Universal Studios - Voted Best Day so Far by Us

Trip Start Apr 19, 2010
Trip End May 20, 2010

Flag of United States  , California
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hi Guys, 
Well its been a massive fun filled Day, and we are all up at 5:30 for the Bus to Vegas.  The Bus trip lasts for about 5.5 hours, so I will fill in the details of this Day then.  For now you will have to be content with some photos and captions.We are all agreed though, this had been the best day so far of the Holiday !
Love the Jiggins's
29th April - on the way to Vegas.Well, here we are on the Bus to Vegas.  We have about 3.5 hours left in our journey, and have been on the road proper for about an hour.  We were picked up at our hotel at 6:30am, and are very hungry.  We missed breakfast which opened at 7:30, and its now 10:30am, so in total we have been travelling for 4 hours already.  What we didnt realise, is that the shuttle that picked us up from the Hotel, had to alos pickup everyone one else as well.  So we did about 6 stops at variuos hotels all over LA.  Sean and I ran into one hotel to use the bathroom !Anyway, back to yesterday.
We caught the DASH metro bus to Hollywood and North Highland where we jumped onto the subway.  3 levels deep and the trains ran fast.  We then caught the Universal Studios (US from now on) Shuttle into the Park/Film lot. This place was fantastic.  As soon as we arrived at 10:30 we started having the time of our lives right away.  As it's still the 'off season' we virtually had the place to ourselves until lunchtime.  There were no lines at all on any of the rides.  And all the rides were in full operation.  We worked out that the park FAQ was this.  The two main things to do are rides and shows.  electronic signs around the park tell you the current waiting time for the rides, and the time of the next one.  This lets you plan your trip all day,but as the place was empty and hence no long queues/delays, we just went for it.  After posing for a quick photo with a couple of movie and cartoon characters you can see in the photos, we decided to head for the ride Jurassic Park.  We had the best day, because we were constantly either on a ride, in a show or walking to the next one.  We did this all day, from 10:30-6pm when the park closed. Maximum value.
They really have their system planned well, because each ride has an introduction setting the scene making each ride an experience.  Jurassic park was thrilling, its starts off like you are visiting the island, just like in the movie.  Then as you are touring around, things start to go wrong and the life-size dinosaurs escape, causing havok. Dinosaurs jump form bushed to scare you, spitting water.  Cars fall off ledges showering sparks all around. Then the finale - a giant life-size T-Rex roars right in your face as you hoon underneathg him !
Next up was the Mummy Experience.  This looked a little creepy, and Lauren was unsure but Sean thought it would be ok.  Well, this was one scary ride.  Creepy, as dismembered hands were came out of the ceiling groping for your hair.  Scary Mummies and rotting corpses completed the scene.  The Kids were pretty scared by now, and Char and I felt like "Parents of the Year" but worse was to come.  By this time both had their eyes screwed shut and were burying into us. Then the roller coaster part hit us, and man was it awsome !  Pitch blackness, twisting and turning, rolling left and right - all in the dark with flashes of light and monsters all around.  Then a slamming halt in from of the Mummy - Timotei (sp?) where he tried to get us.  Then he banished us away, and to our very real horror, we started off again BACKWARDS !  OMG, it was better, and still in the dark.  By this time I was worried about the kids being catatonic, and Char and myself were constantly reassuring them. Then it was all over, and what seemed like hours was only 3-4 minutes tops.  They recovered quickly from this ordeal at mention of the Simsons 4D ride, and within 5 mins it was smiles all round again.
The simpsons 4D ride was amazing too. It ended up being our favourite ride and we did it twice.  A great introduction led us through an episode of the Simpsons, culminating in a Massive 180 Curved Omni screen ride.  The individual cars we were seated in, were rollercoaster cars, and you  couldn't see anyone else.  The entire car was moving around, shaking,  Leaning left and right to match the rollercoaster ride in front of us.  Its was soo convincing, i swear you couldnt not tell in parts you were not really doing it - apart from the simpsons graphics of course.  You were really in an episode of the Simpsons.  The 4d effects were great, including moving, water spraying on you, and mist, as well was scents released into the Car.
Next we went on the famous Back lot tour.  We saw heaps of sets that had been used in movies, and the current sets still being used today.  They were filming CSI, Desperate Housewives and ParentHood during our tour, and we had to be quiet as we passed their studios.  The Jaws experience was fantastic, and When Jaws lunged up out of the water at the tour car, it was right beside Lauren !  She was actaully leasning over the side when it happened, and you should have seen her face ! LOL Classic.  Sean right next to her recoiled in horror and slid right over into the seat rest HAHAHA, this was the best. Then Jaws ate a scuba diver complete with blood, and then he destroyed the dock, with flames and explosions !I wont go into all the bits and pieces of this ride, and it would spoil it for you if you ever went, but there were alot.  The underground subway earthquake we got caught in, with flooding was amazing.  I have the whole thing on HD video so we will be wathcing it when we get back.
Then we saw an Animal show, which was all about Movie animals and how they are trained - very entertaining and funny.  Another show we saw was Waterworld - Kevin Costners one.  This had the most elaborate set and most actors and was the kids fav show.
PS WOW - just saw my first Las Vegas Sign - 89 miles. Cant wait ...
In waterworld, we came a bit late as we were still running from place to place.  We had to sit in the 2nd row - wow we thought, how lucky are we, why arent these prime seats taken yet ??  Only belatedly do we realise that these seats are in the SoakZone.  They are also bright green while the rest are blue.  As we had no choice, down we sat.  The fun started out great, with the waterworld inhabitants secretly hosing  late comers as they found seats and walked past.  It was halariuos wathing them jump !  THis isnt too bad I thought !  Then the actors started warming up the stage, and when he cdalled for a cheer, it was half hearted as most of them are at first.  Them to our horror, he slowly and purposly leaned over and picked up a bucket.  Then filled it with water, and hurled it into the crowd !  We all got absolutly soaking.  Not just wet, but drenched right through !!  Mkan you should have heard us cheer the second time.  NO one wanted to get wet like that again !  It was a massive, full solid wall of noise.  Then each of the three sections of the crowd were played off against each other in a sort of competition.  We had to play simon says, and outdo each other, with the losing sections getting a soaking.  Man were we into it - there was full participation ! Then our guy started doing commando soaks on the other section to our right starting an entire pay back chain of events fron the other crowd against us.  Very entertaining.  The show itself was very well acted and had great special effects.  No-one said you couldnt film it, so I did, the entire show hehehe.  yes the camera got wet a few times, but once the show itself was on, the water calmed down.
Then we had our second Simsons ride, and bought some souveiners. We bought some US towles to dry off with, and some new t-Shirts for Me, Sean and Lauren. Char toughed it out and didnt wear her new pullover jacklet thing. We finished off with the Terminator Motorbike photos and a chat with Donkey from Shrek who was very funny.
Well goto go, as Vegas is comming up soon, and i dont want to miss the iconic sign, or view as you come over the hill and see it for the first time, so goodbye for now.
Actually as I plan to be very  busy in Vegas, I probably wont be doing any blogs for the next 4 nights !  Sorry about that, but I will do what I can.  Char might even step into the voide with a couple.  See you on the flip side of vegas Guys !!
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Jan Sweeting on

It looks like you guys are having way too much fun.

Jaydon on

Stop teasing US!

You all look like your havin fun and those pictures look great. Jurasic park looked like it would be fun along with, well, everything else. Hope youll have more fun from now.

Love Jaydon + the Others

P.S was it cool to see some stars and a show being filmed?

The civilised side. on

Man, how frustrating, you guys?
Everyone's enjoying your excellent trip blog, only to hit the frustration of this one!
What's next?
A one-line blog with no pics saying "You guys would NOT believe what happened today!!??"
Anyway, keep 'em comin'.
Lovin' every sec.

cammo on

hehehe, Sorry about that. PS Who is the civilised side ? Someone we know ?

Olivia on

hay lozz!

stil missing u heaps but um it looks like u couldnt have anymore fun that u allready r!

we had our first netball game on firday 30th, im in b team and mr L said that u would have been as well, but the bad news is that we LOST :( :( :( :( :( :( :(, yes i know waaaaa lol!

but yes still good, but i couldnt play cause i jarged my knee so i was helping me team and keepin scor wich was: W.G.P.S. 1 P Goollelal Primary School 14 P
i now right we like lost by so much lol!

luv from OLIVIA

bella on

hey Lozzie
i got all the pictures from ollie so yer
u have some great pictures i love all the funny ones lol
i miss ya very much
we had how first game on friday 30th of April as u heard from ollie but i well tell u what happened to us i was in the a team and i was very happy lol
so we got floged the score was 16 to 25 so we were gr8t this week taelor bonny jaz and me r in the a team and some of the year 7s
so wish us good luck lol
love ya bella
ps i wassick last week poor me :(

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