Koh Phangan

Trip Start Jan 20, 2009
Trip End Apr 26, 2009

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Sunday, February 8, 2009

After 5 days in Koh Tao it was time for me and Bob to move on to another island, Koh Tao was a bit of a party island for the both of us huge amounts of booze was demolished loads of dancing and not getting back to our bungalow till 5 - 6 am most mornings,
So we decided that when we arrived at Koh Phangan that we would have a couple of day to rest and chill out and just relax and recharge before we went wild again,
We left Koh Tal and got a nice boat trip over which was only an hours crossing and to my luck I was not sick at all in fact I felt great crossing the water so it all added up that it was that stupid Tom Yum pot noodle that killed me on that last boat trip,
When the boat pulled in we decided to get a taxi up to Hadmihad as we heard that it was the chilled out part of the island as we arrived we walked along the beach with our backpacks and looked for somewhere to stay, we found the reception and asked if we could see a room, so we went and had a look and they showed us this really nice little bungalow that must have only been about 6 months old it was very modern and clean had a nice balcony it was perfect so we said that we would take it for 2 nights, as we moved in to our room we unpacked and said that we would go and explore the island,

                                              Our Bungerlow

so we took a walk around and had a look and it was really nice, I said to Bob that I needed to get some cash out of the ATM machine and was going to take a walk to the 7/11 to get some so Bob went  had a lay on the beach to try and get a bit of tan to that milky pasty white body of his and I went to walk to the 7/11 as I was walking I thought this is weird there seems to be no shops about so I said to one of the locals where is the nearest 7/11 and how far is it? He said keep walking straight it's about 3 kilometres away so I said ok and carried on walking, now excuse me if I sound thick but I thought 3 kilometres would be about a 15 minute walk way and boy was I in for a shock, as I kept on walking and walking and walking the sun was burning hot and I was just dripping with sweat thinking where the hell is this bloody 7/11 I was going up massive hills and then down them and then back up it was getting to the point when I had been walking for ages I was thinking of turning back but thought well it's got to be here soon, so I asked another local "How far to the nearest 7/11?" and he said about 1 kilometres away so I though great it's only going to be 2 minutes around the corner from here then, so I carried on walking as I was walking through this little town I thought it has to be here but no it's wasn't so I carried on walking and my face was like thunder and I was stomping along the road with a massive blister on the bottom of my foot that had bee killing me for days but I was in no mood to let that piss me off, as I was walking this German on a scooter pulled over and said where you on your way to as you are miles away from anywhere nears, so I said I need to get to the 7/11 so he said jump on the back and I know it's not the best thing to jump on the back of a bike with a complete stranger but seriously if he was going to try and kidnap me or what ever the mood that I was in I had so much anger and was spitting blood nearly I would have killed him, so I jumped on and he drove to the 7/11 and I was on the bit of at least 5 minutes so if I had to have walked that as well I think I would have gone mental, as I got to the 7/11 I went to the ATM to draw cash out and as I went to put my card in it had on the screen "OUT OF SERVICE" And I screamed "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK FUCKIIIIIIIIIIIIN THING AGGGGGGGGRRRRR" and kicked the machine in anger and the whole town looked around at me, seriously I was so mad so I went in to the shop and said where is there another cash machine and the lady said just over the road there at the chemist so I ran over and to my luck it was working, I got my cash out and hailed down a taxi to take me back as there was no chance I was walking,

As I returned back to the beach Bob was just lazing there on the sand and said you took your time and then when I told him about the 3 kilometres story he pissed himself laughing at me and said "Shit man 3 kilometres is miles away" and found it very amusing, At this point I said to Bob my feet are killing me so im gunna have a foot massage, and you can have them in the shelters that are on the beach so I went to have one and when the massage was finished I said to the lady can you do anything about the dry skin and the blister I have on my foot? and she said sure anyway this was the moment that my poor foot was about to be RAPED, when she has finished with my foot I had a look at it and just see blood gushing out of it, the stupid twat had cut around my blister like Edward scissor hands and had put a massive whole in my foot I could not believe what I could see my foot had been hacked at so I was fuming, So I hobbled back to the room and told Bob and he just laughed as it had plasters on it he could not see how bad my foot actually was and just thought I was moaning just for attention until later when I showed him,

We decided to have our showers and get ready and go for a meal and just a few chilled beers and get an early night in so we went for a meal which was alright nothing special and take a walk along the beach and go to a few bars down there as we walked every bar was totally empty, so we was like we wanted chilled out but not dead, we came across this little bar and found a couple of people and had a few beers there and ended up totally wankered for some reason so about midnight we were both wrecked and walked back to the room and said that there is no way we are spending a 3rd day on this dead island as it was so boring everyone was couples and then me and Bob which we looked like we should have been having it large in Ibiza instead of being there, As we got back to the room my foot was killing me so I said to Bob I have to change the plaster and showed him the whole in my foot and he see it and fell on to the bed in a compete fit of laughter for about 25 minutes going that is so bad sorry mate did not think it was that bad when you said but she has totally raped your foot.

             My Poor RAPED foot & this is 5 days after

Anyways we woke up the next morning and I wanted to go and see the Elephants and Bob wanted to ride around the island on a moped so I went and see the Elephants and fed them Bananas and Bob went and did his own thing, after I went and see them I went back to the beach and worked on my tan, later on in the day Bob came back and said I have just the the best thing, I have just booked us in to this amazing place for 4 night from tomorrow it has a pool party loads of young people a swimming pool and the rooms are really nice as well and it's not really expensive either, So that sounded great as we started to get bored on the deserted island, but before we got there we still had one more night ahead of us at this place, so we went and hired some snorkels and snorkelled for a bit and then went and showered and changed for the evening, we went on Bob's moped to this beach about ten minutes from us that we heard had a bit more life on it and when we got there it was more busy but once again full of couples so we had our meal there and decided to head back and get an early night in, we got a couple
of beers each and drank them on our balcony and then had an early night

                                           Me and Elephant

We woke up in the morning and packed our bags checked out and got a taxi down to the new place the we was staying at as we arrived it was great it was full of young people we met a couple of American guys that were in the room a few doors down that we got chatting to that we are good laugh and then we had a couple of guys from Manchester called Mark and Andy that we made friends with which was great to, we spent quite a bit of time with Mark and Andy as they were a bit like me and Bob just wanting to laze about in the day time and then booze it up in the night time,
Anyways it had been over a week since me and Bob had a massage so we decided to have a Thai massage and my god relaxing it was not, the massager basically beat the shit out of you and the pain was no nice at all but for some reason Bob found it relaxing and feel to sleep half way through don't ask me how as it was one of the most painful hours of my life,
In the evening we went down to the bar and had some beers with Mark and Andy and this Irish guy that we met as well call Justin and just chilled there for a bit as everyone was taking it easy that night and saving all there energy for the pool party the next night, so we went to bed around midnight,
The next day at breakfast everyone was getting excited about the pool party in the evening so we decide to have a day at the pool and work on our tan and just chill for the day, as we were laying arond the pool Sarah who we met in Bangkok and then in Koh Tal turned up and which was really funny she said that she guessed that we would be staying at Coral Bungerlows as she read my status on facebook about the pool party,
When the evening was coming close we went in to town me Bob, Mark, Andy, Sarah and Justin for a meal and then headed back to the Coral Bungalows for the POOL PARTY as we arrived the place was bouncing there must have been about 400 people in the pool dancing and just having a great time, we sank so many beers and buckets it was un true but it was a great night and I dont think that we made it to bed till about 6am,
For some weird reason I was awake at 8.30 feeling great no hangover and ready for the day ahead of us, Bob woke up and felt quite good as well so we went and had some breakfast and as we were sitting there Justin walks up from the beach with orange paint on his back he had fallen a sleep on the beach and just woke up which was very amusing,

                                                    Me Bob, Ben And Sarah

In the day time me and Bob along with Sarah and Justin got some bikes and drove around the island, I can not drive mopeds so I got myself a quad bike so we all set off for a day of sight seeing and my quad bike just stopped, I had forgot to fill it with gas so Bob had to go and get me some gas for me and then we was back on track, we went ot see the waterfall but it was quite disappointing as there was not really any water falling from it so we went for a drive around and my bike kept breaking down every 10 minutes it was a total nightmare we found a really nice beach that we went and had a swim and then went to a fish restaurant for some food,
As we headed back to the Bungalows my bike broke down once again as it had  run out of gas once more time so off shoots Bob on his moped to get me some gas, When we got back to the place we was staying we bumped in to Mark and Andy who looked so rough they had been a sleep all day and never woke up till 14.00, we went for a quiet meal that night and had kind of an early night as we only had one more day left in Koh Phangan and wanted to enjoyed it.

Me on the Quad

It was now official it was the last day before Bob had to go back to London so he wanted to get a good tan before going back so we had a nice day just chilled out at the pool because we was going to have a mental night, We went to this great sea food place for a meal in the evening where me and Sarah shared a platter of fresh crab and prawns and squid it was really amazing the best meal that I have had in a long time,

                                                                                   Me and Sarah and Sea food platter

                                                                                                  Me and fire

After the meal it was down to the beach where they have the full moon party they full moon party was not on but it's jumping down there every night anyways, So it was back on the buckets for the 3 of us I was limboing under the fire limbo and diving through the fire hoop and running across the hot flames it was great the second buckets were starting to take effect on us as we were totally twatted so we headed back to the hotel as it was getting on to 3.30am as we walked back we jumped on the back of a taxi and then jumped off when we got near our hotel it was such a good laugh we got back to the hotel and decided to go for a late night swim in the sea.

                                           Me running through fire

Morning had arrived and it was the day for me and Bob to go our own ways Bob had to head back to Bangkok as he was flying back to London from there and for me I was heading in to Koh Samui
We sat and had our last breakfast and then it was time for me to go, so me and Bob said our goodbye and off I went to Koh Samui and off he went back to Bangkok.

My time in Koh Phangan was great had a really great time, and really enjoyed going away with Bob, he is the best person I could think of that you would want to have a great laugh with and pass on his knowledge of travelling.

                       Me and Bob
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