Koh Samui

Trip Start Jan 20, 2009
Trip End Apr 26, 2009

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I just left Bob at the hotel in Koh Phangan and now im on my own,
I took a taxi to the ferry that was going to take me to Koh Samui as I waited for the ferry I sat there thinking to myself, ok now my travels have officially started I am on my own all the decisions that I make are my own I don't have to consult Bob about where we should go or if we should stay here or there it was all down to me,
And although I had a really good time with Bob it felt more like a holiday that travels but at this point although I was a bit scared I was also very excited about getting to Koh Samui and meeting new people and having a great time,

So the boat finally pulls up and I get on board it was about an hours crossing and once again it proved to me that it was the pot noodle that made me ill on the first boat as I was totally fine,

                                              I look good here

As the boat arrived in Koh Samui I walked over to the little travel shop and got some booklets on the island and had a good read about what I could do while I was there and where would be the best place to stay, I got chatting to this guy from Manchester that was just leaving the island and he told me to go up to Ark as that is where all the backpackers go, so I hailed myself down a taxi to take me up there and as I arrived in the town it was like Bangkok on an island so that did not really excite me that much, I found myself a room that was very basic but alright and dropped my bag off and had a shower, and this shower was perfect there was hardly any water coming out of it and any of you know me will know that I love my showers and have to have 3 or 4 a day so this did not really put me in the best of moods to start with,

I decided to take a walk down to the beach to see if I could meet some other people that we travelling as I walked along the beach all I could see was family's on holiday and loads of couple on a break or there honeymoon, so I thought to myself oh great this is going to be a fun 2 days on my own then,
I ordered myself a coke and sat on the beach just looking out at the sea and seeing if there was any backpackers doing the same thing as me but there was nothing,
I started to get really bored now and decided to take a walk in to the town as I was walking it was like being in Bangkok once again junk being sold people trying to get you to buy there old crap, I was really in a bad mood and had been thinking for a while that I have had enough of Thailand now and just wanted to get to OZ the thought of spending any longer in Thailand and even going to Malaysia started to make me feel really home sick and down I did not want to be there or spend another second there I just wanted to get out I started to feel really sick again and knew that what ever they were putting in there foods out there were just not agreeing with me I know that im just not cut out for countries like that I need to be in more of a westernised place, Living other cultures life’s and experiencing the way they live really does not interest me,

Scummy Toilet

And I know people say that you should try and live the way they do while you are out there and it will make you see how lucky you are back home with everything, But in my eyes you may think that I sound negative and maybe out of order but the way they live and what they have got really isn't my problem and I’m not going to make myself sick and feel like crap just to see what there life’s are like.

So I decided to book myself a flight to Melbourne for as soon as possible, I managed to book a flight for the Saturday but that meant that I would have to travel back to Bangkok so that I could fly out there, so I booked a bus trip for myself to take me back to Bangkok and altho the thought of going there again was not getting me excited I knew that after 2 days I would be flying to Melbourne,

But I still had to find something to do in the evening with myself on this island before I was heading to Bangkok the next day,
So I went down the beach hoping that I might meet some people but everyone was having there candle lit meals so I had some food and a beer and thought sod it just go to bed and when you wake up you can finally get out of this boring island

                                                                          Me on the Beach
I went to bed at 22.00 and that is just so early for me as I laid on the bed every 10 minutes that passed I could hear a plane going over my head so I thought great there is no way im getting any sleep tonight sleeping in the middle of a run way as I was laying there just thinking about the good times that I had on the other islands and the excitement of getting to OZ I could hear a door being kicked in and bottles being smashed and people just making so much noise it only happened to be the 3 Swedish guys that were in the room next door to me they were so hammered and im guessing in drugs as well, they had music blaring out and just kept smashing things and all I wanted to do was sleep and get the hell out of there,
Some how I managed to get some sleep as when I woke up I quickly packed my bag and changed and left the room as I walked passed the room next door they had smashed the glass in there door and there chair and table had been smashed across the landing and set on fire, I just could not wait to get out of there any quicker, 

My trip back to Bangkok was ready and it was time to leave finally and it's weird to think that I was actually looking forward to getting to Bangkok now, It was a long 18hr trip back to Bangkok but it wasn't really that bad and it went quite quick really, I arrived back in Bangkok at 5am and as I walked off the coach I was surrounded by taxi and Tuk Tuk people anyway all the taxis had gone so I had to get a Tuk Tuk to the hostel so I said to the guy Lub D hostel do you know it and showed him the address and he said yeah I know it so I get in the Tuk Tuk and had agreed on 100 Bhat to the hostel as we drove off it seemed like this guy had no idea where he was going so I said are you sure you know where to go and he kept going yes yes, But I knew he was going the wrong direction from the last time I was in Bangkok, at this point I was really tired from not sleep the night before and then the long 18hr trip all I wanted to do was get to the hostel and sleep but little did I know that it was all about to kick off big time,
I said to the guy mate can you pull over im going to get a taxi as you clearly have no idea where you are going so he pulled over and I called the taxi driver over and asked him if he knew where Lub D hostel was and he did and I could tell that he actually did so I said great can you take me then and he said yes, the Tuk Tuk driver had the cheek to ask me for the 100 Bhat which I told him no way you never took me to the hostel and you have got me lost as I went to walk away the fucker grabbed my wallet and tried to steal the money so I ended up having a fight with that twat grabbed my wallet and chucked him in to his tuk tuk and jumped in the taxi and the taxi driver was say Oh im so sorry you come to our country and this happens to you I feel bad that happened to you,
As we drove off we was being chased down the road by my mugger the tuk tuk driver so the taxi driver signeld to got right theb done a sharp turn left and the tuk tuk guy ended up the wrong way it was so funny I felt like I was in some American gangster film,

I finally arrive at the hostel at 5.45 to be then told that I can not check in till 11.00 great so I can not even have a shower and get some sleep so I had to hang around till 11.00 before I could do anything, it took ages for 11.00 to come so when it finally did I could check in and then get told that I would have to wait till 12.00 before I could go to the dorm at this point you can imagine the mood that I was in,
12.00 finally arrived so I could shower and get some fresh clothes on, I asked the guy to check my flight to Melbourne for the next day just to make sure that the times had not changed or anything and when he did he said sorry sir you not even booked on this flight, "WHAT"? I went I booked it yesterday and paid for it and he asked if I could prove that I paid for it so I called my bank that confirmed that I had so he called the airline up and they said that they had the payment but I was not actually book on the flight, so I asked him if he could just book me on to it which he said that he would, Panic over I thought until the guy said to me sorry sir there are no free seat on this plane now, so I asked him when the next one was and to book me on that and he said the 21st and then I said well ill go to Sydney then and there was no free seat on any of the flights till the 23rd, SHIT im thinking then I said ok ill go New Zealand then, he said sorry sir can not get you on a flight till March 3rd,
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i m now shouting what am I going to do what am I going to do I can not stay in Bangkok for that long and I just need to get out of Thailand as I can not deal with it hear anymore, so I said sod it can you get me a flight to London and he check and said I have a flight tonight if your would like it so I said yes ill go home I can not handle this any longer I just want to get home now,
And at this point I had decided that I would give up with my travels and just go home buy a new horse and get a new job but that is not really the case I said that im the moment of things as that was how I was feeling at the time,

So now I am back home I feel so much better and have sorted out the rest of my trip and will continue with my tour from the 25th Feb.
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