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Flag of United States  , Louisiana
Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm back on the road in the morning without writing my actual blog. Destination....Galveston, Texas. I not sure about having internet access there so there are a few things I have to say first. I might have to find a Starbucks.
Happy 75th Birthday Dad!
It's my dad's birthday on Tuesday. Today, most of the family in Winnipeg got together to celebrate it. Thirty plus people, I think my Mom said.
Today I took a drive around Cajun Country. Since I'm getting ready to leave and don't have time to write the blog I want to write and post the pictures that I want you get some Cajun humour. Enjoy. I think it's hilarious.

I have finally updated all my other entries.
************************************************************ *
Alcide and Lucien were out fishing on Lake Catherine. By mid-morning the heat got a bit intense so Alcide, he reached in the cooler and took out a bottle of Jax beer and wiped it down with a towel. Suddenly the cap flew off the bottle and a Genie appeared. "Master," said the Genie, "I have been imprisoned in this bottle since the Battle of New Orleans, but now at last I'm free thanks to you. Any wish you make will be my command."
Alcide put his head in his hand and thought a long moment, then said: "OK, dats fine. Ah knows what I want, me. I wants all dis wadder to goes away, an da lak ta fills up wit Jax beer."
Suddenly the entire contents of Lake Catherine evaporated into the atmosphere, and in its place appeared millions of gallons of Jax beer. There was a moderate wind blowing, and Alcide marveled at the wonderful frothy whitecaps scudding by the boat. Quickly he removed his cap and dipped it in the lake, then took a long drink of the ice-cold beer.
Lucien sat at the other end of the boat, scowling, and Alcide asked him what was the matter.
"Ma fren, now you gone and done done it," Lucien shouted. "Yeh,dis is awful mess you made, you dem fool. Don you knows dat from now on, we got to piss in da boat!!!"
O, Boudreaux done bought himself one of dem bran' new boat motors. He calls his padnuh, Thibodeaux to go fishin' and dey bot' head out to de bayou with dat boat motor strapped to de pirogue.
So dey out dere in dey favorite spot when all of a sudden dat boat motor fall off de boat -- kaSPLASH!
Thibodeaux looks at Boudreaux and say, "Mah, Boudreaux, how we gonna get back? We didn't bring no paddles 'cause you got dat bran' new boat motor!"
Boudreaux say, "Thibodeaux, me, I'm gonna swam down dere and get dat boat motor." KaSPLASH! Boudreaux jump in de water.
So he's down dere, and he's down dere, and he's down dere some more. Thibodeaux gets worried an' looks over de side. Dere's Boudreaux at the bottom of the bayou with dat boat motor, yankin' de rope wit' all he's got.
Thibodeaux say, "Mah, coullion! Boudreaux, PULL DE CHOKE! PULL DE CHOKE!"
************************************************************ ********
Boudreaux an' Thibodeaux go to N'awlins one night to see 'bout dis comedy club what jus' open. Well dat evenin' dey got a vantriliquist up on da stage an' da whole night he tellin' jokes on how dumb Cajuns are. Da crowd was crackin' up an' callin' fo' mo' all night. Well Boudreaux got his mad on an' he fed up wit' all dem jokes on Cajuns so he stan' up an' say, "you got some nerve comin' to Nawlins an' makin' fun o' us Cajuns! You got no right to did dat an' I'm 'bout to take you outside an' taught you a lesson!" Da vantriliquist say, "oh sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you at all, it was all in good humor..." Boudreaux interrupt him an' say, " I ain' talkin' to you, I'm talkin' to dat lil' man what's settin' on you knee!"
************************************************************ ******
Way down in dat old swamp known as Louisiana, Boudreaux's old lady's been pregnant for some time, and now her time had come. So, he brought her to the doctor, and the doctor began to deliver the baby. She had a little boy, and the doctor looked over at Bordreaux and said, "Hey, Boudreaux, you just had
you a son! Aint dat just grand"?
Boudreaux got excited by this, but just then the doctor spoke up and said, "Hold on! We ain't finished up yet!" The doctor then delivered a little girl.
He said, "Hey, Boudreaux! You got you a daughter! She a pretty lil ting, too."
Boudreaux was kind of puzzled by all this, and then the doctor said, "Hold on, we still ain't got done yet!"
The doctor then delivered another boy and said, "Boudreaux, you just had youself another boy!
When Boudreaux and Marie went home with their three children, he sat down with his wife and said, "Mama, you remember dat night what we runned out of dat dere Vaseline and we had to use dat dere 3-in-1 Oil?"

She said, "Yeah, I do."
Boudreaux exclaimed, "Man, it's a damn good ting we didn't use no WD-40"!

************************************************************ ******
It's a lil' town rat on da Louisiana Texas borda wit' one lil ol' fillin' station. One day up come one dem new fancy sport car what's got da back almos' chopped off, real sporty lookin'. It pull up to da station an' out come a lil ol' Cajun attendant. "What can I did fo' you?", he say. Da man in da car say, "Filler up." So da Cajun puttin' gas in it an' say,"Dis is some car you got." Da man say, "Yep, it'll go 120 mph in 2 sec, zooooommm!!!" Dat Cajun say, "hmm, well I can go dat fas'." Da man say, "What you mean, you car can go dat fas'?" Da Cajun say, "No, I mean I can run dat fas', me." Dat man laugh, "sho' you can, you crazy." Dat Cajun put da gas hose back an' say, "Well, let's see 'bout it." So man, dey got out on da road an' by dis time a crowd was gathered. Here dat man is revin' dat car, vroom VROOOOOMM. Den der dat lil' Cajun is rat beside it. Well somebody yell, "go" an' off dey went. Dat car goin' bout 20 mph an' da man look ova an' der dat Cajun is rat wit' him, readin' a newspaper. So he say, "I'll show him," an' he push it up to 50 mph. He look ova an' der dat Cajun is puttin' some bubble gum in his mouth. Well, man, dat made da fella mad an' he mash da gas down and push it all da way to 120 mph, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm. He look ova an' der dat Cajun is, runnin' rat wit' him an' he can't believe dat an' look back at da road quick den back ova an' da Cajun is gone. So he find a place to turn around an' he goes back. He look an' look an' finally see dat Cajun layin' ova in a ditch all scratched from head to foots. He pull ova an' say, "What da heck happen wit' you?" Dat Cajun lift his head an' say, "You ain' neva had a tennis shoe blow out goin' 120 mph hanh????"
************************************************************ *********
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