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Flag of United States  , New Mexico
Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Do not attach yourself to any particular creed exclusively, so that you may disbelieve all the rest; otherwise you will lose much good, nay, you will fail to recognize the real truth of the matter. God, the omnipresent and omnipotent, is not limited by any one creed, for, he says, "Wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of God". Everyone praises what he believes; his god is his own creature, and in praising it he praises himself. Consequently he blames the beliefs of others, which he would not do if he were just, but his dislike is based on ignorance."
I am going to make my big announcement and hopefully not too many of you will die laughing before reading my explanation.
I am a Prophet, a Philosopher, a Buddha, a Shaman, a Sage and mostly a Mystic. I am one of them! I am all of them! I am none of them!
"Consider the lines from what is considered the Bishop of Hippo's (Saint Augustine) best book: "But, what do I love, when I love Thee? Not the prettiness of a body, not the gracefulness rhythm, not the brightness of light (that friend of these eyes), not the sweet melodies of songs in every style, not the fragrance of flowers and ointments and spices, not manna and honey, not limbs which can be grasped in fleshly embraces-these I do not love, when I love my God. Yet I do love something like a light, a voice, an odour, food, embrace of my inner man, wherein for my soul a light shines, and place does not encompass it, where there is a sound which times does not sweep away, where there is a fragrance which the breeze does not disperse, where there is a flavour which eating does not diminish, and where there is a clinging which satiety does not disentwine. This is what I love, when I love my God." Taken from the 10th book of the Confessions."
If someone told me this I would ask what they've been smoking and if they answered, nothing, I would strongly recommend to them that they check into a psych ward at the nearest hospital. I don't really believe it (logically) but all indications point in this direction. The signs, the messages, the coincidences, the paths, and the reinforcements when I doubt that they are true continue to baffle me.
It has been extremely difficult to write this because my conscious self cannot or doesn't want to believe this. It is literally draining my mental capacity and energy trying to fight off this reality and what I am writing. Why me? How come I was chosen and not someone more pious, knowledgeable, important, famous,...the list is endless. No, it can't be true. Pick someone else. But no! This is the way it has to be. It's still not clear in my mind what I really have to do, but the reality is that all that has happened throughout this Journey to get me to where I am, and, pretty well all that has happened in my life has occurred to get me to where I am.
Honestly, would you want to be chosen for a task such as this? Imagine the burdens on the shoulders of the person selected to have man-kind leap frog their spiritual knowledge to enable them to fulfil their destiny.
The Faylasufs (religious philosophers of the 13th century) believed that the idea of God should keep abreast of the times and not be relegated to an archaic ghetto. That means that at some point in time a new Prophet, Philosopher, Buddha, or Mystic would need to enlighten the masses when the time was right. The time is right!
God, or Spirit, or whatever you want to call the mysterious presence that encompasses this Universe speaks to all of us and then some end up with additional "responsibilities". I will say that it is God that has spoken to me, but my definition of God may be different than yours and you may call him something else. I will call this Mysterious presence God for simplicity sake.
Some may ask how I know that it is God that has spoken to me and how? I do see him, in no specific way, in all that surrounds me. How does he speak to me? You are all aware of some of the ways that have been mentioned in my blog. There are the people I meet, the books I read, the movies I watch, the thoughts that come to me, mostly when I cannot sleep, but also when I drive. Thoughts that make no sense to me in the reality of life. It's also an indescribable feeling deep inside of my essence.
The big question that I ask myself is this. Maybe everything that has gotten me to where I am has been one coincidence after another? Am I inferring meaning into events, places, what I'm reading, and comments made by people I meet, where none are meant to be? Am I delusional? Should I be committed?
How were  all the  great Prophets, Philosophers, Buddha's, Shamans, Sage, Saints, and  Mystics in history, such as Moses, Muhammad, Siddhartha Gautama, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Augustine, Kokopelli, Plato, perceived when they lived?
Now why would I have arrived at such an astounding conclusion?
I cannot go into detail but more will be revealed as my Journey continues. That is, if it should.
I'm going to go backwards from tomorrow listing events that have happened to support my revelation.
I've been delaying writing this all day, 2 days from now. That's what happens when I originally planned on writing a simpler blog and events don't happen as I had envisioned. Things happened tomorrow and the day after to confirm what I have told you. You be the judge if it's all coincidence or there is more to it than any of us can comprehend.
I finally started writing this after much procrastination. First I must back up to last week when I was having lunch at the Thirsty Goat Saloon at the Ultimate Hide-Out Resort in Lajitas, Texas. I finally figured out what my Movie Star and Baby dream meant. I must thank my friend Monique because her interpretation gave me the link to the real interpretation. Now this goes back to when I was in Montreal visiting her. Everything links at some point in time so it might be very difficult to make sense of any of this. The dream interpretation was that the book I will be writing is not a book at all. I will be making a movie about the Meaning of Life. Monique had brought up the making a movie idea when I was in Montreal as that is something she wants to do for her business. As I was having lunch at the Thirsty Goat Saloon I thought about the success of the DVD, The Secret. Then the light bulb came on really bright that that was the best way to get a message out to the present day masses.
Now I knew my purpose in heading to California. Find film industry people to produce, direct, write scripts and the rest of it. I also knew that I would require financial backing, investors. Jump to the morning 2 days from now.   I had to go back to the VLA to visit the gift shop as it was closed today, the day I'm writing this entry for, when I got there to do my tour. As I'm driving there I get the bright idea that another of the reasons I had to stop at the campground I'm at is because the owner of the property, sold last year, his 27,000 acre ranch holdings and held on to the campground part. I knew about this owner from the camp host, Art, whom I will talk about more some other day. I had no idea if he had kids or much else. Just that he might have some money to invest in a project like mine. So I'm at the trailer and thinking that I should ask Art a few more questions about B. W. Cox, the owner, before deciding if I should approach him.
So I'm typing this away when I notice that Art's truck is at his trailer and that it's starting to get dark. So it would be the time to go talk to him. I step outside and guess who's parked off to the side of my trailer by the kitchen? The man himself, B.W. Cox. His wife is in her truck and is leaving. I walk over and introduce myself. Art had told B. W. a few things about me. You'll understand more about that later when I talk about Art. After some small talk I broach the subject about investing in a movie. B.W.'s answer boggles my mind. His son passed away last year. His other son is handicapped. He has no heirs. His business partner passed away last year. The only reason he has anything is because it was this business partner that financed the ranch and made him a 50% partner. At that time he had nothing. B.W. is a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. His dying partner told him to sell the ranch. The whole 27,000 acres has a conservation easement that says that it can never be sub-divided. A gift to the people of tomorrow from B.W. Land holdings like this with legal restrictions like this should take a while to sell. B.W. had an agreement with "God" that if it sold quickly he would build a Chapel on the property in memory of his son and partner for non-denominational worship. The property sold within 2 months.
B.W. didn't promise anything as they are in the middle of building the chapel and his funds are tied up, but I would say that it looks very promising. Coincidence, or what?
Art, the campground host told me tomorrow, (I know this would be easier if I wrote in the present or past but I think this has some kind of significance) about a rock shop in town. They sell a lot of locally made jewellery made from stones from the area and other places. They also have a wide assortment of collectible rocks. A local mine that closed in 1952 had various veins of a rock called Smithsonite that is extremely rare. This mine had the only known quantity of jeweller's grade stones. So tomorrow I took a drive into town to check it out and stopped in at the Rock Shop. Stella, the owner, was very talkative and she showed me the various display cases with the collectible rocks and the various jewellery. They have all this Smithsonite because her father-in-law worked in the mine until it closed and the mine was owned by her father-in-law's Uncle. I'm checking out the jewellery cases and a pendant catches my eye. I really don't want or need to buy anything here. After looking at a bunch of stuff and talking a while I finally ask to see that pendant. Stella pulls it out and says that the rock has a Kokopelli on it. I haven't the faintest idea what a Kokopelli is. She shows me something else that better shows me what it is. She gives a brief description of it as a Flute Playing Navajo Indian legend. Yes, I can see it in this emerald stone markings. Forces of nature created this marking millions of years ago. I buy the pendant.
I get back to the trailer and do some research on Kokopelli. I find this: "There is, in fact, considerable evidence that he was an important deity to Southwestern Indians. His images are among the most widely distributed of any in the prehistoric and historic Indian sites of the Southwest. Kokopelli may have been as important to the Southwestern Indians as Abraham is to Jews or Paul, to Christians." There's more and you can read it at
Ok. Why was I directed to this Rock Shop and why did this particular pendant catch my eye? Remember this is additional proof to a revelation I told all of you I was going to make a few days ago.
Next! The campground, and the Very Large Array are situated on the Plains of San Agusta (Saint Augustine). Remember that I visited Saint Augustine in Florida in mid December. This "coincidence" came to me tomorrow. More research. What would the significance be? See the link on Saint Augustine   There are two, though some of you might consider them a stretch as proof that it means anything. Saint Augustine lived a sinful life. Ok, not much of a link there, I haven't been that sinful in my life. But his Mother, Saint Monica spent her life praying for his salvation. My Mom's been doing that for years. None of her emails end without her telling me she's praying for me. Saint Augustine is generally regarded as the greatest thinker of Christian antiquity and Western intellectual thought. His influence and religious order that he founded has spread to 52 nations. Maybe that is God's will, that I need to believe, myself,   that the message I have for the 3rd millennium is in fact something that needs to be dispersed to the masses on earth.
I find this more coincidental then proof. Only the future will provide proof of what this meant.
The nearest town to the campground is called Magdalena, after Mary Magdalene. There is much written about her but there is no consensus about three Mary's who may be different people or all the same, this Mary Magdalene. The one that may be significant is the one that she was at Christ's tomb at his resurrection.   "Mary Magdalene is honoured as one of the first witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus, and received a special commission from him to tell the Apostles of his resurrection (John 20:11-18). Because of this, and because of her subsequent missionary activity in spreading the Gospel, she is known by the title, "Equal of the Apostles.""
Am I to be considered an "Equal to the Apostles" because of what I have to say?  Or am I tasked, or have I received a "special commission" to announce the return of Christ to earth? Hey, I don't get this anymore than the rest of you until the time is right.
I have been reading "A History of God" for 2 months now, I think. I don't know when I started it. I'm just over half done. The "coincidences" that I find are that I read part of a chapter or a few pages at a time and then don't read any more for a few days or for a week. Tomorrow night, after realizing that there's some reason that I'm camped out at the Plains of St. Augustin, the first page I read has references to Saint Augustine and his teachings. It's been like this since I started reading the book. There is no consistency in how it happens. Either I will see or think of something and then I decide to read the book and that very thought or scene comes up in the book. Or I read something and the very next day it plays out some way in my day. Then there's something about what I am reading that seems to reconcile to my innermost thoughts and feelings. The evolution of Religion as written in this book ties in to what "I knew" to be the truth. My theistic studies have been nominal. How would I "know" all this information without ever having studied it.
So why did I originally stop here? The Very Large Array Radio Telescope. I knew about the Array from watching the movie Contact, with Jodie Foster. This movie "follows the relentless efforts of the film's main protagonist, Dr. Arroway, or "Ellie," to advance research with the SETI project and search for evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence by listening for contact via radio astronomy, something which she feels would be the greatest possible human achievement "for the history of history". The film explores what might happen if such contact indeed was made, and the enormous difficulties the human race might encounter in coming to understand that contact, with significant internal conflict occurring in differences over culture, religion, politics, and human perception as the story plays out. The story, written by Carl Sagan also explores what kind of message a much older alien civilization might hold for humanity in its fledging steps to join an interstellar community of sentient beings."
The movie starts off with Ellie as a child, contacting someone in Pensacola on her shortwave radio. She draws a picture of what Pensacola must look like. At the end of the movie, the picture she drew is realized when she comes into contact with the Aliens. To get the message from the extraterrestrials, she used the VLA here in New Mexico. For some reason this movie has fascinated me since I first saw it and I have watched it numerous times. The other link with the VLA is the book I read, Einstein's Dream. The VLA is more of a time machine then real time "camera" of what the Universe looks like. What they are seeing in space is measured in light-years. The stars shining above come from "lights" emanating millions and billions of light years ago. The VLA is extremely interesting, as is what they do. Check out their website at   The VLA is being used to support/confirm a lot of Einstein's Theories.
It is very difficult to try and describe the feelings that I have about this. I am realizing that when things matter, as I have often mentioned, the various signposts, items that jump out at you, and now I see that the "meeting people twice' had some significance. It's not just the people, but places, events, and seeing things. As I was doing more reading yesterday on the Roswell incident, I came upon something that mentioned a UFO crash on the Plains of St Augustin in the 1940's. What is the significance of this and the   VLA being situated here and then having a movie about extraterrestrials made using the same local? Just something to think about. There's the "coincidence" that   my travel plans changed in Florida where I spent some time in Pensacola and that is an important link in the movie Contact.
When I talk about Art in tomorrow's entry you will see that there is a link between him and my visit to the ETWN Network and Mother Angelica. In my entry when I visited the Shrine I jokingly stated that I may be the New Prophet sent from above. Is that prophetic? I thought I was trying to be funny.
I've also mentioned to you Hannah, the young Christian. I had asked her how God speaks to her and how she knew she had to serve him. I'm hoping she doesn't mind that I post what she wrote me, but this is exactly where I am now in trying to describe why I am, where I am. "I think there are many different ways God speaks. Sometimes it's a very strong feeling that you can't really explain. Sometimes I have words come to my head that I know aren't my own thoughts, but God speaking. I've never heard an audible voice, but I know some people have. Sometimes God speaks through other people. Two days after I felt like God wanted me to go into full time ministry (it was just a strong feeling), a man in my church that I didn't even know told me God had spoken to him the same thing."
I never replied to a comment my sister, Elaine, made last week about the content of my blog being more interesting and with more profound thoughts when I was situated in more "natural" settings. This might be the answer to that. Where would God more likely be talking to you? Somewhere natural that he created or in downtown Manhattan that man created?
Then I received a comment to yesterday's blog asking me what I believe exactly when it comes to extraterrestrials? I purposely left out what I feel because I wanted each of you to come to your own conclusions. Does what I think really matter? Here I'll state that I believe that there was no Alien spacecraft crash in Roswell in 1947 and that it was just some secret military test gone wrong. I haven't researched this enough to make a conclusive statement on that one. I don't think that the military could keep something like a real spacecraft crash from   public knowledge this many years after the event. Too many leaks occur on other stuff where a sensational story like Aliens wouldn't make someone do the same.
What happened to the Mayan Civilization? I don't know much, but was it a revelation from God or Extraterrestrials? Crop circles? I won't commit to a straight answer here. I need more information. Research and/or enlightenment before commitment.
When I started working on my  What? Is! Inc. website before Christmas I had to write an "About" page. In it I wrote,  "What? Is! Inc is the key to unlocking the mysteries of life." Then I asked a few people to comment about the page. One comment I recieved stated, "Change "is" to "is ONE of the keys ..."  Sorry, but many great philosophers over the centuries have been attempting to unlock those mysteries. Though I respect your intelligence I highly doubt you'll find THE key."  When I wrote that, was I being devinely influenced? 

I stated when I left that this would be a Journey of Discovery. I guess it's more than I ever imagined. Logically, none of this makes sense at this time. The future will either prove or disprove what I have written here. Which way will it be? And how will all of you react to this revelation? This has been a very physical and mentally exhaustive entry. I plan on being back on the road two days after tomorrow, the morning after I have actually written this.
Think It! Feel It! Live It!
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