Two Week Vacation: Stop #2 - Mykonos

Trip Start Mar 29, 2007
Trip End Sep 30, 2009

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Flag of Greece  , Cyclades,
Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting to Mykonos is typically done by a ferry from either Athens or another Greek Island.  We were obviously coming by a ferry from Athens which ended up being a little like a mini-cruise.  The ferry boats are HUGE and they ferry not only people, but cars, trucks, goods, etc. within their massive interiors.  We made two quick stops on the 4 hour at the island of Syros and another island who's name I can't remember.  Both stops were like 30 minutes....get people/trucks off, get people/trucks on....nothing more.  While Step slept, I explored the ferry top to bottom, checked out each of the islands we stopped at, took some obligatory photos and had something for breakfast.  Eventually we reach the island of Mykonos where a van from our hotel (Hotel Argo) was waiting to drive us to the hotel.  Also getting into the bus was an American kid named Dave who was traveling solo around the we got to chatting with him about travels.  After 10 minutes driving, we arrived at the Hotel Argo and went to check in. Dave got his room and when Step went to check on ours...the owner said it wasn't ready yet...but would be ready in thirty minutes.  He asked us to wait by the pool bar and have a drink and lunch on him while we waited.  In all my travels, I don't think a hotel owner has ever made that offer...damn nice of him.  At the pool bar we met Manos the bartender who would become a close friend over the next 4 days.  Manos hooked us up with cold drinks and the kitchen hooked us up with omelet's...good start to our stay at Hotel Argo.  The pool scene looked pretty good...lot's of younger travelers (mainly girls) and not many up to the room to put on the bathing suit and back to the pool to get some sun.  We met Dave back at the pool and started checking the scene out.  There were several group of 5 young American girls, two Canadian girls and the group that really stood out given how loud they were, six girls and one guy from the U.K. who were all teachers on their mid semester break for a week.  Everyone was super friendly and before too long all the groups were chatting away.  After many hours of swimming, sunning, drinking and chatting, the topic of Mykonos nightlife came up.  Evidently the night before must had been a crazy night as the U.K. group and American groups were taking it easy and not going out...rubbish I say!  The Canadian girls (Anita-cool, Laura-lame) said they were going to check out this bar in Mykonos Town called Scandinavian Bar and Step and I were up for it as well.  Anita and Laura left early while Step and I chatted with the other two groups down drinking in the hotel bar...around midnight we caught a taxi into town and eventually found Scandi Bar where the Canadian girls were definitely way, way ahead of us from a drinking perspective (read: they were pissed drunk).  Scandi Bar was cool as it's one of the only places on the island that doesn't charge cover and is guaranteed to be packed every night of the week...tonight was no exception.  After some dancing and expensive drinks, the bar started to wind down around 2...but that didn't keep Anita and Laura from dancing by themselves (see my pics).  Step and I were still going strong and wanted to check out the marina area so we dragged the girls to another bar where they started to fade very, very quickly...first Laura caught a taxi back to Argo...the Anita did the same about 40 minutes later.  Around 4 we decided Step and I decided we were hungry and went searching for food.  Along the way we came across a club that we saw advertised in the papers called Space.  There was no line, no crowds outside and no doorman but the music was definitely a sign that something was going on inside.  Inside was crazy....hard to believe that at nearly 5AM on a Monday morning this place was packed!  As the sun came up the crowds started to dwindle...but it was definitely a good stop for photo op's...I think Step even wound up with a free pair of sunglasses that someone gave him.  Walking outside was like vampires exiting their lair into the daylight...everyone doing what they could to avoid the glare.  Back at the hotel for a few winks before heading back down to the pool for Day 2.
Day 2 was simple...rolled out of bed late, hit the pool and napped, chatted with the groups about our night out last night and drank a few cocktails.  Literally the entire day was spent by the pool...which would happen again on day 3 and day 4.  Mykonos was definitely not a stop for culture or historical was a stop for relaxing and hanging out.  Around dinner time the UK group invites Step, Dave and I to join them to dinner at a restaurant down by the beach.  It was a great choice and many pitchers of wine were consumed...maybe a few too much by one of the UK teachers Reaasa who at one point decided to change dresses with another one of the teachers in the restaurant bathroom...just because they wanted to see if the table would notice.  Drunk asses...but funny drunk asses.  Back at the hotel the gang hung out by the pool bar when the group of Americans came up and said they were going into town on their quad's (4-wheel ATV's).  No one in our group was interested...except me!  So I jumped on the back of a quad and had fun visiting various bars in Mykonos town.
Day 3 was the same as day may think it's boring, but I think it's relaxing.  Vacations are supposed to be relaxing...right?  Got up, hung out by the pool, chatted with our group (which now includes two more Australians and three more Australians) and had a couple cocktails.  Tonight is our last night in Mykonos so we've got the entire group ready to go out...but first the same restaurant as last night (it was that good).  Fortunately everyone kept their clothes on this time.  After dinner we all took taxi's into town for another night at Scandi bar....the whole group went this time include the new additions from Australia.  Two of the three Aussie girls ditched us and left their drunk friend in mine and Step's care...that sucked...but another good story.  We put the drunk girl in a Taxi and Step and I head over to Space to see if anything is going on there....unfortunately it was dead.  I saw some guys pestering two American girls outside so Brandon has to be the hero and tries to rescue them...bad idea.  These guys didn't appreciate me interrupting their lame game...and I was probably damn close to getting my ass kicked....fortunately Step came outside and scared them away.  We called it a night at that point and caught a taxi home.
Last day in Mykonos...ferry leaves at 2:30 to up early to pack and checkout.  Hung out by the pool with the gang one last time before taxing to the port to catch our ferry.

Definitely great times in Mykonos and many new Facebook friends added.  Next stop...Turkey (sort of).
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