My Date with a Hot 20 Something!

Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Nevada
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What? Is! is an amazing social planner.
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!
I gave my business card to someone I met and she said she'd call me when she got off work.
I was very tired today. I'm getting old, physically, to be up all night, get a few hours sleep, then start over.
I have a hard time catching up on my sleep. Staying up till 6 am doesn't mean I'll sleep till noon. I was awake by 8, tossed and turned, dozed off, then was up at 10 to go pay for another night at the campground. What? Is! has plans for me. My life lessons are not finished. I might be slow at catching on, but eventually I do get it. I've come to the realization I don't know when I will be leaving Vegas. I will know when that time is. Nick is coming to Calgary at Easter because I said I would be there. I know I will be there then.
I take a nap and get up after 2h00. I check my cell phone and I've missed 2 calls, around noon. I don't know where the area code is from   so I check online and find out it's an L.A area code. I call and leave Maira a message. She calls me back at 2h30 and tells me she's still at the casino we were at. She played all night. She was up to $1075 and then she got greedy and lost it all. Then she asked me why I didn't take any of the money. That's when I explained the theory to her.
I lent her the money so that she could play. We played together, but it was still her playing money. We played and won because we were being thankful. She had a feeling that she could win and I had to learn to trust her feeling. That I did. She knew she wanted to go home with $500 and then as the night progressed she said she could get $1000. Which she did even though I wasn't there. And why did she lose it all?
She was greedy and wanted more then what she asked for and didn't do the "right" thing by offering to share when I left. The $1000 was the right amount because if she would have shared she would have had the $500 that she wanted.
The moral of the theory?  Know what you want. Listen to your feelings. Be gratuitous. Think of others. Hopefully she understands. Like I said yesterday, it's the experience that matters and not the money. The money will come at the right time. I have faith and I'm slowly understanding the process.
The funny thing during this conversation was that her cell phone was cutting out. The conversation wasn't clear and the message wasn't getting out. Sounds familiar if you compare that to life.
We say our goodbyes. A few minutes later she calls me back. Freddy has heard that the Riviera is giving cash cards for up to $1,000 to use in their casino. They are heading over there and she wants me to meet them there. The Riviera is across the street from Circus Circus. She tells me to take a shower. How did she know I needed a shower?  I shower and start walking over. My phone rings. Maira says they got a card and they are only for $1.00. So I shouldn't bother heading over there. They're heading back to their room at Circus Circus.
She asks me what my plans are. Since I'm already walking I say I'm heading to Denny's for some late lunch. Then she asks me if I would lend her another $200. I say no. I proved my theory. She's addicted to gambling. Until she learns otherwise. As I'm writing this I remember the movie, Lucky You. She's the Professional gambler character. I watched the movie on Valentine's Day and said I wouldn't get into the moral of the story. Maira will read this and she will watch the movie. She'll understand the moral. Her heart is in the right place in her personal life, she has to realize that she has to do the same if she wants to continue gambling. She was my Angel, and I am her Angel. We each had something to teach the other. We say our goodbyes. She promises to read my blog and email me.
I'm walking though the retail section of the Casino when a beautiful young woman approaches me. She has something to sell, and no, it's not herself. She's selling beauty products. I can't keep my eyes off her. Well it was more like I couldn't keep my eyes off her breasts. She had a low cut shirt on and her breasts were kind of popping out. She was also quite a bit shorter than me. So even if I'm trying to look her in the eyes, the  boobs kept on staring back at me. Hey! I'm just reporting my play by play. Breasts sell. It's a fact of life. Accept it. That was What? Is! planned or he wouldn't have made them so inviting if they were only to feed babies.
So she leads me to her counter and shows me some of her products. Her name is Einav and is from Israel. The product she is promoting are all natural and come from the Dead Sea. The first item is a scrub made from Sea Salt taken 8000 ft below the surface. The Sea Salt opens and cleans the pores, then the second product closes and seals the pores. The third product is for the face. She does a demonstration on me as to how it all works. We are chatting as she does this. She's been here for 3 months and leaves on the 10th? That didn't make sense. I'm sure she said the 10th and even confirmed that later. That's today. It's hard understanding her sometimes because of her accent.
She has the standard selling tactics. This product is this price, and that one, this, but if you buy now I'll give them for this reduced price and throw in product number 3. By this time I have a feeling What? Is! is up to something. These products are great for dry skin, a problem that you find in Calgary. Nick has had extreme dry skin problems on his elbows and knees for a long time. Katrine is always complaining about her dry skin. So I'm trying to decipher the message. Is this a sign to set up a franchise in Canada? Or What? I'm interested in the product but I am heading out to have lunch. I promise Einav that I'll be back.
At Denny's these three young woman come in and are lead to the booth behind me, next to the windows. Every so often I look in their direction. I hear one of them talking about dry skin and then see her with some hand cream. I continue eating and glance back again and they are still talking about dry skin. Then I know for sure that I have to go back and see Einav. When I'm done eating I know I have to go to the Riviera. Another sign from What? Is! through Maira. I walk around the casino, no orange Mustang. As I'm walking these 2 pretty young women in costumes walk by and hand me a coupon advertising a show called Ice and the coupon is for 50% off.
Around Vegas they hand out leaflets all over the place for everything, shows, girls, tours, etc. I've noticed that to date they have pretty much left me alone. I figured walking up the Strip they would be handing out all the sex shows stuff to a guy walking by himself, but no. Just an observation.
The Ice show is a Russian skaters presentation. I continue walking around the casino and arrive at the box office for the Ice show. The two young women who gave me the card are walking out of the room to wherever. The box office is closed but there are bigger advertising cards there. I grab one and the picture on it of the lead skater looks familiar. I head back to Circus Circus. I go back to see Einav. I told her I promised to come back and I did. Also that I'll take 3 of each of the items, some for Nick and some for Katrine. After I pay for that she has some other items to show me.
At some point during our conversation she had asked how old I was. I said I'd be 45 in April. She said, no way, I don't look much older than 30. I've heard that before. The products she wants to show me are skin revitalizing products. They'll make me look 20 again, since I already look 30. That was so long ago that I don't remember how I looked then. As she's showing me the products she asks about my wife, since I had mentioned the kids earlier. I said I'm divorced. Then I notice a change in her approach. She's definitely flirting with me.
She demonstrates all the products, explains how they work and the application process. This is getting confusing. How am I suppose to remember all this. She says she'll give me her email address and that I can contact her at anytime with any questions. I know that What? Is! has this all planned. I also know I'm going to buy all the stuff she's showing me. Why? Because I'm such a girl! You've read about my shopping "addiction". I'm reminded of a song Kellie Pickler sang the other night about how guys don't understand that it takes a long time for a woman to get ready to look as gorgeous as they do. Well, if women can do it, so can guys. Remember I have to experience life. I can't experience all that women experience, like childbirth, but I can try and experience other things. This is one of those things.
If you are going to really love someone you have to know how they feel and experience what they experience. If my dream girl is extremely beautiful then I must experience all the hard work that she puts into being that gorgeous. Most guys don't appreciate that. Why do you think there are so many relationship problems. We don't take the time to put ourselves in the other persons shoes.
After the demonstration is done and I've written "cheat notes" on the inside of the boxes, she does something which I gave her my solemn promise that I wouldn't tell anyone. Remember, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! I pay for the stuff and I give her my card. She asks if I can take a before picture and then an after picture and send them to her. I promised I would. She asks when I'm leaving. I say, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. She says she'll call me later. Hey! What? Is! is awesome. I have a date with a gorgeous, 20 something Israelite. He even told me where we would be going, to the Ice Show. And some people insist that there is no God!
Einav had also mentioned that the skin revitalizing products are a "medical" treatment. The products she sold me will last 2 years if I follow her instructions. After that there is one product that they sell that I can use to keep me looking young. Wow, looking 20 until I die. I'm always singing Bryan Adams, Eighteen Till I Die. Now, if there's something I can do about the grey hairs, naturally. You're probably all saying, He's been had by a gorgeous salesperson. Nope. I read the instructions on the boxes. Their instructions are that you must use the product much more often. Einav's instructions are to use them once per month. I have faith in her because that is the feeling I have.
I head back to the trailer and start writing  yesterday's blog. The Ice Show is at 8 PM. I assume she's off work at 6 and might call me about 7, if that's part of the plan. Seven comes around, no call. Then 8, and then I know I'm still expecting things, misreading signs. So I continue working on my blog. At 9h30 I decide to head to the Casino for a drink. I get changed and head through the retail area shortly after 10. Einav is just closing shop. She sees me and says hi. Asks where I'm going. I say to get a drink and then I ask her if she wants to join me. She says yes, but has to go to the office first. I ask how long. Her co-worker says 1 hour, Einav says 45 minutes.
I go grab a beer and start walking around the casino. I've put my cell phone on vibrate and the loudest ring setting and put the phone in my shirt pocket. With all the noise in the Casino I don't want to miss the call. One hour passes. Then one and a half. Then I think. If she's that interested maybe she realized she should get out of her work clothes into something nicer. Gorgeous women take time to get that way. I continue walking and sitting at various places in the Casino. I'm often looking at my cell phone to make sure I haven't missed a call.
During this time I see certain people numerous times. A couple of hours after I originally thought she might show up I have pretty much given up hope that she will show up. I start walking back through the retail area towards the trailer. I see the Garden Grill lounge. I still have faith that something will happen. I grab a beer and sit at the end of the bar mulling over my lesson of the evening. These three guys walk in with these three young women. I had seen the women earlier as I was walking around. I had a feeling they were hookers. One of the guys saddles up to the bar on my right and the other are to my left. They order their drinks. They're acting like I'm not even there.
The only person who acts like I'm there is one of the women. She winks at me. Later on she mentions something about being locked up on a certain date. My suspicions are confirmed. They all leave. I get the message. What? Is!, through the prostitute, winked at me, saying, you get it now, don't you?
Yes I have. I still have to work on my faith that things will happen as they should. I shouldn't have spent my time checking the time and my cell phone. He pushed me out at 10 to raise my hopes that I would have this "date". It's   another lesson that I had to learn.
I know who my "dream girl" is. She's gorgeous, caring, famous, and doesn't even know I exist, yet. That doesn't matter. I have faith that things will fall into place. No more worries. I will have a date tonight to see Ice. It might be with myself. I still have to go buy  tickets. I don't know the plan. I don't care. What? Is! will make it happen.
My date with a hot 20 something didn't happen because that is not my dream and wish. My date will be with an extremely hot 35 year old. Why do I know that? Because that is what I asked for. It was written in my Vision book over a year ago. I said I wanted to meet someone in their mid-thirties. Einav kept on repeating a number and when I checked, my dream girl is 35, the number Einev was saying.
When I write my epilogue you will all understand. But then you may not. I still don't know where this Highway is taking me. But I'm sure my dreams will be fulfilled. I do know now what they are. I can feel it.
Think It! Feel It! Live It!
I love you all!
PS. Thanks for your comments Monique. You are an angel. You were right. I was quite frustrated that day. But it always serves its purpose.
PPS. I received an email from Hannah this morning. She's been busy and hasn't read my blog lately but promised to do so today. She had another message for me. She's an Angel and her job isn't done yet. I have a feeling I will be her Angel at some point in time. I just want to tell Hannah, that Yes, I do believe in God. I just call him What? Is!
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starlagurl on

I guess there are angels everywhere. Even if they lie and ditch you in Las Vegas!

Louise Brown
TravelPod Community Manager

cobra1899 on

Getting ditched in Vegas!
Oh, I wouldn't say I got ditched. I don't know what happened so I won't make assumptions. I do have her email address and she has mine.
Wait & see is where I'm at now.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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