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Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Arizona
Monday, March 3, 2008

...Just Watch out for the Pits!

The problem with having life changing revelations is that life starts throwing you for a loop...testing your faith.
I got up this morning planning on driving to my next stop in Williams, on the Interstate, and south of the Grand Canyon. I write yesterdays entry and then it starts snowing. I figure I'll stick around another day. Then it stops and clears up. Time to pack up and leave. The first town I pass is called Joseph City. I had just written about Joseph and Mary. Coincidence...Right?
The wind is howling from the North West...the direction I'm heading. I'm also driving uphill to an elevation of 2300 metres from the 1500 at the campground. The truck is working very hard, constantly down a couple of gears from normal cruising. The RPMs are a lot higher then I like them to be as the engine and transmission heat up too much. I'm also driving on the Interstate as it's the only route west in this part of Arizona...the old, historical, Route 66. I have about 200 kms to drive to the next campground.
I've decided to make a slight detour off the Interstate in Flagstaff to Barnes and Noble, the bookstore. My sister Elaine posted a comment in my revelation entry and mentioned a book that I might want to read. I had checked online and it said that there should be a copy in Flagstaff. I stop at  a rest stop after driving less than an hour because it's extremely tiring driving in this wind. Cars and Trucks are constantly passing me. I go into the trailer. It's rocking like a baby's swinging crib from the wind.
Back on the road and then I turn off at Flagstaff. That was quick. When I left the rest stop the GPS  said I had 30 miles to go. I look at it a few minutes later (or so it seemed) and it says I had 15 miles to go. Did I fall asleep? Or did I magically appear 15 miles down the road? The Barnes & Noble is about 1.5 miles off the Interstate. I notice it at a major intersection and turn before it planning on going around the block to find a parking spot for the truck and trailer. I'm not chancing entering their parking lot, it looks quite full. Around the block and no parking anywhere. I go around a different block and still no parking. I decide to park in a Dairy Queen's parking lot next to the book store.
I run into the store and quickly find the Religion section. Can't find the book, "Secret of the Vine", by Bruce Wilkinson. I ask a sales associate. No they don't have it but can order it. That doesn't help me. I did notice a book on Mary Magdalene that stood out from the rest. I didn't buy it. Since I was here I grabbed a Starbuck's coffee...extra espresso to keep me awake.
Back on the Interstate and the GPS says I have 30 miles to the Interstate exit  to the campground. I look at it a few minutes later (or so it seemed) and it says I had 15 miles to go. Did I fall asleep? Or did I magically appear 15 miles down the road? This is freaking me out. The GPS is calculating the arrival time according to the posted speed limit, which is 75. I'm lucky if I can reach a maximum of 60 in this wind and uphill elevation change. I'm definitely not averaging 75. My arrival time does seem to be what the GPS indicated as my ETA when I left last night's campground at 11h00 taking into account my stop in Flagstaff and rest stop.
I don't even want to try and figure that one out. There are scientific theories about that being possible and they have done it at a quantum level, or so I've heard. But hey, I'm slightly bigger then quantum matter.
I'm starting to think that this revelation and the associated thoughts that I'm having are hallucinations brought on by the lack of oxygen to my brain at this high elevation. I spent 5 months at sea level and then in the past 2 weeks I've climbed to over 2000 metres. But then, Moses had to climb up to the top of Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, Muhammad received his first revelation on the mountain of Hira outside Mecca, and Abraham also spoke to God on a mountain top. Maybe we've all hallucinated?
I haven't mentioned this in my blog yet, but my "formal" Journey didn't start on September 20th as indicated in the blog, but actually on June 12th when I climbed to the top of Moose Mountain (elevation 2437 metres). My actual Journey started the day my soul selected my parents.
You figure that once you've been chosen as a Prophet, a Philosopher, a Buddha, a Shaman, a Sage and a Mystic, that everything would fall into place to make your job easier. Somehow I think the opposite occurs. My health will get worse, the Journey will get more difficult, I'll be shunned as a wacko, all to test my faith.
I am curious as to the purpose of my sister's comment. If it's suppose to be part of the discovery then things should have worked out where I would have received the book without any trouble, like my other signs. Maybe I didn't get the book because the time isn't right? Or are my sister's comments suppose to be divergent to "push my limit", so to speak. Someone out there has to be the person who has to test the faith I have in what I am saying. Maybe suggesting a book that isn't part of the "grand plan" fine-tunes my ability to discern signs that I should follow and those that will lead me down the wrong path?
When we were kids she always picked on me because I just took it and didn't fight back. Then one day I fought back and it wasn't fun for her anymore. Is this an extension of her "picking" on me? It's out of love, so it's one of those things that people have to do that benefits the other person in the long run. We'll find out at some point in time. Maybe the book will pop up somewhere down the road if it's meant to be.
The weather was +20 yesterday during my drive. Today it was just above freezing. It's suppose to go down to -10. What a change from the +30 of a week ago. As I finish writing this the temperature here and in Calgary is the same. There's probably the same amount of snow also. I didn't want to see snow this winter. Guess I should have stayed where it was warmer. But then I would have missed out on my signs.
Before I forget, I've figured out what to call God. I believe it was divinely provided to me. He/she, spirit, whatever this mysterious presence is will be called "What? Is!". Why? Because we keep on trying to define something that is un-definable using earthly language and we can never receive an answer to what he/she is. We can never ask "who" he/she is because he/she is not a person. So "God" is "What?" But he is everything that there is, was, and will be, and so "Is!" So "God", "Spirit", "Mysterious presence" will now be known as "What? Is!". The word "God" is being used in so many different ways now that it is time for a new name. Try yelling out Oh! What? Is! when you are in the middle of some extreme pleasure, if you get my drift?
I was hoping to catch up on my entries tonight. The day after the day after is still incomplete. Fatherly duties were required to try and put out a crisis. Even when you are thousands of miles away a father's love is always just a word away.
JUST A WORD AWAY by Chris De Burgh
Plenty of time to turn out the light
I want to keep this feeling inside
For a little more
It must be a Daddy's pride and joy
A little baby boy
Is lying in my arms here tonight
Tears in my eyes when I saw you being born
So much emotion, words cannot form
So I'll let it be
Only to say it's you and me, for eternity
I wish you a wonderful life
And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only
Just a word away
I will be near whenever you call
Pick you up whenever you fall
'Till the day will come
You'll think you're out there
On your own, but you're not alone
Remember that I will be here
And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only
Just a word away
Your sister Rosanna's fast asleep
So it's time for me
To whisper I love you, goodnight
And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only
Just a word away, just a word away...
For Nick!
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