Clint Eastwood at the Writer`s Conference...

Trip Start Dec 04, 2012
Trip End Dec 31, 2016

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Flag of Mexico  , Guanajuato,
Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mis Estimados


Amigos, Amigas,Compaņeros and Compaņeras:

At the Writer`s Conference, Clint Eastwood sat down at my table for breakfast one morning.....
Breakfast and lunches were included as part of the Writer`s Conference, and some suppers....
However, when Clint Eastwood talked, he had a Southern Drawl, so I knew that it was not really Clint Eastwood...But it was his double...He had the same thin, slender build - he was about the same age - he had the same hair cut style - he dressed the same way - he had the same physical posture - very erect and straight and lots of long straight lines and he even had the same mannerism and style....

Being at the Writer's Conference is like being in another world for me .. I have been and am totally immersed in the Writer's Conference world - eating my meals there every day, starting with breakfast and ending each day with an evening speaker - meeting and talking to a completely new set of people - being in a new environment of the literary world -  going to and being at literary workshops, panels and literary talks and doing writing exercises and being constantly exposed to new ideas and concepts...When I move into a new and different world I always finding it very stimulating dealing with the new challenges that being in a new and different world bring..
And I seem to be completely divorced from and separated from my immediately past world that I had been in - the world of San Miguel... Things that I have done and that have happened last Monday in my world in San Miguel, before entering the literary world of the Writer's Conference, seem like, seem to me, like things that I have done and that have happened a long time ago in the past. That may be what people (some people, maybe even a very few people) like about going on a vacation - leaving their past world behind them for a little while...of course many people who go on their vacation may not leave their past world behind them but may take it along with them - I do not know what other people do or think - I only know what I do or think, for sure.....
Thinking of my friends that are on my travelblog distribution list - Cam McCarthy (Ottawa) is now at his condo in Florida, Ron Eliosoff (Ottawa) and his wife are now in India, John Dimon (Toronto) is now in Guadalmala, my cousin Loise Burton (Salmon Arm, B.C.) is or was just recently in Meridia, Yucatan, Mexico taking cooking lessons and my friends Joe & Steve (Seattle) always seem to be going somewhere and being somewhere else (Joe Harrington is an (xxoldxx) longtime Scott Collegiate Highschool friend of mine)...And I wonder how many other people that are on my travelogue, blog distribution list are currently away in another world. 
Out of curiosity, I just checked my travelogue blog distribution list - Carl Sunstrum (Ottawa) is in the Phillipines for the winter, Randall (Ottawa) is somewhere, but I do not know where, at least 5 people on the travelogue blog distribution list have spent a considerable amount of time in Mexico - Loise (Ottawa), Simon (Ottawa), Shanna (Ottawa), - Regis (Ottawa) has recently been to the Copper Canyon in Mexico - he was backpacking (Copper Canyon is 4 times bigger than the Grand Canyon)....   
HongKong Ron (Ottawa) is in Florida - Mike Nolan (Ottawa) has spent a lot of time in Africa (Uganda) and there are others..
I checked my travelpod blog distribution list again, and there are at least 3 Canadians on it who are living in Mexico and another 3 other people who are living in Mexico.... 
Perhaps some of these people can comment on whether they feel if they are in a different world and whether they feel like the place that they have left (temporarily) is another world in the distant past.... I think that it might make a difference if you have gone away with your spouse or friends,
or whether you have gone away on your own, by yourself - going away with your spouse or friends is a connection to the past world that you have left and may keep you connected to that world, and may be a little bit of a barrier to becoming completely immersed in the new world. When you go to the new world by yourself, and you do not know anyone and everyone you meet is someone new,
that you have never met before, it immerses you in that new world and cuts you off from the old world....And when you meet someone from Canada, or Ontario or Ottawa (that you do not know) it is a little bit like establishing a little bit of a connection to that past world, that world that you do know..
Than I start realizing that it does not really matter if they are from Canada, or Ontario, or Ottawa..

Being at the Writer's Conference is going to change my understanding and appreciation of the books that I read now, and the way that I read them.... I may not be able to read junk books anymore... I was already starting to get tired of reading junk books..... Probably 50%, half of the books that I read, are nonfiction books anyway, so that probably will not change....But the 50%, half of the books that I read, that are fiction books may change....But my reading is a form of escapism anyway, so it might not make any difference what I am reading, as long as I am escaping from the real world..........,

Last nite I was at the Cucaracha (Spanish for cockroach) Bar, famous for being a hangout for famous English speaking poets, writers, beatnicks, and slimy scum on the run from the law.
It was part of the Writer's Conference thing - they are trying to promote San Miguel during the Writer's Conference..These writers wrote about booze, sex, drugs, homosexuals, masturbation,
and in general about being bad asses. You would never be able to find the Cucaracha if you did
not know where it was - there is no sign outside, just a door in a wall. Maybe they are not interest
in getting business from the tourists - they just want locals at their place....
Cucaracha is a word that is commonly used in Mexico - maybe because it was a popular song during the Mexican Revolution (1910/1921) - maybe because of the sound of the word -
Cu - Cu - Ra - Cha. And one of the Mexican Presidents during the Mexican Revolution was referred to as the Cucuracha - the cockroach - because he was very short, very stocky, very ugly and when he became the president of Mexico, he took to wearing black tuxedo's that had tails. He became President of Mexico by murdering the current President of Mexico...He was a revolutionary army General, and a military genius. Unfortunately for him and Mexico, he preferred drinking and whoring to running the Mexican government... A year after becoming President of Mexico, he fled from Mexico when other revolutionary armies were advancing on Mexico City. He left Mexico City with a train of 35 cars filled with loot - gold, silver, and other valuables and his entourage and women and booze - for the seaport of Vera Cruz - where he left Mexico from....He died in 1922 in a San Antonio, Texas prison from cirrhosis of the liver...

And people wonder why Mexico is so poor - actually Mexico was a very rich country at one time.
But the wealth has never been shared equally. A few people have a lot and a lot of people have very little.... Mexico is now trying to forget its past and move into the modern world....Viva La Mexico

Hasta La Viva

Mis Compadres

Y Mis Amigos, Amigas, Compaņeros and Compaņeras:

Mexico Dave

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Joyce Carlson on

One reason that caused Mexico to become poor was that Spain was draining the riches out for some 300+ years. Another reason was that then the capitalists from the US drained resources out of MX. The Rockefeller's build a heck of a train system in MX--not for MX, but so they could ship out the wealth they were exploiting. Now transnational corporations with the help of the US government (via the drug war) are grabbing up or have grabbed up agricultural land and water rights. Read "The Open Veins of Latin America" by Galeano when you have time.

burtonx2 on

Thank you for your comment Joyce - I appreciate your input..
I will try to get that book and read it...
I am interested in what is going on in Mexico today, and
its history.
Next week I am going on a 4 day (over 2 weeks) course on Cortez's conquest of Mexico (1519/1521).
David B. ...

Joyce Carlson on

For an idea of some of what is going on in Mexico today the talks by Laura Carlsen given at the Biblioteca last week were beyond outstanding. They will soon be on The Center for Global Justice website under the heading of "Papers" I believe it is. They were called "US-Mexico Relations in a New Era: Restoring Balance" and "Mexico's Drug War--Is there a Way Out?". Carlsen put all the pieces of the puzzle together in these talks for the big picture of Mexico today. She has beenstudying MX most of her life and living in MX for 18 years. The control of Mexico government by the transnational corporations actually causing the drug war and the militarization and causing the now probably 100,000 deaths claimed by the drug war. You have to get this picture in mind to understand what is going on in MX today. You have to get this picture and understand how the transnational corps and unfettered capitalism has produced 13 billionaires in MX (including of course Carlos Slim the wealthest in the world) and the huge gap in income between those very few and the rest of the country--many surviving on pesos a day. You should be careful before coming to conclusions and making general statements like at the end of your blog. You can't get the stats and big picture on your own observations around SMA and PV.

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