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Trip Start Sep 01, 2009
Trip End Sep 22, 2010

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The last few weeks have been crazy. I have waited to post anything until all of the deatils about the job were final. I quit my job at CDI. I gave them 65 days notice as the contract requires. I still had five week left and then my manager told me that I only had 1 day left of teaching and then I was done working there. She signed my letter of release. It was really stressful though because I was expecting another paycheck and they were going to take out a lot from this last paycheck. In fact I got paid almost nothing becuase of bills and recruiting fees they took out. I don't know what else they took out, but it was dreadful. I only had 15 days before my visa couldn't be transfered over. I had been applying for jobs starting in June or July, but all of a sudden I needed a May job. I tried to talk to my manager about how inconsiderate it was for her to only give me one day notice, but she just yelled at me and then tried to make herself look like a saint as if everything she has done for me was her helping me. She's insane. she also called me everyday after I was done working there and wanted me to come into school to talk to her everyday. It just made me more upset because I don't trust her. In hindsight, I think she meant good because she gave me a good recommendation. I think she was trying to save her face. She is still insane and I'm glad to be done with her. I have permanent round tired marks under my eyes that haven't gone away in a week so I think I've officially aged some.

Anyways, I interviewed at a few places. I got contacted by a school close to CDI and I like that school, but then I found out that the start date was the end of July. I interviewed at a Christian school in Pohang, but I didn't want to move to Pohang. Some recruiters set up an interview on the other side of Daegu, close to where my friend Leana lives. The director was nice, but the school works Saturdays. I almost took that job. The recruiter wanted me to make a decision one day after the interview, and I was not too happy with the recruiter for setting up 1 interview and expecting me to make a decision in one day, but the pressure was getting to me and I said yes and then changed my mind before signing the contract after I found out about the perfect job for me. It happened on Sunday May 3rd, I met a girl at church who was working for a school  called Canada International School that was K-3rd grade and she said she loves her job. It's not opened on Saturdays and is located in the same area that I was currently living, which I wanted to stay in. I told her I wanted her job, kiddingly, kind of..... and to my surprise she said her school was probably hiring. She gave me a number of a staff worker there and I called and set up an interview immediately. It all worked out perfect. I interview on Monday. The princial is a Chrsitan and she liked that I was Christian also. They seemed like they wanted to hire me, but they need to make sure I was qualified because teachers are supposed to have teaching certificates, but since I have a TEFL degree it might work. Tuesday evening they called and offered me a job. I didn't even need to think about it, but the recruiters for the other school were upset. They acted like they were surprised and angry that I said I was going with a different school. I understand, but I don't think anything is permanent until there is a contract. Wednesdays was a holiday so Thursday I went in, signed the contract and observed that day. It was boring, but the school is great for me. They transfer my visa on Friday, which was the last day or I would have needed to do a visa run to Japan. The hours are 10 am to 7 pm and so much longer than my last school, but I'm only going to have 3 actual teaching hours right now. It will increase, but the school leaves you alone the rest of the time. You can prep and also get on the internet. It's really laid back compared to CDI. There is no CCTV so I won't be getting griped about not spending exactly 20 minutes on this activity and 10 on the next, etc. I will only have 2 students in each class. It's amazing! I can even leave the school during the morning to grab coffee or whatever and it's not a big deal. We get all the national holidays off plus election day (that's like 17 days total). Also, there is one week off in summer for vacation and one in winter. So, I could possibly travel with coworkers where as at CDI you requested which week, but it's hard to travel with coworkers because they have to cover your classes. It also was really hard to get them to confirm your vacation days (approval and such). The best part about my school is I have saturdays off. On Saturday I was in disbelief that I still have the next day off too. I also have a lot more freedom in the classroom on how to teach. I can teach however I want to. I have some required materials, but I also can add materials.

I started teaching yesterday and the class went ok. It was two boys and one was really good and well-behaved. The other boy is going to be a rebel. I can just see him turining into one of those middle school boys that doesn't do anything and makes your life a nightmare. I discovered that there is no discipline at my school. You pretty much are on your own for controling the students.

The reason why some teachers don't like the school that I am now working at is because it's disorganised. I think OCD people would hate working at CIS (my specific branch). They also don't always pay ontime. CDI was super organized, which meant you got paid ontime and got a lot of hassle to be a puppet and do everything exactly as they told you to do it. At CSI, they told me I can teach the material however I want to and I create my schedule. I can move through material at whatever speed and if I get off schedule it's not a big deal. As far as the paycheck thing, from what I understand, It takes a while to get the first pay check and after that it's ok, but the other teachers always remind them of their pay day and what not so it's a little bit of a problem. All of the teachers have different paydays. It's not one big payday. I really don't care though. I'll be poor, but I would much rather deal with this than CDI.

Friday I went to school and was observing and looking at material for next week. The vice principal of the school said that Ms. Kim's (the principal) father could help me move my stuff to my apartment. I had bicycled to school that day so he would bring me back so I could get my bike. My apartment is not close to school. My last apartment was closer to school than this one. The school changed locations in the last year and some of the teachers live by the old location and that is where my apartment is. the more I think about it, it's not as far as I had imagined, it's just a very unfamiliar area. It's super alive all the time. It's more alive at night than my last area. My apartment is a lot smaller than my last and there is no TV or microwave. I have a problem with not having a microwave. I use the microwave. The tv I can go without I'm sure. I also don't have a code anymore, it's a key. I also just got a bicycle and there is a key for the bike lock. So Friday, I moved in and was brought back to school. I had taken a backpack to school, but left it at the apartment and when I went back for my bike I realize I couldn't find my key anywhere. I realized it was in my backpack that I left at the apartment. I had to go all the way back to my apartment and get the key out of my backpack and then go back to my school. Unfortuantely, I couldn't locate my apartment. My bike was in a garage so I was worried it would be stuck in there all weekend if I didn't get it out in time. I called all the people I knew to ask where my apartment was (lol) but had no luck getting ahold of the other girls that live by me. Finally, I stumbled upon my apartment. I went back to school and I got there right when the princial Ms. Kim was leaving and she helped me get my bike out. The frustrations of keys!

I road downtown to get red mango for Eilis, the girl I have been living with and also former coworker. I fell off my bike and near broke the basket off. I caught myself though. It's so fun to have a bike! Eilis got off at 10 pm and we went back and watched a few movies and made quesadilla's.

I finally finished moving everything yesterday and my apartment is so caiotic right now. I have been bicycling to school everyday so it's been good exercise. It takes about 25 minutes to get to school on bike. I also heard it takes 35 minutes to walk according to the other teacher. I'm not sure how that's possible. I'm close to the train station. The taxi the other night dropped me off at some random location. It was the first time I was coming home at night and I couldn't recognize anything. It was so dead. I was really surprised because in the daytime the area is crowded with so many people with fruit stands out and there was nothing open in this area. I came to a store that looked familiar. I asked where E-mart, the walmart-like store was and walked in that direction. Finally I realized I was coming from a different direction than I thought I was. I should have know where I was because it was a street I had gone down a lot and only a few blocks away from my last apartment, and that store was familiar because I had been there before. the thing was that I thought I was in a completely different area. I thought I was in my new area! I found my way back and the area I liive in now is super alive all the time. I can hear music from the noribong down the street all the time. There's a korean bbq place across the street. Kyochon, my favorite chicken place, is right down the street! I think I will like this area. It's more alive, but I'm not sure if it's as safe. The first night I could yelling from the chicken place (not Kyochon) next door and a guy and lady were having some kind of fight. The police came. Who knows what that was about. Anyways, so that is my new area.
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