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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Monday, June 21, 2010

I woke up early so i could phone home and speak to our joe because it was his birthday that weekend and i wouldnt be able to speak to him on the day as there is no phone reception on fraser island.

We we was ready to go me and Jane went to pick up both cars from the garage so we could pack all the stuff into them before heading back to the garage for our maps and i general do's and dont's off the guy!

The cars were massive they seat 8 people and also have room for all the stuff which included a massive cooler box with all the food in, 3 tents, a table, a box with cutlery in, a box with all the food that didnt need to be chilled and everyones bags and sleeping bags!

We packed everything in then set off to the garage! We had been warned that the guys at the garage were pretty grumpy and more then likely gonna speak to us like we are children..which he did!

We FINALLY set off on the road about 11am it was a 20 min drive to the barge then a further 8mins on the barge to fraser island.

The guy at the garage told us that if we could drive on and off the barge without getting bogged we should be fine for the weekend, which neither car did so we was good to go.

We had a map of the island and an itinary which we was told we had to follow, and to be fair it was better for us to follow it then not because that way we could see everything we wanted to see.The first day was mainly inland driving on dirt tracks to Lake Birrabeen, the inland track was pretty bad and extremly bumpy...it was so much fun especially because i was in the front and not being thrown around in the back! haha!

It took us a while to get to Lake Birrabeen because Jane had to drive really slowly because the road was that bad, when we got there we decided to go swimming first then have lunch back at the carpark when we were done!

The water was bloody freezing but so clean and clear, it took me a while before i would duck down completley and then decided that my body wasnt going to get used to that temp so got out and lay in the sun waiting for everyone else!

As food was included in our tour we had been given a day idea of what to eat and when so on the menu for our first lunch was ham salad wraps! So me and Martha took control and made lunch for everyone which worked out to be quite successful!

We didnt have much time left to be driving as we were only allowed to drive at certain times so we decided to go find our camping spot for the night, it didnt take us long and after picking a spot were all 6 tents would fit we left it to the boys to pitch the tents as the girls were driving and we had made lunch!

It wasnt long before the sun started to go down so a few of the guys went looking for wood for our camp fire (we wasnt supposed to have a camp fire but we would of froze and wouldnt of had any light except the two small lights we had been given) we dug a hole and put the wood in and the boys started to get that going whilst a few of us started cooking...on the menu for dinner..chicken stir fry!

I took charge of our groups cooking because i just cant help myself my urge to take over would of just been too much if i would of let someone else do it.

The food turned out great we had veggies to put in with the chicken and noodles and hoisin sauce it was really yummy and there was so much of it that everyone had seconds and was stuffed by the time it was finished!

We sat around the fire and had a few drinks whilst getting to know the rest of our group, me and Jane felt like grannies though because everyone else was 18 and 19, we lived up to our granny title aswell by going to bed at about 9pm! Haha!

We had decided that me,Jane, Martha and Julia would all share a tent because even though it would be quite a sqeeze we would all be warm and cosy!

It was the most uncomfortable nights sleep(if you can really call it sleep) ever, the ground was so bumpy and we didnt have a pillow! It didnt do my back and my neck any good whatsoever!! But nevermind it was all part of the fun and the experiance!

Day two

My turn to drive..eek! We all woke up had some cornflakes and packed away the tents and set off driving!

We had been told that we wasnt allowed to visit Lake Mckenzie because of construction work that was going on but we had heard from others that the organised tours were still allowed to go so we decided to rebel! haha! So we drove there and then i panicked when we got there and this work man pulled us over so i just said we were lost and he said that we could look at the lake anyway while we were there..he obviously knew we were lying but nevermind! We were all so glad that we decided to go anyway because it was one of the most beautiful places! We had an hour there, so some people went for a swim but others just chilled out on the sand and took in the view!

After that we headed to try and find the place on the beach were we had been told to camp, it started to get late and driving on the beach was pretty scary at one point i went over what looked like a small bump but it turned out to be huge and the other car said all four of our wheels came off the floor! haha! yikes!

We found a ranger who said we could camp in this campsite by the beach so we started to set up camp only for another ranger to come and tell us that we couldnt camp there..so off we set again and we finally found a sand dune and set up camp!

It was burgers for dinner..yummy!

After dinner we sat around the fire and had a few drinks before heading to bed about 10pm so later then the night before but still early!

In the middle of the night i woke up to random noises and was convinced it was Dingos around the tent, Pretty soon after Julia and Martha both woke up also and we were all terrified of the dingos, i seriously thought it was gonna claw its way through the tent and maul me! haha!

At one point we thought it was jumping up on to the top of the tent, but then Jane woke up and told us that it was just the wind! Haha!

She said all the noises were the wond but im still pretty sure that there were dingos around that night and one of the guys said he thought they were outside his tent aswell!

The next morning when we woke up a ranger had been over and told us that we shouldnt be camping there...i really dont know what the point is in telling us that the day after we had already camped there but we assured them that we were packing up and moving on..or so we thought!

It turns out the other car had a flat battery so me and Jane went in search of someone with jump leads, we eventually found someone who had some and was willing to help us so he followed us back to were the other car was parked and sorted the problem out! By this time it had started to rain really heavily so we sat in the cars and made jam butties until it stopped enough for us to pack up and leave.

The plan for today was to drive to Indian Head and then do the champagne pools, we arrived at Indian head and walked up to the top and took some pics and saw a whale in the distance.We decided that it would take us too long to walk to and from champagne pools so we headed straight on to Eli Creek were there is a shipwreck on the beach! The weather still wasnt great and we were running out of time so we took some pics then headed back to the car and headed for Eurong were the shops were, but on the way there the other car had dropped back loads and looked as if it was stopped so Jane turned around and headed back to them and it turns out they had popped a tyre! So the guys quickly changed the tyre so we could be on our way!

Everyone got a snack or a drink before we headed off on the drive back to were the barge was picking us up, it should of been a 40 min drive but the rain got that heavy that we couldnt see through the windscreen! So Jane drove really slowly so it was safe. We eventually made it back to the barge with a couple of minutes to spare until our barge took us back to rainbow beach!

Awesome weekend!
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