed people for whom the Law of Attraction had worked, after the fact. If I write what I will get and most of you have your doubts that any of this will happen, then it actually does, don't you think you might be stronger believers? My play by play of what actually happens is written for all to see. The doubts, the insecurities, the joys, the insights, the meltdowns, and the stupid attempts at humour. Okay, they aren't all stupid. Sometimes I do get it right and someone laughs. All of it, for all to see.
I almost forgot, I got so involved in writing inspirational stuff that I forgot about being selfish. My worst nightmare was that it would snow, that it would get much below freezing, that there would be slush and salty road grime all over my truck and trailer before I got to Calgary. My truck and trailer are YUCKEY! I actually never did think of being in an accident. That never crossed my mind. I checked the forecast for Calgary for next week. I don't have to be psychic to know what I'll be washing one day this week.
The day, almost, ended on a high note. The temperature was plus 10 when I arrived in Great Falls. Then big snowflakes started falling. They didn't last. So that's good. We'll see what the roads look like when I get up in the morning. Eek. I don't have a snowbrush.
Think It! Feel It! Live It!
PS. I've added a donation link to my blog. I have faith in my dreams coming true. I don't know when the money will come though and I am flat broke and for my dreams to be realized I will be resigning my position with the government. Your dreams can't be fulfilled when you are working with a safety net. I have one that a lot of people don't, so it must go. Any donations I receive will be donated to Project Rescue when I get my money. Call it a loan that will go to a higher cause. Hannah has told me that that is where she wants to do some mission work when she graduates this spring. I think it's a sign. Have faith. Believe in what I wrote. $ 5.00...$100...$5,000....$100,000, whatever you can spare and want to eventually go to Project Rescue.
PPS. I still have some pictures to post. When I get home. Then I'll post the final chapter of my Journey, or epilogue, and those who are interested can then read my blog on my website, which will be up and running by next weekend, ready or not. I'm not too sure if I'm home that the travelogue people want me to continue using their medium for my own purposes.
PPPS. Katrine is curling in the Canadian University Championship this week in Ontario. She just called to say they made it to the playoffs. If they win the Championship on Sunday they get to represent Canada again at the University Olympics in China next year. The more people cheering them on, the greater the chance of that happening. So please join in, in wishing them some great games tomorrow and Sunday. Captain Canada wants to go to China and make a fool of himself again.
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