"Honest Officer...I didn't see the sign!"

Trip Start Sep 20, 2007
Trip End May 16, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Massachusetts
Monday, October 22, 2007

    I had a Conversation with God today.
    I woke up just after 6 am. God said..."GET UP!"...nope...that's not what he said, but I did look outside and saw that...well, I might have seen if it wasn't still dark...that it was clear out. "Well"...I said..."might as well get up and take some pictures of the sunrise!" ...and so I did. Quite a few actually. Over 200. I went back to Coast Guard Beach. There were a few guys there fishing....
    This afternoon I went to the other side of Eastham, to another beach, to read. It's easy going from the east side of town to the west side when the town is only 3 miles wide because there's miles and miles of water after that point. No urban sprawl here. I get to the beach and the water's not where it's suppose to be...well...more like where I expected it to be. I was a little further north last Wednesday night when I took the sunset pictures. The water didn't quite come up to the point I remember that it should. Something called, Low Tide. It was quite funny, actually. There were these 4 boats just laying there on their sides in the sand. Going for a boat ride would have been a little difficult. The water was a couple hundred feet out. No problem...put my chair down and start reading...this was 2h30 or so. Look at that...the boats are starting to float. One by one. Aaaaah....another thing! I'm not sitting on the beach. From the seaweed and sand it looks like I'll be under water in a while. I should be OK. Continue reading. A gentleman with a house on the beach walks by. We start chatting. He says that 25 years ago they had a lot more beach. Water levels are getting higher and they've lost the beach in front of their place. Just rocks now. Ah...ha! Told you the water wasn't where it's suppose to be. He's semi-retired. Lives in Boston. Comes out to the Cape as often as possible. Worked as an accountant for 10 years...then in HR (Human Resources for you acronym challenged)...then semi-retired as HR ended up being the same old rat race . It's now 5h30. OK-I left my watch at the camper so I have no idea what time it really was..but looking at the sun starting to set I would say it was around 5h30. Water is creeping closer to where I'm sitting. I saw the sun rise...so might as well stick around and watch it set. There hasn't been a cloud in the sky all day.
    My Conversation with God. With the most awe inspiring sunrise and sunset in one day, how could I not have had the perfect settings for a Conversation with God. Have you ever noticed that even grains of sand cast shadows? Have you ever noticed the multitude of rocks that are cast upon the beach? They are as varied as the personalities of people we meet. How did they all arrive on this beach? Black ones...clear ones...polka dotted ones...brown...red...green...hard...soft.... This big beautiful Earth of ours is PERFECT! It was CREATED in Perfection!
    I started reading "Conversations with God - an uncommon dialogue", by Neale Donald Walsch. Out of the 21 books I have to read, why did I pick this one as the next one to read? I could have picked "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", or "Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, or "Einstein's Dream"! But I picked this one because I was ready for it. Everything comes to us when we are ready. I have only read of the book, but what I have read confirms everything that I felt to be true. In Neale Donald Walsch's first conversation with God they talk about how God communicates with us. God says, "My most common form of communication is through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul." He also says, "I also communicate with thought. Thought and feelings are not the same, although they can occur at the same time. In communicating with thought, I often use images and pictures. For this reason, thoughts are more effective than mere words as tools of communication. In addition to feelings and thoughts, I also use the vehicle of experience as a grand communicator."
    Now where have you all read this before? Think hard! HARDER!
                                    "Think It? Feel It! Live It."  
    Why is this my motto? God wanted me to summarize his forms of communication. So...I haven't had a Conversation with God...just today...he's been speaking to me all along. Was I listening? Yes and No! Deep down inside I have been, but often never understood why. The light bulb was on, but dim. Often No, I wasn't listening, because experience keeps on getting in the way. I often miss God's message because thousands of years of history keeps on muddling his messages with what I think is right.
    A few days back I told all of you that.."I was Almost Perfect". I was wrong. "I am Perfect". Just like all of you. God made us all Perfect...because, why would he make something that was not Perfect. Look around you...at that Perfect Snowflake falling...that Perfect Grain of Sand on the beach...that Perfect Sunrise...that Perfect Sunset. So why don't you think you are Perfect? Because of Fear! The Grandest Feeling is that feeling that we call LOVE. All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of these two emotions...Fear or Love.  In the language of the soul these ARE the only two emotions. They are at the opposite ends of the great polarity when God created the Universe. There are many reasons for the fears that we have. Try and think of some.
...there were a few guys there fishing (I was wondering how this was going to continue. Honestly...I really don't know how these blogs get written...they just pop into my head as I'm typing).
  "Then Jesus said to Simon, 'Do not be afraid; from now you will be catching people.' When they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed him." Luke 5: 10-11
    Once I had enough pictures of crashing waves (I guess you CAN have enough pictures of crashing waves) I decided to drive to the end of the Cape...to Provincetown. Upon arriving on the outskirts of Provincetown I had a choice...downtown...or the northern coast. Northern coast wins. The northern coast is beach, sand dunes, sand dunes and more sand dunes. It's protected Park area. I get out at Race Point Beach and take a few pictures. Then I notice a Lighthouse to the west -Race Point Lighthouse. But there doesn't seem to be any roads leading to it. Aaah, yes there is. Off Road Vehicles permitted in this area. I notice a few motorhomes and trucks parked on the beach. Signs says, "Permit Required" and another sign says "Reduce tire pressure to 11 PSI". The road (if you want to call it that) leading to the lighthouse is going in the opposite direction from the beach at this point. Put my truck in 4-wheel drive and drive off. Don't need a permit. I'll just drive to the lighthouse take a picture and come back out. Go  about 1 km when the truck stops moving. I'm stuck. Maybe I should have reduced the tire pressure. Reduce the back ones to about 20 psi. Try moving....now I'm really stuck. Then I notice that the indicator light on the dash that should say 4X4 Low is stuck in 4X4 High. Move the switch a few times. Light won't move to Low. Outside I've also noticed that the sand around the front tires hasn't moved. If I was in 4-wheel drive, sand would be piled up in front and behind all 4 wheels as they spin. No way am I moving...I'm Stuck! I remember seeing a guy in a Jeep putting air back in his tires at the trailhead. I walk back. He's stopped at the exit to the parking lot talking with someone there. I ask him if he can give me a tow. Grudgingly he turns around and gives me a lift to my truck...my stuck truck. He says I shouldn't be having trouble if I have the right amount of air in the tires. Sheepishly I answer that I don't. He also notices that I don't have a permit. So we let the air out of all the tires. Get in and try moving the truck. No luck going backwards (the wheels make an awful grinding noise when reversing) but the front wheels seem to be working now when going forward. Just in front of me is a steep hill and the guy says the sand is deeper on the other side. There's no way to turn around as I'll get really stuck if I get out of the tire tracks and can't back up. He says the beach is about a mile up and I can make a U-turn without backing up. He pulls in front of me and I follow him. I had played around with the 4 wheel drive switch and finally get it into 4X4 Low (better traction as it's geared lower). Instead of making a U-turn we follow the beach back to the parking lot. I thank the guy profusely. He's from Connecticut, use to work at the airport here in Provincetown, but usually lives in his motorhome on the beach. He's been here since April. We chat some more and he indicates that the fine for not having a permit is $500 and that a tow would have cost me over $600. So what was the purpose of this incident? How come HE helped me out. He was leaving the parking lot. He would have been gone if he hadn't started chatting with someone. An Angel? I did figure out the reason the 4X4 wasn't working. It has to do with the performance computer I had installed to manage engine horsepower and torque. I had read in the instruction manual that the 4X4 system might not function properly. I just had to reset the settings to factory and I would be alright. I remembered...just a little later than I would have liked to. I hadn't mentioned this before, but after having the leaky rear differential fixed in Bar Harbor I had been hearing some weird noises from the differential when driving. It was starting to worry me as to if or when I would get stuck on the side of the road. On the drive back from Provincetown the noise was no longer there. So the problem is either fixed, or it's gotten really bad and I'm going to get stuck on the side of the road real soon. I'll keep you all posted.
    By the way, the cost of the Off Highway Permit is $50 for 1 week. And NO...I didn't meet up with a Parks Officer. So, if I'm supposed to be leading an Inspirational Life I should follow the laws as written. If I had explained to the Park Officer my intentions he might have waived me on without the permit. I do lead a Charmed life!

    The other message (which just came to me, by the way) is, "We have to learn to not just read the signs but also to listen to them!" What messages in life do we see, hear or receive but either ignore or don't follow?
    The forecast is for another sunny, 20 degree day tomorrow. I'm off to Martha's Vineyard again. All the locals are amazed at this great weather. I do lead a Charmed Life!
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