A Day to Ponder MY Life!

Trip Start Jul 22, 2009
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I wake up at 7 am and decide to get up. Trying to sleep in on this day of pondering my life just isn't going to happen. The first pondered thought goes back to the boat trip to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh. I spent a lot of time on that boat trip listening to some music on my iPod. During that time two songs really caught my attention. I don't know why but the song, "Does your mother know" by ABBA and from the movie "Mama Mia" was one of them.

The lyrics go something like this:

"You're so hot teasing me,
So you're blue but I can't
Take a chance on a kid like you
It's something I couldn't do

There's that look
In your eyes
I can read in your face
That your feelings are driving you wild
But boy you're only a child"

And the second song about a chance meeting between two people, he was working a parasailing boat and she was on spring break and they had a wonderful few days together before she went back to school.

As to why these songs were more important then all the others I heard on that boat ride didn't occur to me until today. That's basically what happened with Chanlae. She "liked" me and chose to come tour with me. But as the song says, she was much too young. Then the second song fits in with the 2 days of touring. A very brief but enjoyable time together while she was on "Spring Break" before returning to University.

I've said this before, my life is stranger then fiction. My life also follows the movie scripts that I watch and the lyrics to the songs that I listen to. This is so because this is the life that I've created with my thoughts. The Akashic Field ensures that this is so.

That this is a travel blog and that I've been focusing lately on writing about my Dream Girl and the similarities between the women that I meet and the criteria that I've sent out to the Universe is no coincidence. They all serve a purpose in proving that I am right.

My travel blog documents the truth of what I am experiencing. I am the one who decides what is important and should be documented about my life. I cannot document 12 to 16 hours of a days' experience. A few family members made some comments a few entries back that I should focus more on the sights I see and comment on that. It's very difficult to do that when this journey is about proving the laws of the Universe and of God. I am working. This is my job. I am NOT a tourist. I am not forcing anyone to read my blog. If you are interested then read it. If not, there are thousands of other blogs out there. I've chosen a public medium to document my life. Some people publish their memoirs and diaries after they die or retire from whatever they've done in life. I am doing it live.

I could write about my preferences in the sights that I see and give "my" opinion on them but that would serve no useful purpose. I use my Lonely Planet Guide to help me decide what to see and where to go. It's a guidebook and it should be full of facts. That's the reason it was published. What I've found is that it's providing a disservice to the locals and also to the tourists and travelers. The tourists argue with the locals about taxi and tuk-tuk fares because the "book" states what the fares should be. People don't use them as guidelines but as law. Prices change. That's a law of economics. The information in the guidebook is also often wrong. I planned my day with Chanlae to see the Cambodia Cultural Museum because Lonely Planet said the museum opened early in the morning. It didn't. The guide also said that there was a $12 charge to see the Silk Worm Farm. We weren't charged. I did give a tip to the guide because he indicated that he was an apprentice and wasn't getting paid. How many people didn't go see this interesting and informative tour because they didn't want to pay $12? What I gave isn't important. We should all make our own decision in life about what something is worth to us.

Now why would I want to influence people's decisions on where to go and what to see? First off they might have different tastes then me. Given the life I lead I am positive that this is a fact. Second, by the time they read this things may have changed. Third, there are a thousand guidebooks advising people what to see and do. Why would I want to provide the same information?

I spent the morning writing a couple entries. Then laid by the pool, swam, suntanned, started reading the book, Life of Pi. Anna, from Germany, finished reading it on the boat on the way to the floating hotel in Vietnam. I figured having an actual book to read laying on a beach or pool would be better then my iPad.

The story begins with the author's note of how he went to India to write a fictional story about 1930's Portugal. Writes the book. Thinks it crap. Mails the manuscript to some fictional address in Siberia with a return address to a fictional address. Depressed and running out of money he heads to southern India. Sitting in a coffee bar he meets a man who says after telling him he's a writer, "I have a story that will make you believe in God". And so the story begins. The life story of Piscine (swimming pool) Patel. Piscine, getting fed up with being called "pissing" in junior high, gets everyone to start calling him Pi, as in the number 3.14, in high school.

Having read just a few chapters I won't get into details about the story. But I can tell you this already, it will mirror my life in some way. I see it already.

The sun, having moved behind the hotel, and not wanting to look like a lobster, I get dressed and go wander. I know from looking at google maps that there's a park nearby. I head off in the opposite direction from last night. I walk through the park and then I stumble across a market and a 4 foot wide piece of concrete that leads me through a maze of the local neighborhood. The Lonely Planet guidebook describes Bangkok as an Asian Venice. The waterways that criss-cross throughout the city were once the transportation hub. Having stumbled across such a waterway I see how the houses and the neighborhood is set up.

To me, this is the real Bangkok. To most tourists they would ignore this. Wandering around for two hours I didn't come across a single caucasian. It was the end of the school day and so I saw all the High School students in their school uniforms. Some were dressed in purple bowling style shirts with black pants. Others, the girls, were dressed in sailor style white shirts and black pleated skirts. Walking along the sidewalk/street I see that the teenagers here are no different then in North America, sitting on a bench or a curb texting or talking on their cell phones.

Something else I've noticed is that it doesn't matter where in the world I am, all the women do the same thing. They are all self conscious about showing their underwear. No matter how long or short their shirt/top is, they always pull back on it, in the back, to ensure that it covers the opening between their top and their skirt or pants. It doesn't matter how revealing their top is or how short their skirt is, this action seems to be an automatic subconscious female movement.

Now this is me. My life is different. Many people will say that I didn't see Bangkok because I didn't see the temples and pagodas and skyscrapers that are a "must-see" on any visit to this city. I didn't check out the wild nightlife. I didn't go up to the roof of the tallest building to see the city at night. I missed the city.

To me, seeing a city is seeing the locals and how they build an apartment complex or a retaining wall along a canal. Documenting that in a travel blog will bore people as much as me talking about my Dream Girl. At least with my Dream Girl I am proving that our thoughts do create our life.

And with that I must talk about Jennifer. I met her and chatted with her on the bus that took us from the floating market to the boat that took us to the floating hotel in Vietnam. After receiving the comments that I should stop talking about my Dream Girl, I tried. Jennifer was from Toronto, Canada. Originally from Victoria, BC, she had just finished doing her medical internship in obstetrics. With her long time boyfriend cheating on her she took off to travel before she starts her medical residency in Ottawa. I chat with her for over an hour about my thoughts about life. Then I ask her to talk about her. She states she has nothing to add to what I've said. Her thoughts mirrored mine.

Now back to Chanlae. I really enjoy traveling alone but wondered what it would be like to travel with someone else. God/the Universe came through with that showing me what it would be like traveling with my Dream Girl. I mentioned a few entries ago how visiting the museum with Chanlae was an experience I've never had before. The two days with Chanlae were the perfect example of what I wish for in the "perfect" travel partner.

Pondering my life I see what has to happen to help the world become a better place. Talking about a Dream Girl is just one example of how everyone in the world can get what they need. The comments I received served their purpose. The comments I receive always do. They always ensure that I write the entry that I require to explain "MY" purpose in life. I am here to save the world. I'm not crazy. Christ' disciples doubted him when he said he had to be crucified to fulfill his purpose on earth. Even Christ had doubts about his purpose when he prayed to God in the gardens of Gethsemane and burst out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" We are all permitted our doubts. I do not fault anyone who doubts that what I say is the truth. Only time will confirm the truth of what I write

Tomorrow I fly to Phuket. This is a beach resort frequented by tourists. The photos would most likely consist of women in skimpy bathing suits and a bunch of people getting drunk. I'll be there for 3 days. Then it'll be a race to Singapore through Malaysia so that I can get to the resort I've booked so that I can lay on a beach for a week.

The Genie says, "Your Wish is My Command". There will be very little talk about Dream Girls the next couple of weeks because there will be very little blogging. Who wants to hear about me laying on a beach suntanning.

Yes, the life I live is amazing.

Think It! Feel It! Live It! Love It!
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