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Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Arizona
Monday, March 3, 2008

The following is how my thought process, or enlightenment , if you wish to call it, has been progressing the past few weeks to arrive at a Theory that boggles my mind. It's no secret that I am a global thinker, I look at the big picture, and always have. That goes back to my IQ test that said I was a Visionary Philosopher. If I start piecing together everything that I've experienced in my life to this point and know that everything happened for a reason we come up with the following.
Don't think of what you are about to read as a Theory, but as a Hollywood Movie Script. They say that life is stranger than fiction, so if we "sell" the following story as "fiction" than whatever really happens won't sound as farfetched.
The story you are about to read is my life. We skip forward through the first 44 years as the important parts will be reviewed during the "Journey". The story of the "Journey" is covered in a travel blog called, "Paul's Journey to the Ends of the Earth...NOT!"
Hopefully you have read ALL the Journey to this point and are able to, vaguely, remember some or most of what I refer to.
So we've arrived at this point in the Journey, Paul, played by Matthew McConaughey, believes he is a Prophet, a Philosopher, a Buddha, a Shaman, a Sage and mostly a Mystic. He is one of them! He is all of them! And, He is none of them!
Shortly after that revelation he meets, "Maryanna" (a name derived from Mary, the Mother of Christ), a beautiful young woman who's face glows like an angel's. Paul does not know this at this time, but she has had a vision. She will meet an older man and knows that she must follow him on his Journey. She does not know at this time why. Only that what she envisioned happened.
In the meantime, Paul has had to assist his son, Nick, in realizing his purpose in life. They discuss an issue that has happened recently and Paul finds a song that he "dedicates" to his son. Paul realizes that the words to this same song could be used in the same situation by our Creator/Father, WHAT? IS! to show all of us that he is also "Just a Word Away".
What we have found out about Paul is that he is an information junkie. He loves technology and is well informed in its uses. He uses the Internet constantly. He realizes that the world we live in communicates using numerous sources. He uses them all. Chat lines, email, web blogs, text messaging. He is not afraid to use the newest technologies. He knows he has to use these new forms of communication to get his message out. TV, Movies, Radio and the Internet are the way to get a message out to the whole world.
He has this feeling that science holds the answer (proof) to the age old question, What is the Meaning of Life?  He has visited the Very Large Array Radio Telescope in New Mexico. There he has discovered that their 25 year old  technology that limits their discoveries is being updated to state of the art technology that will enable scientists to see much further back in time, analyze data at a much faster speed, and see much more information. He knows that this new technology will provide the answers that mankind is looking for.
He has also come to the realization that most, if not all that he writes is provided from divine sources. At one point in time he wrote a blog entry that stated that he was perfect. He had a Conversation with What? Is! and then he wrote that he was perfect. What if that entry was written by What? Is! himself, through him? What? Is! is Perfect.
There seems to be a general consensus in the theological world that the revelation that Christ will return at the end of times is near. Various theologians have used the Bible scriptures to "predict" that various current events have been prophesized and we should be ready for the "second" coming.
Now Paul gets to thinking. He does that a lot. We live in a world of doubters. We want proof. Scientific proof. Medical proof.
What if the prophecy of Christ's return is wrong? What if, it's not Jesus Christ that will return, but his sister? Jesus Christ's Virgin birth will be reproduced at the end of times but modern proof will be available to confirm Her existence as the daughter of What? Is!. Paul received this revelation in the song "Just a Word Away" because if the song applies to What? Is! as our Creator/Father he also speaks of his daughter who is sleeping. The time has come for her to awaken.
Now how would all this be possible? We would require a prophesy that has been told as a Hollywood movie, and sold as Fiction, which is what it is until the proof becomes available. With worldwide distribution all humankind would have access to it. This would start a worldwide discussion as to the probability of this being fact or fiction. We have seen historically that there will be numerous people attracted to that idea, but there will be numerous detractors.
On the Virgin Birth we would need to confirm that the earthly mother is a Virgin. Is "Maryanne" a Virgin? Only she knows. That is, if she is the One. Physicians would need to confirm this prior to the birth. The Truth will slowly emerge. No matter how "Top Secret" you make something someone will start a rumour and then this discussion will start the world over. With the release of the movie beforehand the number of doubters will decrease and there will be more people sitting on the fence.
With the birth of What? Is! daughter we can get scientific proof with DNA analysis. Scientists analysing the baby's DNA come across a substance they have not catalogued. This essence is What? Is!, but they do not know this. Concurrently with this discovery the VLA with its state of the art equipment has also discovered this same essence emanating from their discovery of the beginning of time. When What? Is! created the Universe he left his essence. It has taken billions of years of evolution for mankind, technology, and knowledge to decipher this mystery.
The Meaning of Life is Created from this Essence...the Essence of What? Is! that permeates everything in this Universe. At some point in time the scientific discovery from the VLA and the DNA testing of this child of What? Is! will make everyone realize exactly what it is that they have "discovered". Science and Religion will merge after all these years of differing paths.
Heaven on Earth as prophesized will transpire.
Now you may be asking yourself why am I (this is What? Is! writing this)  releasing this information in this format? Using Paul's travel blog to disperse this information to a few. Some of you are Paul's Guiding Lights, others are along your own Journey and will feel all this to be true and will be the first modern disciples to pass the word on, many of you will remain doubters for a while. There is a reason you are all still reading this. You do not know why but at some point in time, when the time is right, your purpose in all this will be revealed. You may be the VLA radio astronomer who makes the discovery or the doctor or scientist doing the DNA analysis. You may know the person who can make any part of this "Movie" come true. Maybe it will be your child who will be one of these people. There is no timeline as to when this will be fulfilled. Just have faith that it will happen like this.
The best way to discourage any false accusations is to come out in the open with all the pertinent information ahead of time. Be pro-active instead of reactive. Though Jesus Christ's coming had been prophesized, modes of communication were archaic in those times. Mankind has been reacting to this revelation since his resurrection. Mankind has a hard time reacting to situations. The second coming is a proactive mode of transpiring a miracle. The "fiction" Movie to be released will not contain all this revelation. The general public are not ready for all of it. It is those of you reading this and believing who will be working "behind the scenes" who will ensure its fulfillment.
Paul speaking. The question I am asking myself at this time is, Am I the scriptwriter of all this and my involvement stops at that? Or, Am I the "new" Joseph? I do know that Katrine as a geophysicist has her part in all this and Nick as an Aerospace Engineer also has an important part. I do not know at this time what Alexis and Rhéline's part are in all of this. Rhéline has been visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, and I believe there is a link there and with the Mayan culture. More proof maybe?
With my Kokopelli "coincidence" I would lean towards the latter. Kokopelli was a God of fertility. Don't worry, I'm not planning on sowing any oats. Remember we are talking about a Virgin birth. Or maybe it is only a sign of the birth. Someone else will be the new Mary & Joseph.
I found the following in my search on the second coming of Christ. This is one person's "interpretation" of the bible passages. I didn't do any more research to see how it ties in to the Catholic, other Christian interpretations, Islamic, and Judaic scholarly thinking. Maybe someone out there can confirm its accuracy. I'm sure there are various versions but they should all have the same basic premise.
I'm still not sure what Stella's daughter's name is. Maryanna is a name that came to me. Somehow I think her name still derives from Mary. I wish I could remember names better.
So there you have it. My life on the big screen. Coming to a Theatre near you!
I still think I'm hallucinating all this from the lack of oxygen at this altitude.
Think It! Feel It! Live It!
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