Poo hand Poo Hand!!

Trip Start Jan 20, 2007
Trip End Jul 16, 2007

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi guys - how are you doing?

Well I am a bit behind with the entries. We have been in some places with very slow internet, so much so that I could have probably popped home and hand delivered you all letters.

Before I continue, you are probaby wondering why the title of this entry is "Poo Hand Poo Hand!" It's because I want to explain a little bit about the eating habits over here. Indians mainy eat with their right hands and use their left hand to go to the toilet. So it is very important that the two of these are not confused. When in Rome and all that - Kev and I decided to follow the crowd and have a go at this. With our left hand by our sides we began mixing our rice and sauce with our right hands and scooping the food into our mouths. As you can imagine there is a knack to this. Breaking off naan bread is particulary difficult with one hand and in the event that we shoud be tempted to use our left hand we have a code to remind each other and prevent disgusted looks from the Indians. This is "Poo hand poo hand!!!" whispered across the table it is quite effective and until we master the art we will continue in code.

So here is what has been going on...

Gokarna 28th Feb - 4th March

I think we left you last in Gokarna. This was a smashing place. We headed for the beach which is very basic and ended up in a beach hut which had a very hard bed, a light and a fan. Quite luxurious compared to the huts which had a yoga mat on the floor and a light. We stayed here for one night and then moved on to bigger and better things - A concrete room no less with a fan and lighting and a fantastic view of the sea. We didn't however have any running water, so it was off to the well to fill a bucket and take it back to a concrete shower room (rudely named as it was just a small room) where you scooped the water over your head. Oh back to the olden days = I bet a few of you are reminissing about the war!

So we stayed ere for 4 nights as it was actually hard to leave. The sand was a lovely white colour and the sea was refreshing, although quite a strong current as all the bays have here. This means that I am not doing my usually mile swim in the morning but my morning stretches will suffice.

Palolem - 4th March to 6th

Palolem is the holiday destination that a lot of British go to - it is in Goa. It is said to be idylic as it is fringed with palm trees but in our eyes it is not a patch on Gokarna. We went for the usual beach hut which was quite spacious and the toilet was near by - so good for those midnight wees. Sitting on the balcony enjoying the moment - "Ah" I said "This is nice isn't it Kev". "Can't complain, mustn't grumble" Kev replied. Then crash, bang and three people ran out of the retaurant kitchen in front of our hut. The rat that they had been chasing appeared to have poisoned and the guy with a large swing took a massive golf swing (dad you woud have been impressed) and the rat went flying in our direction. It stopped about 3 metres from our hut and was definetly dead. Kev and I sat with our mouths wide open waiting to see what they were going to do with it. This turned out to be absolutely nothing. Yes, they just left the dead rat in front of our hut and went abouit their business. The crows swooped in for breakfast and you can guess the rest. Kev saw this as a photo opportunity - it's like travelling bloomin DAvid Bailey, so it is! I just coldn't believe how my peaceful morning ended. Eventually someone came along and put it in the bin and we could walk to the beach (which was previously blocked by the rat). Hmmmm!

Anyway, we met a nice Essex couple from Chemsford, who made us laugh without realising it. The girl kept talking about the place we were at and gave it a different name every time. "I like Papadem" ...... "You know Palapem..." When I was in Pamanem last year..." and so on. Kev and I cried with laughter after we left them - Good old Essex birds eh?

Palplem was good but not the best and we decided to move onto Hampi which is inland in Karnatika. We had heard how wonderful it is and were excited to see it, even if the 8 hour train journey was not welcomed with open arms.

Tell you all about that in the next entry. Hope you are all well. Miss you heaps.

Love Cheza and Kev
P.S. Jill are you getting any of these entries? If so you can respond on the travelpod or using chezaroonie@yahoo.co.uk. Would love to know how you are. xx
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mumsy0 on

Poo hand, Poo hand
Tuesday - 20th March

Hi you two

Only you Cheryl would come up with such a thing as 'Poo hand, poo hand'. I sometimes wonder if I brought you up properly, surely I didn't teach you such things. Glad you are still enjoying yourselves, I can just see the two of you dipping your hands in the rice, sitting crossed legged on the mat. Hope there are plenty of photos showing the actions. Get some of those people you are meeting to take some of the two of you together, we always forget to do that. These Essex girls show you up wherever you go don't they. We spent our Anniversary weekend with Phil and Vic and had a very good week-end. We had a lovely meal out with Vic's Mum and Dad and on Sunday went to a massive garden centre and then back home to P and V's for a very nice meal cooked by Vic. Unfortunately we had to rush it a bit because she had to go to work which was a shame but the weekend was great. Going to the cinema tomorrow with the girls to see 'Becoming Jane'. Dad is off to Seaford on Thursday, but the weather has turned nasty again and we have been having snow showers and very strong winds so hope it improves by then otherwise we might lose him off the top of the cliffs. Bye for now, luv Mum and Dad.

mumsy0 on

Photo - Sunset
Hi Cheryl

Have just seen the photograph - it's fantastic - Kevin certainly is becoming a David Bailey. Come on let's see some more.

Luv Mum

mumsy0 on

Hi both of you

Excellent photos David Bailey, improving with time.
Lovely to hear from you today, hope the bomb does not cause you any problems when you are getting your flight out of Colombo. Didn't hear anything about it myself but Dad said some of his golf pals mentioned it. Going out to dinner with girls from Barnardo's After Care tomorrow (Wednesday) - lots of them leaving redundancies.

Love to you both Mum and Dad

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