Gambling the Night Away with What? Is!

Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Nevada
Monday, March 10, 2008

I gambled until 5 am with an Angel, or maybe What? Is!, herself.
Last night, or actually, this morning, I won the biggest gamble of my life. I am writing the final chapter of my Journey, and then, maybe I'm not. None of us know when the final chapter will be written. It's a long and winding road and we have to have faith that we will get to our destination at some point in time.
Throughout our lives my "signposts", or Angels, will appear and ensure we are following the right path. If we miss a turn, another Angel, or the same one in a different form, will appear to make sure we take the shortcut that is hidden from everyone else. We don't have to go looking for these Angels, they will make themselves known. That I guarantee you. Though, we can't walk around with blinders on either. We need to be aware of what's going on around us.
After writing yesterday's blog I headed to the casinos. From the campground at Circus Circus I had to walk through the Casino to get the Vegas Strip. At the main entrance they have some penny machines and you can win this Red Rousch Mustang. I play for a while and end up slightly ahead then cash out.
I'm heading to Harrah's to test my theory that the first time was in New Orleans and it's the second time that something happens. I walk around there scanning the machines for the one that might show some indication of being the right one and play a few. No signs that I can tell, but the light bulb does come on. What am I looking for in life at this time? Money, to pay all my bills, and "Someone to Love" as Kellie sang last night.   I   walk around some more, this time scanning for women that would fit the "physical" description of what I would consider my "dream" partner instead of looking for the slot machine that stands out .   I sit down next to a few woman that might fit the bill, but I don't win. After sitting down I would notice wedding rings or the husband would show up, or they would get up and leave shortly after I sat down. I decide to walk over the Bellagio, the main Casino in the Oceans series of movies.
I'm crossing a  pedestrian bridge to get to the Bellagio when I see a homeless man with a sign asking for money. I walk past. I walk around the Bellagio for a while and there are no women that would fit my criteria. Then another light bulb comes on. I'm trying too hard. I keep on looking for signs. So instead of looking for the  "right" woman and the right slot machine what I have to do is let things "just" happen. I decide to walk back to Circus Circus and play the slots at the Mustang. Those machines felt right and the "right" woman should come along.   I pass the panhandler again. This time I put $20 in his can.  Along the way I'm passing Treasure Island. Their outdoor Pirate Show starts in 5 minutes. I decide to stay and watch. I find a spot to stand. Next to me is a tall blond with a 3 or 4 year old daughter. The little girl is making funny faces at me. I do the same to her. I can't tell if the woman is married, I can't see a ring. The show starts and the woman starts holding her daughter in her arms. After a while I know that the woman will get tired and I will offer to hold her daughter if her daughter doesn't mind. That doesn't happen.
I walk back to Circus Circus. I start playing the Mustang penny machine. At this time I'm a little morose. My theories are not panning out the way I thought they would. As I'm playing I'm going through the scenario as described in the Secret to "Get what you want". Well, I want this Mustang. Actually, the "Vision Board" I made last year had the Mustang as an Orange Shelby model. But hey, Red would be fine also. So I start picturing myself driving this red Mustang and having it parked in my garage. I'm also picturing what I need to win. 7-Triple 7-7-Triple 7-7. After a while I get this combo, but they're blue. They have to be Red and on the top line to win the Mustang. Then I start picturing that. Next thing to do is that each time you win you have to be thankful. So I start saying Thank You each time I win.
I'm not doing too bad, I'm up, down, win pretty big, lose some. But the woman of my dreams isn't around. There have been various people sitting at the machines next to me, and none of them fit the bill. Because these slots are close to the main entrance a lot of people are walking by. Then I notice close by there's a "Cash Grab" box. The Casino selects a name and you stand in this box and they blow air around and you try and catch as many flying bills as you can within 15 seconds. It's time for them to play that game. A big crowd starts gathering. I'm watching that more than paying attention to what I am doing.
I notice this young woman with this green shirt and on it is written something about tractors and John Deere. I lose sight of her. I continue playing. Hey I'm doing pretty good, I've been playing the same machine for an hour and a half and haven't had to put more money in. Then the woman with the green shirt comes and sits down next to me. She says Hi and introduces herself as Maira. She's from L.A. We chat as I'm playing. I'm winning more. Hey, this theory is working. Then I tell her about Thanking the wins and she joins in. I start doing pretty good. She tells me that I look 30. Then I lose it all. Oh, well! The theory was good while it lasted.
Her friend comes by and Maira says they are heading to one of the other Casinos that has "free" slot cash if you sign up for one of their Customer cards. You get the coupon in the L.V. events book. She goes and finds me one. Skip forward a bit, as Freddy, Maira's neighbour and friend had gone to their room and we had some time to kill. We had been waiting in a bar and when the tab came the bill said to add a gratuity. Maira asks what that means and I say tip. Then we walk to the other Casino. As we are walking Maira and I are having a great conversation. She tells me a story how once she was playing the slots when this guy came over and called her by name and seemed to know all about her. He said that she would win big on the next roll, and how much. She did. Then the guy was gone. She had been visited by an Angel. We chat about that for a while. We chat some more and get on the topic of gratuity. I say it comes from the word, gratuitous or thankful. You are thanking the server for their service. Similar to my theory about thanking our slot wins.
Maira is Spanish, Mexican-American. She's a medical technologist and works in a big hospital in L.A She's had a very difficult life. Coincidently we are both Aries and her birth date is 2 days after mine. We get to the other Casino, get the bonus cash, but have to play on certain machines and you have to win the "Jackpot" to be able to cash out and use the money elsewhere. Big scam if I ever saw one. Maira and I both lose our cash fairly quickly. Freddy is not doing too bad. Freddy is a poker player, not a slot player. Once he's done on this slot he will hit the poker tables. So Maira and I start walking around the casino.
Maira had indicated that she "won" this trip to Vegas to see the Bette Midler show and didn't come prepared. She came with $80 and that's all gone. She's completely broke. Trips to Vegas for her are a regular occurrence. As we are walking around Maira sees a machine that caught her eye. I say that's a good sign so we play sit down there. I start playing and start doing OK. Then Maira asks if she can sit and play a while. I say fine. Then she pulls out her good luck charm, a Buddha. Then I pull out my Kokopelli key chain. We start doing the Thank You dance and thanking all the wins.
After a while she asks if I want to play, it is my money. I say no. I'm too busy talking about my theories and my Journey. She can play. She's the expert. At some point in time I mention "our" winnings and not "mine". Maira is surprised by this comment. I say we are playing together and the winnings are to be shared. We've won a few big pots and are over $250. We cash out and go play at a different machine. Then we start losing and it's all gone.
Then Maira asks if she can borrow $200 and she'll pay me back. Mail it to me or something. I say Ok. I go to the cash machine and take out $200 and give it to her. We find a machine and she starts playing. She asks if I'm going to play. I say no. I'm happy watching her and talking. She says she enjoys my "style of saying things". A few machines don't pan out and then we find a "hot" machine. She's inserted $60, has won over $300 and cashes out with $200 deciding it's time for a new machine. At $300 I'm telling her to take the money and run. But no, she knows she lucky tonight and wants to go home with $500.
She finds a "Monopoly" machine. This machine is "hot". We are winning quite a bit. Always doing our Thank You's  and celebration High Fives and dances. She's up over $300 when I notice that it's almost 3 am. I tell her I am going to leave but don't want to let her walk back by herself. I ask how late she's ever played. She says 5 am. She wants her $500 and has a feeling she's going to get it. 3 o'clock comes around and I don't leave. At 3h07 she wins big. She's over $800. I say it's time to call it quits. Nope. She knows she can make it to $1000.
It's time for me to put my faith in her feeling. We win some , we lose some. We go down to $600 and then back up to over $800. A couple come by and see how we're doing and they sit close by and start playing. We start cheering on their wins. They do well for a while then cash out and go play elsewhere. We continue playing then Maira hits the "cash out" button. She's at $802. Up by $742. Not bad. It's after 4h30 am. But she still feels hot. She puts a $20 in a different machine. She gives me the cash out slip and tells me to go get the cash. I come back with all the cash. She tells me to take what I want. I take the $200 that she owes me. Tell her that the evening was quite enjoyable and that was reward enough. I don't mention the theory that it's up to her to give me what she wants. It's up to her to be gratuitous. I tell her not to be greedy or she'll lose it all.
I had given her one of my cards earlier and she says she'll send me an email or phone. I walk back towards Circus Circus. It's after 5 am. I'm freezing. I was cold at 10h30 when we walked over. Now it's much colder. I'm in bed by 6 am. I'm thinking that Angels must be greedy. Oh well. That doesn't matter to me. I proved another theory.
I knew What? Is! planned this day. Again. The comment that I looked 30 clinched it. It was the same comment I had said at the concert to the birthday girl. Yesterday's ramblings had a purpose, as usual.
Think It! Feel It! Live It!
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